Thursday, February 10, 2011

Don Pepin Garcia Blue


Don Pepin Garcia Blue was the first Pepin cigar I ever smoked, and that was around three years ago. The cigar is covered with a corojo oscuro wrapper from Nicaragua, and has tobacco from Nicaragua in the filler and binder as well. Most of Pepin cigars are now made in Nicaragua at his My Father Cigar Factory but the Blue has remained where it all began in Little Havana in Miami, Florida at the El Rey De Los Habanos Factory. The factory employs only 12 rollers, and all of them are Class 8 Maestro Torcederos. That is the highest ranking you can get. 

The Invictos vitola, or robusto, is your standard size robusto measuring 5" in length with a ring gauge of 50. The cigar smells of spice, leather, and roasted nuts before lighting. Pepin's smokes are made in the Cuban fashion with a triple-cap and the filler placed in the tubar process. For more information, see my old blog, Tubar vs. Accodrion Bunching The cigar is full body throughout and very complex in flavors. The cigar has a base flavor of earth and nuts and you are greeted with spice and leather throughout.  Very complex, and very full, this cigar still surprises me.

If you want a full body, full flavor cigar, this is a must. Pepin's smokes are always rated well, and deservedly so. Although this is not my favorite vitola in the line it is still very enjoyable. 91 points. - Don Pepin Garcia Blue 
Cigars International - Don Pepin Garcia Blue 


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