Choosing The Best Cigar Travel Humidor For Your Needs: Expert Guide

When it comes to cigar transportation, there are many options. Do you need a compact travel humidor for your next outing? What about an extra-large one that will hold more cigars? Or maybe you need something in between those two sizes – we’ve got them all! In this article, we’re going over the best practices for choosing the perfect travel humidor. We’ll also provide product reviews and tips to help you make the right decision on what is best suited for your needs!

Travel with your Cigars in Style

If you have lots of cigars and don’t know what to do with them, you should consider storing them so they won’t become stale. Almost all types of tobacco products will eventually go bad, but this especially applies to cigars. They must be set at the right temperature, depending on location, to drying and molding. Humidors are great for this but aren’t mobile.

Choosing The Best Cigar Travel Humidor For Your Needs: Expert Guide

When you’re on the go, cigar travel cases will perform the same job, keeping your wraps shaded yet blocked from exposure. Reviewed below are five of the highest quality cigar travel cases for you to take anywhere, each of them having its own perks and style. Be sure to view the Buyer’s Guide as well, so you’ll know which pick benefits you the most.

Best Cigar Travel Case: Comparison Table

Hi-End Cigar Travel Case. Top choise!
Vaultek LifePod Humidor Cigar Lock Box

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Vaultek LifePod Humidor

Professional luxury humidor for everybody who cares about cigars and its security. If you are looking for the best of the best - that's your choice.

  • Cigars held: 6 cigars. Ring size 50 (20 mm), and length 6” (152 mm)
  • Internal Bluetooth Module
  • Water-resistant, airtight, dustproof, and floats in water
  • Hygrometer: Digital
  • Battery: Two 9V Alkaline (Not Included)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 10.25" L x 7" W x 2.25" H
  • Interior Product Dimensions: 6.25" L x 6" W x 1.75” H
  • Unlock: Numeric keypad or backup manual keys
Simple cylindrical leather case
AMANCY Travel Leather Cigar Case

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AMANCY Travel Leather Cigar Case

Popular cigar case with analog hygrometer with cedar wood inside.

  • Cigars held: 5 cigars
  • Built-In Hygrometer, Long Humidifier, and Dropper
  • Hygrometer: analog
  • Exterior Product Dimensions: 3" L x 3" W x 7.9” H
Top waterproof case in any case!
Cigar Caddy 3400

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Cigar Caddy 3400 Waterproof Travel Cigar Humidor

Proven waterproof quality with military design. 6 different colors, 3 different sizes for any cigar lover!

  • Cigars held: 5 cigars
  • 1 Humidifier disc lid
  • Material: ABS plastic (non-toxic, do not change the taste of cigars)
  • Stainless steel latch hinges
  • Hygrometer: no
  • 6 Colors: Caddy, Silver, Digital Camouflage, Yellow, Blaze Orange, and Country Club Green
  • 3 sizes: for 5 cigars, for 10 cigars, and for 15 cigars;
  • Exterior Product Dimensions: 8.80" L x 5.18" W x 2.08" H
Esthetic leather humidor as a gift for Birthsday, Wedding, Father's Day
Cigar Caddy 3400

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TIME C CLUB 4-Finger

If you need the case for cigars and their accessories, this travel leather humidor with cedar wood is the perfect one!

  • Cigars held: 4 cigars (length 6.9", ring gauge 60)
  • Simple humidifier included
  • Material: Leather (exterior), cedar Spanish wood (interior)
  • Stainless steel latch hinges
  • Hygrometer (optional): Scotte Digital Hygrometer
  • Simple cigar stainless steel cutter included
  • Exterior Product Dimensions: 8" L x 5.5" W x 3" H

Why do you need a cigar travel case?

Because they are the best way to protect your cigars from getting stale while you’re traveling.

  1. A cigar case prevents light and air exposure, keeping them fresh for longer periods of time.
  2. Travel cases also prevent other people’s hands from contacting your cigars (so no more foul smells!).
  3. Cases come in varying sizes, so there is one that will suit every need! Some can hold as many as five sticks, while others have room for up to 12 smokes. That means some are better suited for short trips while others take care of long-haul vacations nicely too!

What are the best features of a good cigar travel case?

The case should be made of a durable material that will last for years.

