Cigar Review: Allure Connecticut Torpedo by J&D Cigars


When you find a cigar that is enjoyable I say continue smoking. That was the case with the Allure Habano, and after that great smoking experience I decided to move on to the Connecticut Shade version. The cigars by J&D have definitely been enjoyable, made very well, and I have found them to be great everyday value cigars as well. I have been fortunate enough to be in touch with David Insignares, the President of J&D Cigars, and he has been kind enough to send me samples of his cigars for review as well. I have enjoyed all the cigars in the Temptation line, check my past reviews here, and when I found at my front steps some more samples of the new Allure line I was very excited.

Like the Habano version, this cigar is made in the city of Esteli, Nicaragua. To see my past review on  the Habano version, click here. The new Allure line is composed of Nicaraguan fillers from Esteli, Jalapa and Condega. The binder is Nicaraguan, and the wrapper is Ecuadorian Connecticut Seed that is Shade grown. All cigars in the Allure line come in a single torpedo vitola, and measure 6″ with a 52 ring gauge. The cigar possesses a smooth and silky wrapper like most Connecticut Shade wrappers, and has a great golden color to it, definitely Claro. It is a firm cigar with few veins present throughout, and very beautiful. The cigar is definitely rolled well, and I am looking forward to this smoke. There is a nice aroma of cedar, hay, earth and coffee to the cigar, and I get some of those flavors on the cold draw as well. From the beginning I get those common flavors you get with a Connecticut Shade wrapper, and that is of cream, cedar and nuts, but I am also getting some coffee and earthy notes. It’s great to see the differences between wrappers on cigars that share the same blend. I typically do not care for that with cigars, but it is still enjoyable none the less to see. Like the other version, the cigar is performing wonderfully giving off a great amount of aromatic smoke, even burn line and a nice light gray ash. I would say the strength of the cigar is slightly between mild and medium in body, and a perfect cigar to start the day off with. Like the other version, the cigar is showing those great qualities of an everyday cigar, and in this case a  great everyday first cigar of the day.

Ecuadorian Connecticut

When I get into the second third the cigar is still showing those great Connecticut Shade flavors, and truly is the perfect cigar to start the day with. The cigar is still burning cool and perfectly, and I am getting a great razor sharp burn line with the light gray ash. The smoke is very thick and aromatic, and I am getting a great amount of smoke rings with each puff. Those flavors of cream, toast, nuts and cedar are still very enjoyable, and there is a nice sweet earthy finish to the cigar. The cigar is still mild in body, maybe close to medium, and very enjoyable. As I said in the first third, this cigar is burning wonderfully, smoking wonderfully, and producing a nice pleasant set of flavors that is perfect for early in the day. I am in the final third now, and though the flavor profile has been very consistent from beginning to end, it has been very enjoyable. I feel that with everyday cigars like this it is actually preferred to constantly get core flavors like this because they are meant to be enjoyed but not fully assessed and some cigars that are targeted at being very complex. The cream notes along with the cedar, nuts toast and coffee are very pleasant throughout all the way to the finish, and the sweet earthy notes offer a very lovely finish. I smoke the cigar all the way to the nub with a great burn line, and it is producing a plethora amount of thick smoke great for rings. The strength is still slightly mild to medium all the way to the tapered nub, and when I put it down there is a nice cool finish and I let the cigar rest.

Like its stronger brother, the Allure Habano, this cigar shows a great amount of core flavors throughout, and is perfect for any time and any day. If you are a smoker who prefers milder cigars than this is a cigar that will be perfect for you everyday of the week. This cigar will entertain back to back, and will not break your wallet. I typically prefer cigars stronger and more rich, and that is why I would prefer the Habano version, but other than that this is a fabulous cigar. Don’t be afraid to branch out to boutique cigars like this, because there are so many great cigars out there that you can easily miss. I give this cigar a solid 88 and what a treat this cigar was for first thing in the morning.

Allure Connecticut Torpedo

*Cigars sent to me by J & D Cigars for assessment.

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