Cigar Review: Abaddon (Blue Havana Cigars & RoMa Craft Tobac)

If you stand in front of the Ernie Banks Statue outside Wrigley Field and walk south on Clark Street you will come to Belmont Avenue. Once there you need to take a right and you will come to Blue Havana Tobacconist on your right in no time. Blue Havana Tobacconist was established in 1994 during the boom, and has done well as a shop since it was established. Located in the Lake View community of Chicago, it is located very close to the park of my favorite baseball team. The shop was voted Best Chicago Smoke Shop by The Chicago Reader this year, and just talking about this makes me want to hop on a plane to Chicago, watch a Cubs game and then get a cigar at Blue Havana. Looking at their site they have an incredible selection, and one company that you will see in their humidor is RoMa Craft Tobac.

RoMa Craft must do pretty well with Blue Havana because the two have come together to create a retailer exclusive cigar. They are actually creating two blends, the second I will review later on, but the one that really caught my attention was Abaddon. Abaddon is mentioned several times in the Bible. In the New Testament he is seen as a place of destruction and if you have read the Book of Revelation he was the king of an army of locusts and Angle of the Bottomless Pit. Either way he does not come off as a nice dude/place. That is the name given for the cigar that was created by RoMa Craft and Blue Havana, and it is a beautiful cigar. First run of the cigar is limited to 40 boxes with 12 cigars in a box, and pricing is very affordable. (less than $10) The cigars should be out at the end of August or beginning of September. img_4882-1

Abaddon will be available in one size, and will be a toro that measures 6.25″ with a 52 ring gauge. There is a nice shaggy/closed foot to the cigar and it is a big and beautiful cigar. The wrapper for the smoke is Nicaraguan, and is a Criollo/Corojo hybrid from Jalapa. The binder is Brazilian Mata Fina, and the filler is a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco. You are seeing a lot of manufacturers using Brazilian Mata Fina as a binder leaf these days, and it really adds a lot to the cigar. The cigar has a coloring that is an easy Colorado Maduro, and it has that great coloring that is very chocolate bar like. The wrapper has some veins present throughout but it is very oily and firm. I am picking up an aroma that shows some warm spices, leather, earth and tobacco, and I am eager to light this cigar up. 

Lighting up the cigar I get that lovely bit of Nicaraguan tobacco flavors, and the tobacco and spice notes are lovely. As I get further into the first third the cigar begins to show more and more flavors, and I am getting some great meaty, leather and oak notes. There are plenty of spice flavors present as well, and it has a finish that is earthy, and not rich or sweet, but like freshly dug up soil. I would say that the beginning of the cigar is at a medium to medium full level in terms of strength, and has a body that is at the medium full level. The construction on the cigar is nothing but amazing and it is producing a razor sharp burn line with a great draw. The ash is firm on the end, and it is producing a nice light charcoal color. So far I am digging this smoke and look forward to the second third.

When I get into the second third of the cigar I find the flavors from the first third to be progressing and it is becoming richer as it becomes stronger. The meaty notes are awesome, and it is accompanied by this great spice and leather flavor. The earthy notes have become sweeter and richer, and it is really creating a full experience. There is a finish of oak and toast to the cigar, and there is an incredible amount of depth with this smoke. The construction on the cigar is still top notch and there is that razor sharp burn line that is holding strong. The draw is perfect and I am still holding on to the ash from when I first lit up the cigar that is producing this solid charcoal coloring. As a cigar I would that it has increased to a solid medium full level, and I really dug this third.     


I am in the final third of the cigar now and I don’t want the cigar to come to an end. The strength of the cigar has been remaining at the medium full level from before, but the body has definitely increased to a near full body level. The flavors are showing a lot of spices, pepper, oak and leather in this third, and it is showing a finishing flavor profile that is of rich earth and cocoa. The meaty notes remain from beginning to end, and it has been accompanied by this terrific leather flavor profile. It is definitely a complex cigar that has a lot of depth, and it is a cigar I would smoke again without hesitation. The construction in the final third is as terrific as it was from the beginning, and it is producing a razor sharp burn line with a lovely charcoal ash that is holding on firmly. The final draw is cool, and producing some great flavors that are meaty and leathery.  

I loved this cigar and thought it was a great example of the RoMa Craft art with a twist. I would definitely say that it is my favorite blend coming out of Fabrica de Nica Sueno after the Aquitaine, and I believe these will move very fast when released later this month. The flavor profile that the cigar possessed was awesome and it was a beast of a cigar with plenty of balance. There was perfect construction from beginning to end, and it produced an ash that was solid with lovely charcoal coloring. This was a big cigar for me, and though 6.25″ with a 52 ring gauge is not big on the market right now, it is for me as an individual cigar smoker. Increasing from medium to medium full in terms of body and strength, the cigar showed terrific transitioning and great depth. There is no doubt that this cigar will be loved by any RoMa Craft fan and I am giving the cigar a solid 92.   

Seth’s Humidor Rating: 92   

img_4878-1 *cigars for this assessment were provided to me by Blue Havana Tobacconist  img_4886-1

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