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 It has been 50 years to the month since President Kennedy signed the Cuban Embargo and closing down trade between the two nations. To honor this occasion Clint Aaron of 262 Cigars has released the Manifesto. The cigar is a limited edition cigar that has only been released to his first 10 retailers, and the production is limited to 262 boxes of 10 cigars each. I double checked my multiplication, and that comes out to a total of 2,620 cigars. (Thought you would enjoy that Clint.) I should say that Clint Aaron and 262 Cigars are fairly new to the industry, and have been making stellar cigars as well. If you have not checked out my reviews, or checked out their cigars you should do so. Also, get your local retailer to carry these cigars. Great cigar and a great company!

The concept of Manifesto and 262 Cigars is to capture the attention of smokers in the industry, and get them to realize the diminishing rights of cigar smokers across the nation. In some since it is to capture everyone’s civil liberties across the nation, and recognize that we as a whole need to fight for our civil liberties. Smoking a 262 Cigar is almost like a call to arms to have you continue the fight of oppression, or to finally take up arms. I am going to quote what was on the 262 Cigars website in regards to the Manifesto, because I think that is the best way to capture what they are saying and asking.  

We drafted the 262 Manifesto as our call-to-action for cigar smokers and freedom lovers alike to raise their voices in opposition to the ever-constant barrage of over-regulation, excessive taxation and ever-wider smoking bans. It is the foundation for the 262 brand and belief. READ THE DOCUMENT and then decide where you stand, what you believe and what you plan to do about it. It’s time to rise up, stand strong, and stand free.

This is a statement of intent, a call to action. Those who currently sit in executive, political office seem to believe that they can regulate our every decision. But, amidst their draconian rules and shallow intentions; underneath the turmoil and anger of the once revered connoisseurs of our beloved leaf; there brews a Revolution! An uprising of global proportions is stirring and its proponents will be silent no more.

Such great words by Clint!

Now that I have sidetracked the attention from the cigar, let us get back on course and begin working on what we intended to in the first place. On a side note check out the signature and line Clint left me.  “Buffet of manliness.” … Damn straight!

The Manifesto is a massive cigar in hand, and when you look at the ten of them side by side they are uniformed in every aspect. The cigars are rolled in Honduras at the Raices Cubanas Cigar Factory, and what a great factory it is. The wrapper is a nice light brown color, with hints of dark red clay present, and it almost is like a milk chocolate bar. I would say it is a light Colorado in terms of coloring. The wrapper has some veins present, but it is still fairly smooth and very firm. The wrapper is from Honduras and is Criollo ’98, and it has two binders, one Indonesian, and the other Honduran Criollo ’98. The filler tobacco consists of Nicaraguan tobacco from Esteli and Jalapa, and also has fillers from the Trojes region of Honduras. This region is known for fabulous tobacco, and has been utilized in the Alec Bradley Prensado and the Alec Bradley Tempus. It could possibly be in some other blends, but those two have specifically mentioned the region. The triple cap is placed perfectly, and holding the wrapper and foot to my nose I get aromas of chocolate covered espresso beans, barnyard notes, and it is very rich.

Box 135 of 262

Upon lighting the cigar you are immediately greeted with flavors that are both spicy and sweet, rich and dry. There is a nice spice level to the cigar, that of cinnamon, cloves and cayenne, and there is a nice sweetness to that of sugar cane. There are some lovely coffee notes as well with the cigar, and this rich earth quality that gives the impression of dark cocoa. There is a nice bit of oak notes with the smoke, and there is a lovely finish as well of leather. It really has tons of great characteristics, and I see the cigar as a fusion of the Alec Bradley Prensado, Alec Bradley Tempus, and the La Palina El Diario. The cigar is burn fairly well, slight waves here and there, and producing a nice dark gray ash. It is a solid medium, medium-full third, and producing a great amount of smoke. When I get into the second third of the cigar there is a nice addition to the cigar, and you begin to see a major presence of a few flavors. I am get strong cinnamon notes in this third, and a lot of dark cherry notes that are complimented with a mocha characteristic. There are still those core flavors from the first third of sugar cane, cayenne, oak and rich earth, and as to be expected the finish is that of leather with sweet and spicy notes. I would describe this cigar as being very rich and also very elegant. The flavor profile is consistent throughout so far, but very complex, and having a well developed palate will only help more in enjoying this cigar and truly capturing all the flavors within. The cigar went out in this third, partially due to my error, but it still had a pretty solid burn line, and remained slightly over medium in body throughout.

Honduran Criollo ’98 wrapper

 The cigar is coming to a close now, and what a beast of a cigar it has been. It has remained fairly medium in body throughout the smoke, but where it has really showed its strength and character is in the flavor profile. The cigar is packed full of great and unique tobacco, and from beginning to end one is getting so many flavors. The flavor profile is consistent throughout, don’t get me wrong, but the flavors are so complex throughout that you can miss some flavors here and there unless you are really assessing the cigar. There are nice notes of rich earth, dark cocoa, and oak notes present, and then of course you get those solid coffee flavors and spicy and sweet notes that have been dominant throughout. The dark cherry notes are somewhat subtle in this third, but on the finish there are great notes of cinnamon and leather. The cigar has a nice draw even to the end, and while it remains very flavorful, it also burns evenly on the finish.

This was really a great cigar, and Clint did a great job with the blending. There was so much tobacco in the cigar that it really showed tons of flavors, and that made it very elegant. I think it is the second best individual cigar he has released after the Paradigm Lancero, and truly a treat for those who have the opportunity to smoke the cigar. The fact that only 2,620 cigars were produced is very incredible, and this was a great limited run. I agree with what Clint Aaron said in regards to this cigar, and that is they will get better in four months, and overall better with age. Another great aspect to this cigar is that I smoked one from the humidor, and one that I dry boxed for a couple days. I think dry boxing these cigars really helps them smoke a lot better, and when they are a little less humid you really get a lot more flavors out of them. Overall the cigar showed great complexities in terms of flavors, provided a solid medium, medium full smoke, and burned well from beginning to end. I think the size was a great choice for the cigar, because you were able to get a lot of great fillers in the cigar, but still be able to get those great binder flavors and the wrapper of course. I give this cigar 93 points, and I wish I had bought two boxes instead of one.

Manifesto Toro
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