Ave Maria Knights Templar

Ave Maria Knights Templar

I know, another cigar by AJ Fernandez, but he is making great cigars. The cigar starts off with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with fillers from Nicaragua. Sounds like your usual cigar these days, but it isn’t. The line comes with several vitola’s, but the Knights Templar is my current favorite.  The band on this cigar is just massive and colorful, and though i don’t think the band is important it is still a wonderful sight to the eyes.

I find a lot of AJ’s cigars are very full body and full flavor, but he went down the middle road this time with the body. While remaining very full in flavor and still being complex, the cigar is not overpowering. I know there are a lot of medium body smokes on the market today, but I have gotten to the point where I find most cigars being either mild or full.

The cigar begins with lots of leather and wood notes and those flavors remain prevalent throughout the smoke. As you look at the ash, the first thing you will notice is that it stays strong on the cigar through the half way point, and it is very very white. Usually, white ash is a symbol that the tobacco was grown in soil that was very rich in nitrogen, and that is very good. With the cigar becoming more complex as it progresses you begin to pick up some nuts and spice on the finish of each puff, and some more flavors that I couldn’t pinpoint.

If you are looking for a full body cigar, the Ave Maria is not it, but it is still truly enjoyable, so don’t rule it out because of that. The cigar itself is constructed perfectly and the flavors it contains are very nice and pleasant. I have been enjoying these cigars quite regularly and have been enjoying them at anytime during the day. I give this smoke a 93, and love sharing these with my friends who haven’t had them. This is a perfect cigar to sit around with friends and just talk or even watch a hockey game. Another great thing about this smoke is that you can have a coke, any type of wine, beer, or anything with it. It is perfect with anything, anytime.

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