Choosing the Best Cigar Hygrometer For Your Humidor

Are you looking for a way to keep your cigars fresh? If so, then you need the right equipment. Cigar Hygrometers are necessary tools that measure humidity levels in humidors. For most cigar enthusiasts, it is crucial to have a reliable hygrometer on hand at all times.

The article goes on to discuss how cigar aficionados can choose the best type of hygrometer for their needs: analog or digital, with calibration feature or not, and more!

What Is A Hygrometer?

Choosing the Best Cigar Hygrometer For Your HumidorA hygrometer is an instrument that measures the amount of humidity in a room or area. In humidors, cigar aficionados need them to ensure their cigars are kept fresh and ready-to-smoke at all times. Cigar Hygrometers come in two basic types: Analog and Digital. Both analog and digital cigar hygrometers have their benefits.

Why Is A Hygrometer Important?

When cigar aficionados buy cigars, they are at their freshest when purchased. However, even if you have just bought your favorite stogies, without the right equipment in place to maintain proper humidity levels within a humidor aside from its airtight seal, dryness or mold can take hold quickly and ruin entire batches of cigars before an individual has had the chance to enjoy them! On top of that, both Analog and Digital hygrometers make it easy for individuals to see what is happening inside their humidors about humidity levels.

Other factors need consideration as well, such as whether or not calibration features are necessary for an individual’s needs, along with how many hygrometers will be needed in large-scale humidors. In an upcoming post, we will review the most important factors to consider when purchasing a hygrometer for your humidor and go over those purchase considerations here in our epic guide!

Digital vs. Analog Hygrometer

In general, Analog hygrometers are more affordable than their digital counterparts. However, you need to consider where the analog hygrometer will be positioned inside a humidor. For instance, some cigar aficionados prefer their Hygrometers placed at eye level within a humidor. It is easier for them to read and monitor humidity levels as part of their daily cigar smoking regimen.

Digital Hygrometers generally last longer but can become pricy when looking for calibration features or other bells and whistles such as backlighting (if you want to check on your hygrometer in low light conditions). With either type of Cigar Hygro Meter, make sure you purchase with temperature readings if needed! Some of them come with Bluetooth or WiFi technology, and you can quickly check temperature and humidity just on your phone.

How To Use A Hygrometer?

Using a hygrometer is not complicated, but there are several different methods of use. Most analog hygrometers have calibration features that will allow you to determine if the device has been damaged or needs to be calibrated in any way. Digital Hygro Meters are typically simple plug-and-play devices with no calibration necessary! Analog Hygrometers require individuals to manually adjust them by twisting dials to match the actual humidity percentage displayed on an accurate external source.

Choosing the Best Cigar Hygrometer For Your Humidor

Digital Cigar Hygrometers generally have one button which turns on its backlight for convenience and also displays both Temperature and Humidity readings so cigar aficionados can see at a glance how their cigars are inside their humidor without having to remove an Analog Hygrometer to double-check what they are seeing!

Why Are There No Analogue Hygrometers in my reviews?

While there has been a lot of fuss lately about analog hygrometers, they are slowly losing their place to digital devices that have advanced over the years. Analog hygrometers have one enormous disadvantage of inaccurate readings: Users need to manually adjust them until they match up with actual humidity percentages measured by an external source.

Digital hygrometers do not require any calibration and will give you no trouble when it comes to accuracy so long as you purchase from trusted brands! Analog hygrometer dials can become stiff or lose over time which means your device might stop working correctly if its components are damaged. Digital Hygro Meters also typically come equipped with backlighting for convenience measures, while some even have Bluetooth or WiFi capabilities so you can check your humidor’s levels from an app on your phone!

Right RH

Seth Geise

Seth Geise
Cigar Expert

Pro Tip: The RH debate really comes down to personal preference, and every collector you run into will give you a reason why theirs may be the best. Really, determining what RH to store at comes down to experimenting with the risks and benefits of specific percentages to see what is right for you. The following serves merely as a guideline and opinion. The relation to Habanos will be discussed as well.

