March 1, 2013

Recluse Excepionales Box Giveaway! (March Madness)

Recluse Excepionales
March Madness is here and with that comes the Mad Hatter. This month we are going to be doing a box giveaway! We teamed up with Iconic Leaf Cigar Company and are offering an awesome prize! For the month of March we will be holding the contest to see who wins this full box of the Recluse Excepcionales. The box contains 24 massive box pressed Double Coronas measuring 7.5" with a 56 ring gauge! With that we threw in a Recluse shirt as well as a giveaway. 

How do you win?

It's simple, tell us your thoughts! By answering these two questions below enters you in the drawing. (the more details on your experiences the better) Just leave your remarks in the Comment Section and your email address as well. 
Along with that, submit a photo of you smoking a Recluse and get entered in for an additional secret prize. The highest rated photo that is posted on Facebook wins!  

Have you smoked the Recluse cigar?
What do you know about the Recluse Kanú?

Email photos to 
If you have trouble posting your answers to the questions email your answers to .
(We will get them posted.)


Craig said...

I have not had the opportunity to smoke any of the Recluse brand, to be honest until this contest I had never heard of this brand. In saying that and after reading your reviews it looks like I cigar that I am going to look forward to trying one of these days. Hopefully a box to share among friends or trying to find one at the local shop!

Michael Roger said...

I have not partaken in smoking a recluse cigar. I know very little but would love to esperience the flavor blending as offered by brand. This would be cherished on the first hot day on the beach.

Tasters crireria:

2 fingers around my recluse cigar.
Hand around my rum.
Arms in my lap my teen girl.

Perfection marry them young age them to perfection just like s recluse.

Steven said...

I have not tried a recluse. I haven't seen them in a cigar shop yet.

What do I know? Based on the above, they seem aptly named. I would like to try one

Matt Rosenthal said...

I haven't smoked a Recluse yet, but I've heard so much about them recently that I am dying to try them.

I don't know much about the Recluse Kanú but I have heard the Kanú was inspired by a Kayak boat. It is now copywrited and the trademark has been applied for. This will be only the second time a cigar shape has been trademarked. It is also the first time in history this shape has been done. The cigar is in the shape of a box pressed perfecto if you will. It has subtle cornering and is aerodynamic in fashion. It was a painstaking process to perfect this new shape but we have mastered it. The shape smokes razor sharp with a full easy compliment of flavorful smoke on the draw. It is a masterpiece!

Abraham Paniagua said...

I haven't smoke one yet, and this is the first time I hear from them. Excited to try them as soon as I can.

JohnG said...

I can’t find the Recluse so I have not had a chance to smoke it yet let alone take a picture of it. I have read quite a bit about it and am looking forward to it.

The only thing I know about the Kanu is what I read on your site, specifically..."This first of its kind vitola is called Kanú, and it looks like a kayak the way it is shaped. It is a true perfect, but box pressed and finishes with a lovely pigtail cap."

Very interesting and would love to try it.

Anonymous said...

Garry Cawthorn' I have not had a chance to try them yet.. Been seein and reason alot about it on cigar sites and also on twitter. Looking forward to trying them and seeing for myself what teu are about.. My twitter handle is @GarryCawthorn

No.9 said...
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No.9 said...

The Kanu is a gorgeous looking cigar but I was not able to find it even through my most dependable source. I have not smoked a cigar that looks quite like the Kanu but fingers crossed..maybe one will be coming around soon.

Any idea where I could get one in the DC metro area?

[email protected]

S. Geise said...

Below is a link that will give you the opportunity to find the closest retailer to you.

Online you can get them at:

Anonymous said...

I have never smoked the Recluse before, but would love he opportunity to try them. I only know that the Kanu is supposed to be the shape of a kayak. Mark, [email protected]

jyow617 said...

I have not had the privilege of smoking a Recluse yet. They look great and I love the design on the box. I'm glad to see that a couple of shops carry them online.

The only thing I know about the Kanu is that you reviewed it Seth and seemed to really like it. The flavor profile and construction seem to be excellent and I really want to try one now!

Thanks for the contest guys!

Nick Tribanas said...

I am one of the lucky view to have enjoyed numerous Recluse Iconic OTG. They are by far my favorite smoke to date. Though I am still new to the cigar scene, I have smoked a various amount of cigars.

My local cigar shop does have the Recluse Kanú but as a college student, they are currently out of my price range. What I do know is how badly I want to try one. I may have to put a few extra dollars aside this week to pick one up. I am aware of how unique this cigar is, at the moment the only cigar of its type.

Keep up the superior quality

Garry C said...

No I have not had a chance to try these yet.. My local B&M doesn't have them yet.. But been on the look out just haven't ran across none yet... Also I know nothing bout the Kanu other then what I have read off this site.. Really hoping I win this so I can say Yes I have tried them lol'Good Luck 2 all.....twitter handle is @GarryCawthorn

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