It should have room to store at least two cigars in addition to the accessories (cutter, lighter) you would need if you smoked it out on the go.

This is especially important when buying small travel cases because they may not hold more than one cigar without rolling it up tightly and damaging it from being crushed.

It’s also good to make sure your case has an attached locking mechanism so no one can come along and steal your stash!

Best Cigar Travel Cases Reviews

Vaultek Lifepod – Best Hi-Tech Travel Humidor

A sleek, compact humidor that lets you discreetly bring your favorite smokes anywhere. Not just for traveling, the Lifepod Humidor is perfect for use in a busy office with strict smoking policies or on a boat where weight and size are limited by fuel constraints. The built-in lock system makes it easy to secure your cigars when necessary like if you’re transporting them over international borders where high tariffs may apply to tobacco products-additional accessories such as travel cases may be required for some destinations.

Choosing The Best Cigar Travel Humidor For Your Needs: Expert Guide

Choosing The Best Cigar Travel Humidor For Your Needs: Expert Guide

Premium Quality

The silicone seal eliminates air leaks and bacteria growth while preserving the freshness of your cigars without molding and mildew. All this in an ultra-compact package that fits inside most suitcases; make sure you pack one.

Unlock the vault, open the humidor. The Lifepod Humidor from Vaultek has detailed design and engineering to protect cigars and provide peace of mind for cigar enthusiasts. A touch-activated keypad provides access with a quick press for locking so your treasures can be guarded even when you’re not there. Bluetooth technology lets you view inside humidity and temperature settings on your smartphone – customize by using presets or create your personalized ideal conditions. Dual side compression latches are watertight – ensuring an airtight seal, gaskets add an extra barrier preserving flavor profiles in humidors anywhere.

  • Spanish cedar wood and two-tone genuine leather
  • Best Lock-system in the humidor’s world
  • Bluetooth APP: control humidity and temperature with the official app
  • Hold up to 11 cigars
  • Store firearms up to 7.75″ long (without cigar tray)
  • Requires battery
  • Sometimes there are several problems with app
  • Can fit only a small lighter and basic two-finger guillotine-style cutter

AMANCY Travel Leather Cigar Case –  Great Simple Case

  • Number of cigars held: 5;
  • Hygrometer Included: Yes;
  • Simple Humidifier Included: Yes.

A cylindrical foil-lined cigar holder

You know you need a cigar case, but it seems like everyone has an issue. Carrying your best cigars around can be tricky when it’s difficult to find a roomy, protective container that doesn’t make the whole thing seem gimmicky and cheap just because some company slapped their logo on the outside. You don’t want something with too many bells or whistles either; not only would those items overcomplicate things for yourself because of how much is going on in there already, but they’re also likely made rather cheaply to boot.
Choosing The Best Cigar Travel Humidor For Your Needs: Expert Guide

That’s where the AMANCY Travel Leather Cigar Case comes in! Made from PU leather and designed to carry about three-five of any size cigar (that isn’t too long), this cylinder-shaped container has a built-in humidity control system that maintains the cigars’ natural flavor, and there’s also an external hygrometer for accurate readings.

What is included in the package?

Keep your cigar safe and sound when storing it in this high-quality case. Each AMANCY Leather Cigar Case comes with a hygrometer and humidifier tube, which allows you to keep the air at a perfect humidity level for your cigars. These cases are excellent for business travel because they are compact and well designed to fit inside most luggage. No matter what kind of cigar you smoke, ensure it is protected from potential damage during transport with an AMANCY Travel Cigar Case!

You’ll need to be vigilant about checking the humidity levels if you decide to go with this case, and while it’s not perfect, it can still provide a high level of protection.

This cigar case is elegant, modern, and conveniently small enough to carry. The PU leather outside will protect your cigars, while the cedar wood inside keeps them fresh for days on end without any problems. It has a built-in hygrometer that lets you know when it’s time to add some humidity or change out the humidifier pad with ease! This makes this gift perfect for anyone who loves smoking cigars and those they care about because of its ability to last so long at such an affordable price point.

This is the best travel cigar case for those who want to keep their cigars safe and sound while traveling. It has a sleek, modern look that can withstand any damage with ease!