70%+ RH: We do not recommend storing at RH above 70%.  Since there are Boveda packs out there that are 72%, I figured we would start at the top and work our way down.  I do not know any experienced smokers that store at 72%.  The benefit of doing so would probably age a cigar a bit quicker but in the long run damage the oils.  This is just a hunch, and I have no scientific explanation for it, only experience.  Cigars stored this high must be smoked extremely slow, and if smoked in an unstable RH environment, may be prone to expand and have wrapper issues.

70% RH: This seems to be the standard status quo of most run-of-the-mill recommendations.  A higher percentage makes for a wetter smoke, and a slower pace must be taken to ensure proper combustion.  70RH will age cigars properly, and I know plenty of collectors that store 70% for the first five years they have Habanos.  I personally think that cigars stored at 70RH are prone to mold, cracking, and tend to get tar build-up at times when smoking.  I have found that some types of cigars, like certain Connecticut wrappers, smoke better at the higher RH, and I used to employ a 69-70RH humi for those smokes and aging.  The mold risk when storing cigars in boxes in a large collection that is aging is too high for me though, so I will not go near this RH.  I also think it takes a little more effort to maintain a higher humidity, which results in a less stable environment.

67-68% RH: There is definitely a crowd that prefers storing at this RH level, and typically keeping it under 70% is a general rule as beetles hatch at 70 degrees or higher, and an RH of 70% or higher may contribute.  I think you still get the aging properties here, and my large NC humidor with samples is run at that RH to aid in breaking down the strength in the NC stuff.  I have never had a mold issue in years with this humidor, and it holds 300-400 at any time.  I do think that at this RH, you still must have a slower smoking pace.  For folks wanting to age Habanos, I would highly recommend this RH.  When I finally get a cabinet after grad school, I will be keeping my cabinet here for aging, with a humidor and winaedor for cigars ready to be smoked.

65% RH: This is the industry standard amongst cigar geeks and most aficionados.  65%RH is not too dry, not too wet, and there is virtually no risk of mold, with a decreased risk of beetles as well.  I highly recommend 65%RH, and my personal humidor and Kelner humidors are run at 65%RH. If I get cigar ROTT that needs to be reviewed ASAP, I toss them in one of these humidors, as I know they are rock solid. I think cigars age well at 65% and burn well with little issues.

60-62% RH: This is a much drier RH to store at, and the preference of many Habanos smokers.  I do not have any scientific evidence for why Habanos taste better at a low RH, they just do.  I store all my Habanos in a wineador at 62% that has been steady there for well over a year.  To me 62% means I have no worries of mold, no potential fluctuations, and at worst my RH goes down under 60% which I do not think damages them at all.  I cannot remember the last time I had to add water to my wineador, as the boxes the Habanos are stored in providing so much stability, I never have to tweak it.  There is an anti-aging property of a lower RH as well.  When Habanos, or any cigars really, have reached the point of aging potential, a lower RH will keep them in ideal smoking shape much longer than a higher RH.  Many collectors store vintage Habanos at 60%RH and 60 degrees to slow the process down.  I keep the lower portion of my wineador at 60 degrees for that reason, and the RH stays a bit lower there as well.

Cedar Wraps, Paper, Coffins, Tubos: My experience with storing cigars in this manner is they tend to be mold magnets.  I had a discussion with a well-known company about it, and they insisted 70RH would not lead to mold on paper wrapped of cedar coffin cigars.  They sent me examples of both, and both had mold.  I believe Habanos SA recommends not storing cigars in their tubos as well; however, it is generally believed that a tubo will slow the aging process down, which may be beneficial to the collector with cigars over the 8-10 year mark.  My theory is that the close proximity of the wrapping, tube, or coffin creates a more humid environment in close proximity to the cigar; thus, leading to higher RH and mold, even though storage RH may be lower.  Again, this is my experience, and I have never had a mold issue in any of my humidors.  I take all cedar wrappers, paper wrappers, coffins, and tubos out of my humidors.  I never buy a cigar packaged in such a way without inspecting it, and I cannot tell you how many times I run into this.  So take this paragraph as a personal recommendation from my experience, and nothing else.  I am sure there are collectors out there that have not had this issue.

