Cigar Review: Bolívar Coronas Junior


Nothing is more satisfying then filling up your shirt with sweat and contemplating a post workout cigar.  For me, this fine day was complimented by an ass kicking yoga session, and during the final meditation, a vision of Bolivar entered my mind.  Hiding in my personal humidor, my first filled Regius and several aged nuggets, was a Bolivar Corona Junior just begging to be reviewed.  These days my schedule is slammed, sun up to sun down, so I have to sneak my exercise is, and cigars that are smaller; hence, my love for coronas.  The minuto size (110×42) of the Corona Junior is perfect when an hour or less calls for an exemplary experience. Sadly, this is my only aged one, thanks to my good buddy “The Month.”  However, I have several left form a two box buy last year that are smoking wonderfully.  As a side note for all you newer smokers out there, the band of this Bolivar reads, “Habana.” I believe in 2010 they added, “Habana, Cuba” to the band.  So, if you see or hear about a Bolivar that is pre2010 but has Cuba on the band, buyer beware.


Wrapper: Vuelta Abajo region

Binder: Vuelta Abajo region

Filler: Vuelta Abajo region

Dry Draw: honey, earth, 

First Third: Bolivar has a signature taste, that any folks describe differently, but to me I find it as a sharp earth, and right off the bat it hit me hard.  Light spices were finishing back of mouth and on the retro.  Such a mellow coffee and cream undertone developed as well, that reminded me of the cocoa I taste in Nicaraguan coffee beans.  The complexity was wonderful, between the earth, coffee, and cream.


Second Third: The signature Bolivar taste was really banging at this point.  Sometimes I relate flavors like this to a specific ethic meal, like something you only find at a whole in the wall mom and pop place.  At this point, I cannot describe it accurately, but my guess is I will be eating somewhere, stop and say that’s it.  At times, I got cocoa, other times, sharp earth, and then the creamy coffee flavor.  As I met the middle, a sharp vegetal bite started hitting. It was not like pepper, more like an intense vegetabl like eating asparagus cooked in olive oil and garlic with some herbs mixed in.

Final Third: The vegetal note was still kicking, and the burn on the retro and spice settling in my mouth reminded me a bit of mild horseradish burn.  The coffee and coca flavors had left.  The horseradish spices picked up, with some vegetal flavor there, but also a charred oak.  The finish ended in a rich fashion, to combine with the others flavors to provide a rather savory end.


Construction: No problems to report

Final Thoughts: To me, I think the Corona Junior is the best small ring gauge cigar of the Bolivar line.  I rather prefer it to the Petite Corona, and the Gold Medal as well.  While I have not reviewed a newer production, my guess is the difference with the aging was the complexity of the vegetal flavors and spices.  I will review a newer Corona Junior soon and compare the two.  As far as how I feel about this cigar in the world of Habanos, this is another multiple box buy for me.  There is enough flavor and strength to attract a newer smoker, and for the size it will sneak up on you.  This is a must have in any Habanos fan’s collection.


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