  • The small, cylindrical shape of the humidor doesn’t take up much space
  • Locks in moisture with its wood lining
  • All parts to keep stead the cigars in transit
  • The hygrometer is completely static, making it impossible to measure the humidity readings accurately.
  • Upon first use, peculiar industrial scents emanated from the case.

Cigar Caddy 3400 Waterproof Travel Cigar Humidor – Best Heavy Duty Cigar Case

Heavy Duty Construction For All Types of Weather

The Cigar Caddy 3400 Humidor is the best on the list in terms of durability. It looks like a smaller version of something you’d see in a military setting. And this is in no way a bad thing. If you threw it off a roof, the chances are high that the product would have little damage to speak of.


Choosing The Best Cigar Travel Humidor For Your Needs: Expert Guide

But why is this? First, there’s the hard plastic exterior. Very dense and thick, your cigars will be completely covered, shielded from drops and falls of any kind. There’s also a plastic rim around the edges that gives it a watertight seal. You could probably submerge it in water and have your cigars come back completely dry.

What Could Be Improved, Other Considerations

While the ability to withstand forceful impacts is always a plus, there are a few weaknesses to the design that you should know about. The greatest is the locking clips. They work as expected but may periodically pop open at times. *Red*And if you’re not careful with the way you pull them open, they could end up breaking altogether.*Red* Furthermore, there’s a sponge included that smells strongly of polyurethane. To get it out, you’ll have to remove and clean the case’s interior (discussed in the Buyer’s Guide). But even with its minor problems, the Cigar Caddy 3400 is strongly suggested if you enjoy the outdoors and don’t want to end up with wet and/or dirty sticks.

  • Holds up to five cigars
  • The case is designed to withstand hard impacts and drops.
  • Completely waterproof
  • The locking clips are cheaply made and tend to dislodge when closed.
  • The strong smell of polyurethane inside the case (from the foam)
  • The humidor lid sits close to the cigars, which could result in damage with large cigars (if squeezed)

Time C club 4-Finger Portable Travel Leather Cigar Case – For Temporary Long-Term Storage

Elegant and High In Quality

Ride in style with this high-quality leather cigar case. This sleek and stylish accessory is made of the finest materials, ensuring that you’re always prepared to enjoy a quality smoke. The wood lining has been polished by hand for an elegant finish while also providing natural storage space inside the box where your cigars will stay at room temperature without absorbing too much humidity from outside sources!


Choosing The Best Cigar Travel Humidor For Your Needs: Expert Guide

Accessories That You’ll Need Before You Use

If you need a humidifier and hygrometer, you’ll have to buy them separately, but they both should fit in the case so long as you ensure they’re small enough. Just place the hygrometer in the second slot that’s next to the pocket for the blade. And if you need more room to store your cigar for a short time period, the cedar wood box easily lifts out. When this is done, you could easily double the number of sticks that could fit inside.

Or pack anything else that you’d like; the zippers are strong and will hold up, even under a lot of weight. Because it has more of a traditional design, this Cohiba humidor works best for people who need a place to store their cigars for a little bit longer than the other products reviewed but don’t plan to keep them inside for too long.

  • The exterior and interior style of the case is well made with leather and cedarwood.
  • There are additional pockets fitted on the back of the lid to hold tools, lighters, etc.
  • The cedar wood holding tray can be removed for people who wish to use the cash for other purposes.
  • A cutter is included with the packaging
  • There are no gauges sold with the case to read humidity levels

AMANCY Beautiful 5-10 Capacity Travel Cigar Humidor Case Best High Capacity Cigar Case

Take the At-Home Humidor With You

Another Amancy product, the 5-10 Capacity Travel Case, is most beneficial to carry larger amounts of cigars. With this in mind, it’s the ideal product to take with you to cigar shops, where you can quickly place what you want inside after new rolls are purchased. Although limited, you might even be able to throw in a few larger varieties, such as a Toro. It has a basic design made from PU leather. The lid is flipped open by unfastening the buckle located above the hygrometer.


Choosing The Best Cigar Travel Humidor For Your Needs: Expert Guide

How to Keep Your Cigars Properly Humidified with the Amancy

This product is handmade. Because of this, you might find a few imperfections around the outside, close to where the hydrometer touches the leather itself. It’s nothing major, but it may force you to adjust the meter so that it’s parallel with the case. And there won’t be a need for you to get a humidifier. Everything is included with the case, save for a cutter.