Any comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact us at the forum.  I am going to start a poll there to discuss the issue further, as I feel I have learned so much through the years from other BOTL that share their own knowledge and experience.  Remember, everything is subjective in this hobby, so do what is best for you.  Oh yeah, and DO NOT use analog hygrometers please, buy Xikar’s and calibrate them properly.

What Are Smart Sensors?

Humidor Hygrometers can also be intelligent sensors. These hygrometers are typically more expensive than their analog counterparts, but they have several advantages of their own! Smart Sensors store past readings for up to 30 days which means you get a history of how your humidor has been performing over time rather than simply checking the humidity levels at that precise moment in time.

It is important to note that some Cigar Humidors (and even other storage devices) come equipped with built-in digital sensors and remote display units. However, suppose you plan on using an external device such as this Epic Guide recommends. In that case, we recommend going with a high-quality Digital Sensor like those available from Boveda or Sensor Push companies.

Do You Need To Calibrate A Hygrometer?

Choosing the Best Cigar Hygrometer For Your Humidor

Analog Hygrometers require individuals to manually adjust them by twisting dials to match the actual humidity percentage displayed on an accurate external source. Digital hygrometers do not require any calibration and will give you no trouble when it comes to accuracy so long as you purchase from trusted brands!

What Is The Best Humidity and Temperature for Cigars?

A temperature of 68°F and a humidity level between 65-70% are what you should aim for when storing cigars in your humidor. Granted, this is simply an average that applies only to most cigar types available on the market today.

If you have Cuban Cigars, then be sure not to let them go any lower than 60 percent relative humidity, or they might become dry! They also must remain at about 69°F while inside their ideal range, so make sure your place stays within those parameters if you plan on keeping these gems around! The best way to ensure conditions stay stable over time is by using an analog hygrometer with built-in sensors because digital devices can malfunction over time, which means accuracy could suffer.

Sensor Push HT.w Review – Why Sensor Push is the best Bluetooth Hygrometer?


What is Sensor Push?

Sensor Push is a wireless, Internet-connected environmental monitor. It can monitor anything from temperatures to humidity and more, as it has an accuracy rate of ±2%RH, ±0.2°C / 0.36°F with professional-grade components – perfect for spots where traditional meters don’t work well. With Sensor Push, you’ll always know what the conditions are around your home or business at any time.

Top benefits of Sensor Push

  • The sensor is lightweight and compact.
  • Working with your phone via Bluetooth (WiFi option available on SensorPush G1 WiFi)
  • Sensor Push’s accuracy of ±2%RH, ±0.2°C / 0.36°F
  • Sensor Push’s accuracy is perfect for spots where traditional meters don’t work well.
  • Use it anywhere: in a refrigerator, freezer, greenhouse, humidor, wine cellar, instrument case like guitar or violin, a piano, etc.

Sensor Push is the device you’ve been waiting for to monitor any place in your home or business that needs it. It has an accuracy rate of ±2%RH, ±0.2°C / 0.36°F, which is perfect for areas where traditional meters can’t do their job! The sensor is lightweight and compact, making it easy to use anywhere you need it, even on the other side of your house!

Sensor Push not only monitors temperatures but humidity too. There would be no more guessing about how cold (or hot) something might be with this device at hand. The sensor is battery-operated; you can even monitor multiple places in your home at once! The perfect product for peace of mind and convenience!

Moreover, this device has 3 modifications for each situation:

  1. SensorPush HT1 (±3%RH, ±0.3°C / 0.5°F; temperature, humidity)
  2. Sensor Push HT.w ( ±2%RH, ±0.2°C / 0.36°F; temperature, humidity) – I review this one
  3. SensorPush HTP.xw (±1.5%RH, ±0.1°C / 0.18°F, ±0.012inHg; temperature, humidity, barometric pressure)
  4. + SensorPush G1 WiFi Gateway – this is an excellent option if you want to get info through the internet in any place in the world. I think it makes sense to buy if you have more than 2-3 Sensor Pushes.

