Casa Magna Colorado Diadema

Casa Magna

I think everyone knows the Casa Magna Colorado Robusto, No. 1 Cigar of 2008, but have you smoked the other vitola’s in the line? I recently picked this up at a great new local cigar shop, Havana Phil’s Cigar Company, and this is a great smoke. Like all Casa Magna cigars, they are all Cuban-Seed Nicaraguan tobacco made by two master blenders Manuel Quesada and Nestor Plasencia. The diadema is a great shape, measuring 6 3/4″ with a 54 ring gauge, and finished with a pigtail cap. If you have never seen a diadema shaped cigar, they are a very enjoyable size. The wrapper on this cigar is a beautiful red-brown in color and very very oily. I clipped a little off the foot for a better draw of this cigar, and upon lighting I am greeted by this great leather flavor. Initially, the aroma is of sweet tobacco and fresh earth. You will get lots of earth, cedar, and leather with this cigar with a hint of cocoa beans, but it is very enjoyable.  The burn on this cigar was wonderful as well, I swear that it was perfect, and I mean perfect. The Casa Magna line is a great line with several vitola’s, all offering unique characteristics. I love the diadema size, and though I would prefer the gauge to be smaller, probably between 48 and 40 the smoke was great. I give this cigar a 91, and if anyone has never had a cigar in this shape you should definitely try it. There are not an abundance of diadema’s on the market, but this is probably the most reasonably priced of them all.

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