Cigar Review: Angelenos Limited Edition 2009 Robusto Gordo JM


Besides making cigars for themselves and Ashton, the Fuente Family also manufacturers cigars for Prometheus. Most people know Prometheus for their famous cigar God of Fire, but they have many other cigars under that parent company. They distribute the Fuente Aged Selection, Sencillo, and Angelenos cigars as well. Until recently I had only smoked Fuente Aged Selection and God of Fire smokes, but a close friends of mine sent me a couple of these beauties in the mail. Don’t ask me why. The cigar is the Angelenos Limited Edition 2009 Robusto Gordo JM, and it is part of the Angelenos Cigar brand.

This is a limited edition cigar in the line, and was limited to 10,000 cigars when released in 2011. The cigars were released in 25 count boxes, and the proceeds went to charity. The secondary band shows the name of Joe Mantegna. As most of you may know Joe Mantegna has been in The Godfather: Part III, but I always remember his role in Airheads, which is an absolute classic. Mr. Mantegna is an avid cigar smoker, so it seemed fitting that he release a cigar with his name on it. When I think of celebrities and OpusX, I think of Sylvester Stalone, Andy Garcia and Joe Mantegna. Like Garcia, Mantegna has teamed up with Prometheus to release a charitable cigar.

Ecuadorian Connecticut

Made in the Dominican Republic by the Fuente Family at Tabacalera A. Fuente Y Cia, the Angelenos Limited Edition 2009 Robusto Gordo JM is a soft pressed 5 1/2″ by 54 ring gauge cigar. I would classify it as a robusto extra, and they call it a robusto gordo. The cigar has a great triple cap, and it possesses a wrapper that is Ecuadorian Connecticut. The fillers and binders are all Dominican, and from the Fuente Farms. It has a gorgeous wrapper that is between Natural and Colorado in coloring, and it has a nice golden brown and red coloring. It is smooth and silky to touch, and is vein free. There is a nice aroma at the foot of  the cigar, and it is showing some cedar, leather, fruit and spice notes.  The first third begins showing some lovely summer flavors, and I can definitely get that great Dominican tobacco flavor profile. There is a nice bit of leather to the cigar, and it is accompanied by some pepper and spice notes. There is a minor bit of grass and wood with that, and I am getting a creamy and sweet finish with some citrus peels here and there. It is fairly light, a little bit below medium in body, the ash is beautiful along side the wrapper. The burn line is a little wavy with the cigar, but it is producing this solid ash that is at the same time slightly flaky. It is a complex first third, and with the slight pressed shape it was really entertaining.

Nice Triple Cap

Entering into the second third of the cigar I find the flavor profile to be continuing along the lines from the first third, but it has become more complex with that. The pepper notes really popped in this third, but with the pepper flavors there was an additional creaminess. The grass, leather and citrus peel notes were still playing around on my palate in this third, and the cedar notes increased some as well. The strength was still slightly below medium body throughout this third, and like the first third the burn remained nearly identical. It was consistent in its wavy burn line, I think that is a compliment, and it was producing that light gray flaky ash that was holding on firmly. I smoked this in the evening and the morning, and I can say that the morning smoke was the way to go.  

Great ash

When I get into the final third the flavors became richer and sweeter overall, and I was beginning to get a slight rich earth flavor with that natural sweetness that I sometimes get with some cedar notes. There was some cream and pepper with the cigar still, and the finish was that of citrus peels and leather. This was my type of cigar, and I consider it to be a summer cigar because of the flavor profile. I mean that in the sense that it possesses a dry finish while remaining very flavorful and balanced. The strength level was at a nice medium body when I got to the nub of the cigar, and on the finish it was smoking cool and flavorful. The burn line got a lot better in this third, but it still had that similar light gray ash with some flaky notes.

A lil uneven

This was a very tasty cigar and a great release from Prometheus and Angelenos Cigars. I felt that it showed some great Dominican flavors and showed a nice balance with the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. It was a very complex cigar, and produced a lovely strength level. I could smoke this anytime of day, and with that I would be getting a great flavor profile. It is a complex cigar, and I would not recommend it to a novice smoker, but I know a lot of cigar connoisseurs who would really enjoy this cigar in the morning or anytime. Besides the wavy burn line this was a great smoke and was just beautiful in hand. I would recommend this cigar to a lot of passionate cigar smokers I know, and I myself would leave it for those summer morning smokes in the future.

Robusto Gordo JM
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