Sensor Push Pros and Cons

  • The sensor is lightweight and compact
  • The accuracy rate of ±2%RH, ±0.2°C / 0.36°F
  • Professional-grade components
  • Long-live battery
  • Made in the USA
  • Need Bluetooth connection
  • Expensive

My experience using Sensor Push

I had first heard of Sensor Push from a good friend of mine who owns one. He cautioned me that it was an expensive device, which I found to be true.

I set up my humidor sensor in less than two minutes, all thanks to the easy app on my phone! It’s simple to use, understand, and has many features. Checking the sensor outside of work is also easy because you can monitor multiple sensors simultaneously with Bluetooth connectivity! You can even see the weather outside, where the sensor is located.

Sensor Push has Android and iOs, it is building graphics in real-time, and I can see the history of changing temperature and humidity. Awesome, I appreciate it; I found that I need to change my Boveda pack to the new one (humidity was 55% inside the humidor).

Overall, Sensor Push has been an excellent investment! I want to buy more of them WiFia WiFi gateway!

Should you buy Sensor Push?

Sensor Push is a device that can monitor places and tell you the temperature and humidity. It is accurate to within 2% RH and 0.2°C / 0.36°F, making it perfect for places that other meters cannot measure accurately enough.

The sensor is light and small. You can put it anywhere, even on the other side of your house! Sensor Push monitors the temperature and the humidity too.

There would no longer be any uncertainty about how cold (or hot) something is with this gadget at hand. The sensor is battery-operated, so there are no limitations on where you can use it. You may keep track of several locations in your house at the same time. I do recommend this device for cigar enthusiasts and homeowners.

Choosing the Best Cigar Hygrometer For Your Humidor

Oasis Caliber IV Review – Best Accessory for Cigar Enthusiasts


The new Cigar Oasis Caliber IV Digital Hygrometer by Western Humidor contains the same accurate sensor and circuitry that made the Caliber III famous while allowing the user to adjust the display setting digitally! This will undoubtedly make the Caliber IV the easiest digital hygrometer to recalibrate if necessary. Slim, accurate, adjustable, and simple to operate – that’s Caliber IV.

What is Oasis Caliber IV?

The Oasis Caliber IV is a slim, accurate digital hygrometer that will make recalibration a quick and straightforward process. This digital humidity monitor is perfect for cigar enthusiasts with its high-sensitivity sensor providing readings in increments of 0.1 degrees. It even comes preloaded with the factory calibration data for various cigars from Caldwell, Punch, Rocky Patel Vintage 1990, and more!

Top benefits of Oasis Caliber IV

  • Accuracy: ±1-2°C; ±1% RH
  • Preloaded with factory calibration data
  • Simple to operate

Best Features of Oasis Caliber IV

  • Accurate to ± 1% RH
  • Slow response readings
  • Updates every 10 seconds
  • Secure magnetic mount
  • Fahrenheit/Celsius scales
  • Maximum and minimal recordings

Oasis Caliber IV provides accurate readings to ± 1-2%, allowing cigar enthusiasts to get a sense of how their cigars are progressing in terms of humidity and temperature levels. This digital hygrometer is also perfect for beginners who have trouble maintaining the RH levels in humidors. It updates every ten seconds with slow response readings that let you know when the desired level has been reached!

Oasis Caliber IV Pros and Cons

  • Slim and accurate
  • Adequate for beginners
  • Slow response readings perfect for Maintaining RH levels in humidors
  • Sometimes you can receive a bad batch

My experience using Oasis Caliber IV

I had a great first experience with the Oasis Caliber IV! I’ve been having trouble maintaining the RH levels in my humidor, and I find myself being too heavy-handed with the humidity sticks. The slow response readings on this digital hygrometer have been a life-saver for me because it lets me know when I need to stop messing around and leave well enough alone. The slim design of the monitor takes up very little space in my humidor, so it’s been a nice change from all of those bulky, clunky analog hygrometers!

Should you buy Oasis Caliber IV?