If you’re new to cigars and storing them, the manual won’t help you to get the inside temperature just right for your smokes.

The safest bet is to keep things slightly dry until you become familiar with the mechanics. That way, you won’t have to deal with mold development.

As with many small humidors, the hygrometer isn’t very useful at pinpointing humidity levels. You’ll get an indication of how high or low it is but might find yourself gauging the cigars on your own, opening the top to feel if there’s more or less water needed. And if you are carrying around lots of sticks, definitely do it, so nothing becomes damaged. Regardless, this Amancy case is as acceptable as the other piece analyzed and will keep you stocked with more than enough cigars when you’re out and about.

  • Holds up to 10 cigars
  • Minimalist design that resembles a bookcase
  • Sold with a humidifier and hygrometer that can be read from the outside
  • Handmade leather stitching
  • The hygrometer, while useful, is not as accurate as a digital meter
  • Confusing instruction manual

Mantello Black Leather Cigar Case – For Mobility

The Mantello Black Leather Cigar Case finalizes its compact shape that’s small enough to go in most large pockets. Even with its three-cigar capacity, the level of work placed into the build will make it your go-to cigar carrier, one that might be used more frequently than any other cases observed.


Choosing The Best Cigar Travel Humidor For Your Needs: Expert Guide

Big or Small, Your Cigars can be Covered

One nice feature is the way it adjusts to the size of the cigars being carried. You’re free to make the top and bottom pieces smaller or larger in height. This also opens the door to good accessories. When adjusted higher, you can place a small humidifier inside or alternate with a small hygrometer even (remember that it will have to go in, so there won’t be a way for you to read the humidity level from the outside).

Maintenance and Cleaning

Get ready to do some preparation work before you use it, however. *Red*The smell of polyurethane is pretty strong, something you don’t want to tarnish your cigars.*Red* Once that’s done, everything should work as normal. Lastly, don’t push down on the lid when you have cigars inside that are long enough for the piece to move in. If that happens, things could get smashed and break apart from the force. It would have been nice if there were something that could stop the sliding on its own. Still, you’ll come to appreciate the painless way Mantello simplifies your cigar storage.

  • Small dimensions make the case easy to fit inside pockets
  • The size can be adjusted depending on the cigar’s gauge
  • There’s enough room to fit small humidification devices inside with the cigars
  • It Will probably need to be cleaned before use to get rid of strong chemical smells.
  • The lid could damage the cigars if pushed with too much force when being close.

Cigar Travel Humidor: Buyer’s Guide

Next up are some valuable tips to help you select the best case for your cigars, including useful ways to case for the product before you begin using it properly.

How often do I Smoke?

Heavy smokers tend to need more space for their tobacco. A cigar aficionado will regularly try out many different flavors and switch up from time to time. So after one cigar is finished during a smoke, other flavors might be desired that are different from the original. Due to this, multiple cigars may need to be carried, according to what the user (or you) wants.

Picking The Right Capacity

You might not be a heavy smoker, but have something planned that would require you to need ample room to store your cigars, either for yourself or your friends. And if you are, that’s a good excuse for placing quantity over any other feature. Most cigar travel cases are minimal, small enough to fit in your pants pocket. Knowing this, consider getting a piece that’s big enough to hold at least four or five cigars total.

Choosing The Best Cigar Travel Humidor For Your Needs: Expert Guide
Cigar Travel Case for $12 000 from St DuPont. Looks Awesome!

Cigar sizes are also varied so that you may possess something longer than usual. Or maybe you gravitate more towards cigarillos. Whatever the case, gauge the sizes on the cigars most favored by you and choose a case that best matches it.

How do I Clean My Travel Case?

Cleaning is pretty straightforward but does have a few steps. The reason you’ll want to clean your case before it’s used centers around the materials placed on the product when it’s manufactured. Polyurethane leather is the one most commonly featured. Most cases also incorporate cedarwood into the interior, but that does little to remove the leathery smell. The odor is something that can severely affect the quality of your smokes, so take these steps before you place anything inside.

There are two ways in which a small humidor can be cleaned

The first is by simply airing the interior portion out for a few days. You can do this by placing the case in a dry area.

