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Alec Bradley

When it comes to cigars, there are those who love box-pressed cigars, and there are those who don’t care for them. There is a middle field as well, but no one really cares about the people on the fence, and often are told to choose a side. I am on the fence when it comes to politics, but with cigars I am totally in love with box-pressed cigars. Why do you ask? Well there are several reasons, and none of them include the fact that you can put it down on a table and it won’t roll. I have heard so many people say that they love box pressed cigars because they can put them down for a minute and they won’t roll away. Here is the answer to that problem, get an ashtray with notches for you cigars! With a box-pressed cigar the wrapper is stretched in the pressing process, and this allows the flavors of the wrapper to magnify. Because of the pressing, the cigar can burn longer with an even burn, and it also provides much more consistent flavors throughout the smoke. I have found box-pressed cigars draw very well all the time and have never had a problem construction wise. The Alec Bradley Tempus Quadrum is not nationally available to all retailers, but it is available to the two of the most well known cigar retailers online and in store. The cigar is 5 1/2″ with a 55 ring gauge and is perfect in construction. The cigar is made in the Raices Cubanas factory in Honduras and the production is limited to only the best 20% of the rollers as well. The cigar is composed of incredibly unique and flavorful tobacco from throughout Central America and Southeast Asia. The filler in the cigar is composed of some of the best tobacco from Jalapa, Nicaragua and the Trojes region of Honduras, which is just north of the Nicaraguan border. The binder on the cigar is an Indonesian Embetunada and is draped in a Criollo 98 wrapper from the Trojes region of Honduras. 

The cigar is very firm in hand and has wonderful aromas to it. I love when cigars have aromas of leather, barnyard, earth and spice. To me, those are the best four aromas I can get from a cigar, and I know that a smoke is going to be flavorful when I pick those out. After lighting the cigar up, and getting a little into the first third, the flavors are really pleasant. I am picking up coffee beans, rich earth, sweet tobacco, spices and nuts. The flavors are incredibly strong and complex, and they pair well with this medium-full bodied cigar. The burn is absolutely perfect, and I am getting tons of smoke and blowing smoke ring after smoke ring. I am enjoying this cigar outside, and it is a pretty humid, so that might play a factor in the cigar, but it might not. 

The second third is very exotic giving off lots of eastern spices up front, but it finishes with hints of cocoa, almonds, walnuts and espresso beans. The flavors have definitely magnified in the second third of the cigar but the body is still medium-full. If I were being broad, I would say the flavors remained constant, but since I am paying a lot of attention to the flavors on my palate, I can really pick up flavors here and there. There are tons of spices, and I would almost say it has hints of allspice, cloves, cinnamon, chilies, cloves and pepper. When I get into the final third, I know that the cigar is coming to a close, and I really don’t want it to. The flavors have been incredible and the strength just perfect for me. This is an ideal cigar for me, and is great anytime of the day. The flavors show a lot of rich earth and coffee beans up front, but it has a nice nutty spice finish that remains on your palate for sometime. The strength is still medium-full, as it has been the whole smoke, and is burning cool all the way down to the nub. 

I smoked the maduro counterpart to this cigar sometime back and thought very highly of it, you can refer to that post here, Quadrum Maduro, but the Habano version was just much better. I give this cigar a 95, and would buy a box of these in  a heartbeat. This cigar has everything I want in flavor and strength and remains incredibly complex throughout the whole smoke. The cigar doesn’t go back in forth between thirds with strength or flavor and is constructed perfectly. If you were never sure about Alec Bradley Cigars of the Tempus line, this a cigar that will make you hop on the bandwagon. I love this cigar, and always have a 5 pack of these in my humidor. The question is, why don’t I have a box? 

Tempus Quadrum


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