Oasis Caliber IV is the perfect digital hygrometer for cigar enthusiasts struggling with maintaining RH levels in their humidors. It’s accurate to ± 1-2°C and has slow response readings that allow you to stop messing around when it comes time to maintain your humidity level. If accuracy, simplicity, or convenience matter most when shopping for a new digital hygrometer, then this one should be at the top of your list!

Choosing the Best Cigar Hygrometer For Your Humidor

Xikar Purotemp – Why you should get an upgrade to a new, modern hygrometer with the help of Xikar’s PuroTemp


What is Xikar Purotemp?

The Xikar PuroTemp digital hygrometer was designed for accurate readings and minimal maintenance. It displays relative humidity and temperature in humidors ranging from 20%-95% RH with a back size of 1.75″.

Top benefits of Xikar Purotemp

  • Easy installation
  • Digital display for accurate readings
  • No calibration is required

The Xikar PuroTemp Digital Hygrometer offers a sleek, modern design that’s perfect for humidor owners who are looking to upgrade from analog. The digital display offers accurate readings, and no calibration is required- making this the best option for cigar enthusiasts on the go! Be sure to check out other products as well. They have an excellent selection of humidors and cutters at unbeatable prices!

Best Features of Xikar Purotemp

  1. Digital display for accurate readings
  2. No calibration required- making the perfect option for cigar enthusiasts on the go!

Why go with Xikar Purotemp?

The Xikar PuroTemp digital hygrometer is the best option for cigar enthusiasts who want to upgrade from analog or have difficulty keeping their RH levels in check because of its accuracy and sleek design. The slim monitor takes up very little space, has no calibration requirement- which means you don’t need any extra tools to set it up! You can either screw it onto your humidor or use the adhesive tape on the back of the display if you prefer mounting screens electronically instead of physically.

Either way, all that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy smoking your cigars, knowing they’re fresh, thanks to this incredible device!

Xikar Purotemp Pros and Cons

  • Digital display for accurate readings
  • No calibration required- making the perfect option for cigar enthusiasts on the go!
  • The slim monitor takes up very little space and has no calibration requirement, which means it’s an excellent choice for people who have to travel a lot
  • The display may be too small for some people
  • Requires no calibration but can’t be recalibrated if needed

My experience using Xikar Purotemp

I remember the first time I used my new digital hygrometer; I was so excited to get it finally! The heavy reliance on analog hygrometers made it difficult for me to keep my levels in check. It was challenging to make sure that the analog hygrometer was calibrated correctly, and then when I would travel, it would be impossible to maintain the right balance. When I discovered that digital hygrometers were available, I was ecstatic!

The Xikar PuroTemp digital hygrometer comes with everything that you need for mounting. All I had to do was screw in the display screen in the back of the humidor or one of my drawers in my house and use the adhesive tape if I was traveling. It took me less than five minutes to read the instructions and install them! The easy-to-read screen shows your humidity level at all times, so now my cigars are always fresh no matter where I travel.

Should you buy Xikar Purotemp?

If you’re a cigar smoker and you’ve been looking for the perfect way to keep your humidor in check, this is it. The Xikar PuroTemp digital hygrometer was designed with accuracy and minimal maintenance in mind. It offers no calibration requirement, which means that it’s easy enough for people who travel or want something simple when they get home from work at night. This device will take up very little space and won’t cause any hassle while providing accurate readings! Whether you’re someone who has an analog hygrometer already or if you want to upgrade from one type of display to another, we recommend giving Xikar Purotemp a try today!

Choosing the Best Cigar Hygrometer For Your Humidor

Humi-Care Round Digital Hygrometer – Overall Review of Humi-Care Round Digital Hygrometer


What is Humi-Care Round Digital Hygrometer?

Humi-Care’s most advanced hygrometer yet. Accurate within 2% RH and ready to go right out of the box, this unit makes monitoring your humidor’s conditions a breeze. Displays in Fahrenheit or Celsius

Humi-Care Round Digital Hygrometer has been created with precision accuracy and an easy setup process at the forefront of its design. Enjoy watching your cigars come back to life thanks to this powerful product while knowing that it will work even when you don’t have any electricity.