Open the lid and leave it that way until you don’t smell anything inside anymore. If foam pieces are included with the case, take them out and soak in distilled water between 30 minutes to an hour. After that, continue to let it dry. You’ll notice that everything comes out odorless once there’s no moisture left. It is here that you’re free to use the case.

Choosing The Best Cigar Travel Humidor For Your Needs: Expert Guide

The second way is similar but involves soaking the interior with distilled water first. It’s best to go no longer than 30 minutes for this to avoid damaging the cedarwood. The odor should be depleted after it dries out, preferably for a day or two. If you still notice chemical smells coming from the case after being cleaned, try giving it a little more time to air out, or place it in a cabinet or somewhere where the air is even drier.

Of course, not all cases will need to be cleaned in this matter. An alternative to the methods described would be to add a few pieces of tobacco from the cut tips, thus allowing those to overpower the chemical smell within a few days.

Where do I Plan To Use the Case The Most?

Whether indoor or mobile, Humidors must be set up in a way that coincides with the environment around them. If you live in a location that receives lots of cold, dry weather during the winter months, you’ll probably need something large enough to hold a humidifier. Less humidity will be needed in hot climates, so if you’re planning a vacation somewhere close to water or reside in a state that remains moist for most of the year, less water will be necessary.

Too much heat and humidity can quickly turn your cigars into moldy pieces of tobacco leaf. Furthermore, those who experience all four seasons will love the cases with the hygrometer and humidifier sold with the product. The more tools you have for your cigar storage, the least likely you’ll risk having to throw spoiled tobacco in the trash.

Traveling with a Cigar Case

If you’ve flown on a commercial airline in recent years, you should be familiar with the strict rules that security places upon carry-on and check-in luggage and the items inside or those being carried in your pockets.

Choosing The Best Cigar Travel Humidor For Your Needs: Expert Guide

TSA doesn’t restrict tobacco products on either domestic or international flights (outbound), so you’re free to bring a cigar travel case while in the air. Just be careful with humidifier tubes; if the case you are interested in has one, note that some items containing liquids could be confiscated. This is often at the agents’ discretion, but if you’re a frequent flyer, you might be better off with a case that doesn’t have such accessories.

How to use a travel cigar humidor?

It’s important to know how to use a travel humidor correctly to preserve your cigars. Here are the steps:

  1. Open up the top of the cigar case and remove any plastic holding it closed. This will give you access to an inner container for storing moisture beads, usually made from cedar wood or Spanish cedar (Cedro).
  2. Place these insides so that they’re about halfway full with distilled water or propylene glycol – this is where your humidity will come from while traveling. Close off the lid tightly and replace all other parts in place. These cases also have a foam insert that can be used separately, and some have dividers for separating different types of cigars when traveling.
  3. Allow your humidor to sit for around 30 minutes before closing it to allow the beads time to fill with water and produce humidity inside the case.
  4. Before packing up any cigars, place a small dish of distilled water or propylene glycol on top of them so that they’re fully hydrated for when you start smoking again. This will keep them moist while traveling and ensure that their flavor doesn’t change during transit due to dryness, which is a common problem smokers face.

Benefits: A travel cigar humidor provides an excellent way for those who enjoy different types of tobacco varieties without having to carry multiple cases with each type every time they go out and want something new.

Can a Cigar Travel Case Replace my Home Humidor?

It depends on how many cigars you keep and your frequency of smoking. Technically, the travel cases can be used in an indoor setting but are more sensitive to temperature and humidity changes in the home or room than a larger humidor.

The products reviewed should be thought of as an extension of a larger device. In this sense, treat your smokes in the same manner that you would do to perishable items during grocery shopping. When you acquire new cigars, take your case with you to ensure freshness until they’re transferred to something larger and more permanent.


The final decision is up to you, and the best way to make that decision is by looking at your needs. Which cigar case will work for you? Does it have a zipper or magnetic closure, so nothing falls out on accident? Is there room in length and width for all of your cigars without them being crammed together too much? Do you want something compact enough to take with you anywhere, even if just as an accessory bag for carrying eyeglasses or pens around town? Figure out what’s most important to you when buying a new cigar travel case before making the purchase. No matter which one fits your need better, they’ll all do their jobs protecting and storing your favorite smokes from now until forever!

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