Aurora Puro Vintage 2003

Puro Vintage

Salomon, a great size that you see more and more of these days. The size itself is not in my daily rotation for smokes, but when I want to really relax for several hours and worry about nothing this is a smoke I grab. I have had my fair share of salomones, but the Puro Vintage is probably tied for 1st along with the Partagas Salomon by Habanos S.A. The size itself is very unique, and in some ways it looks like a carrot. Typically the cigar measures 7″ to 7 1/2″ and has a ring gauge between 52 and 58 that diminishes gradually as the cigar goes on. 

Most salomon’s have a little tip that pokes out of the foot so when you first light it has a very tight draw and you can capture the flavor of the wrapper before getting the dominant filler tobacco with a larger ring gauge, but it fluctuates from cigar to cigar. With all salomon’s the smokes are typically very cool, and they have an easy draws as well because of the massive ring gauge, but more importantly you can get lots of great flavors. All in all, it is a great shape, but given the amount of time needed to smoke one they are not as popular.

The Aurora Puro Vintage 2003 is just a beautiful cigar, with a wonderful shiny oily wrapper. There are no soft spots visible, and I almost don’t want to smoke the cigar, and put it back in the humidor. The wrapper has a nice marbled brown color to it, with hints of red here and there, and the aroma of it is pre-dominantly cedar with some coffee notes.  When the cigar was released, they only released 12,000 cigars and it came in boxes of 8. The cigar is pricey, but so good! The wrapper is Ecuadorian Habano, and it is filled with Cuban-seed Dominican tobacco. All leaves in the cigar were harvested in 2003 hence the name “Puro Vintage 2003.”  

Right when you light this cigar up you are greeted with wonderful notes of coffee, cedar, and this wheat beer flavor with an orange zest flavor profile as well. It is definitely a cool smoke, and I would say the flavors are around medium in body. As the cigar builds up it becomes more lush and powerful releasing notes of espresso with lemon peel, but still not exceeding medium full in body. The cigar is just a flavor bomb passing back and forth between espresso, lemon peel, coffee beans, wheat beer and orange zest from beginning to end, and it is a wonderful smoke. It has a great burn line throughout, and produces a huge amount of thin smoke. 

This was simply a great release, and one of La Auroras best. The cigar shows so many fabulous flavors, while remaining fairly soft in terms of strength. I have smoked almost half a box of these beauties, and I find they get better with age every time. If by some chance your tobacco shop still has these cigars I strongly urge you to pick them up and buy them because you will not be disappointed. In terms of construction you could not ask for anything better, and that is why this cigar gets 96 points in my book. Possibly my favorite La Aurora to date, favorite salomones, and potentially in my Top 10 Cigars of all time. A wonderful treat that is meant for those special occasions when time is not even on the radar. 

Aurora Puro Vintage, beautiful Salomon
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