Top benefits of Humi-Care Round Digital Hygrometer

  • No calibration required or physical screws to mount
  • Back-lit LED for easy reading day or evening
  • Accurate within 2% RH

Humi-Care Round Digital Hygrometer is the most advanced hygrometer yet. It’s made with precision accuracy and an easy setup process at its forefront, making it a powerful product for cigar enthusiasts to use in their humidors. Enjoy watching your cigars come back to life thanks to this device while knowing that it will work even when you don’t have any electricity!

Best Features of Humi-Care Round Digital Hygrometer

  • Accurate within 2% RH
  • Backlit LED screen which makes reading day or night
  • No calibration is required, or physical screws are needed for mounting
  • Calibration free
  • Compact design
  • Works with battery

Humi-Care Round Digital Hygrometer Pros and Cons

  • Backlit LED screen which makes reading day or night
  • No calibration is required, or physical screws are needed for mounting
  • Calibration free
  • Compact design
  • Works with battery
  • Accuracy is not so great
  • High price

My experience using Humi-Care Round Digital Hygrometer

When I first got my new Humi-Care Round Digital Hygrometer, I was excited to see how accurate it was compared to my other one. Compared to the analog one that I have, the Humi-Care Round Digital Hygrometer is much more accurate. It never went out of calibration, and it wasn’t hard to set up, which gives me peace of mind when I use it with my humidors. I’m excited about the quality of this product for this price, and I highly recommend it to others.

Should you buy Humi-Care Round Digital Hygrometer?

The Humi-Care Round Digital Hygrometers are an excellent option if you’re searching for a hygrometer that’s simple to use and correct. This item is tiny in size, so it might be easier to find room in your humidor if required. It also has a backlit LED screen that can be read at night or during the day, making this unit one of the finest on the market today! If price is your main concern, check out our other suggestions below before making a decision.

Choosing the Best Cigar Hygrometer For Your Humidor

Boveda Butler Review – What is a boveda butler, and what does it do?


What is Boveda Butler?

Boveda Butler is a hygrometer designed to be mounted on the lid of the humidor, letting customers know at a glance whether their humidity levels are optimal. The Boveda Butler attaches magnetically and syncs up with an easy-to-use app so that business owners can monitor its readings from anywhere.

This device has been engineered specifically for premium cigars, utilizing Bovedas’ One-Step Calibration Kit along with an intelligent sensor to measure humidity without opening or even being in the same room as your cigar collection.

Top benefits of Boveda Butler

  •  The best innovation for premium cigars since the invention of the Boveda humidity pack!
  • Great product design and engineering

Boveda Butler Pros and Cons

  • Great Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Utilizes One-Step Calibration Kit
  • The sensor can store up to 10 days of data when out of the Bluetooth range of the app
  • Accuracy: +/- 4% RH

My experience using Boveda Butler

I remember my first experience with Boveda Butler. I was immediately impressed by the design of the exterior of the device. It looked stylish and professional, something that matched with the rest of our brand perfectly. I also really liked how simple it was to read how much water vapor was in the air outside my humidor using this neat little gadget. This saved me from opening up the humidor every time I wanted to check on its humidity levels.

The accuracy was off by only 4% RH, which is not so impressive considering most other devices with similar features were right on point. I calibrated the device using its One-Step Calibration Kit, which brought it down to about a +/- of only one percent, which is perfect for my humidor.

Seth Geise

Seth Geise
Cigar Expert

Pro Tip: I don't like that only with Bluetooth can I save the data of the last 10 days, for this price I expected more.

Should you buy Boveda Butler?

The Boveda Butler is a brilliant little device that fits magnetically on the lid of your humidor. It syncs up with an easy-to-use app so you can monitor humidity readings from anywhere without opening or even being in the same room as your cigar collection. This small gadget has been explicitly engineered for premium cigars.

It utilizes Bovedas One-Step Calibration Kit and its sensor to measure RH accurately out of the box (about +/- 4%RH). If you’re looking for something more accurate than this, though, don’t buy it – the better option is Sensor Push for the same price. If you are the fun of the Boveda Company – I strongly recommend this product.

Choosing the Best Cigar Hygrometer For Your Humidor


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