Camacho Corojo Robusto (2013 re-release)

When it was revealed that Camacho Cigars would be receiving a face lift in the spring of 2013 I was interested to see what the “new” company would be like. When I first saw the new packaging I thought it was terrible and that Camacho was ruining Camacho. I thought we were witnessing the second coming of what happened to CAO, and that it would be a company in the Davidoff portfolio that simply sucked. Over the months the packaging has grown on me and when they said they were going to be tweaking the old blends I got even more excited. I had yet to try the new offerings from the company until I was fortunate to bump into my Davidoff/Camacho/Room 101 rep and he handled me some samples. Over the next little while I will be visiting some old classics, but today I will be looking at the great Camacho Corojo.
For this review I was given the robusto offering and the cigar is your standard robusto measuring 5″ with a 50 ring gauge. The cigar is made at their new factory, Agroindustrias Laepe S.A., and the factory is located in Honduras. The packaging is bright and new, and I love that it has the title Infamous Since 1962 on it. The wrapper on the cigar is 5th priming Corojo, and the binder is Corojo as well. The filler is a blend of Corojo tobacco from three different primings, and all tobacco being used is Authentic Corojo. They call it Authentic Corojo because the Eiroa Family was able to get authentic Corojo seeds from Cuba in the 1960’s. This tobacco is no more in Cuba, but only in Honduras. The cigar has a wrapper coloring that is truly Colorado, and it is silky and smooth to touch. There is a nice firmness to the cigar with a solid cap, and it has an aroma that is toasty and earthy while showing those great tobacco and leather qualities.
The first third begins by showing an abundance of flavors. I am getting some toasty marshmallow notes mostly, and it is accompanied with some leather and woody notes. There are some cayenne flavors present with that, and it has a finish that is showing bits of orange rinds and molasses. To me the cigar covers up the kick that it has and shows the flavors that the cigar offers more. I would say that the strength of the cigar is at a medium full level and the body is between medium and medium full. It is not a cigar that is overpowering but balanced and smooth. Some may say that is is bold, but I would not say that it is bold. The construction in the first third is top notch, I am getting a lovely burn line with a solid charcoal ash, and it is producing a smooth and cool draw that has a lot of smoke with that. This is a nice start to the cigar and I look forward to the second third. I am in the second third of the cigar now and I am finding the flavor profile to increase slightly. There is a new graham crack flavor profile added to the cigar, and I am getting this key lime flavor with that. It is not an overly sweet key lime, but it has that tartness. It is accompanied by those toasty marshmallow and cayenne flavors, and there is the nice finish of orange rinds, molasses and leather. It sounds like it is overpowering, but it is much more subtle overall. The biggest pop in this third I found was from the graham cracker flavors. The construction in the second third continues to perform as well as it did in the second third and I was getting an even burn line with that solid charcoal colored ash. I would say the body and strength increased in this third, and it was all smoking at a medium full level with ease. The cigar is moving now! Bold is back! img_5264 In the final third of the cigar the flavors continue to play off of the qualities shown in the second third. The flavors have not changed dramatically, but have remained consistent at those second third qualities. The tartness from the key lime flavors have become a little more subtle, and it is showing more graham cracker flavors. The marshmallow notes are still present, softer than when they first started, and it finishes by showing leather, wood and cayenne notes. The orange rinds faded in this third and the molasses flavors are really just in the background. The strength and body are remaining at that medium full level, and the strength might be closer to full in the end. The construction got a little wavy in the final third, but it was still smoking cool and producing a lot of smoke. Overall it showed some nice transitioning in the first two thirds, but the final third was fairly similar to the first.

I love Honduran tobacco and I think this is a classic example of Honduran Corojo. The tobacco itself is strong, but it does not have that richness that comes with Nicaraguan tobacco. I feel that it is more natural and aromatic overall and because of that very similar to Cuban tobacco. I have not smoked a Camacho Corojo since 2009 I would say, so it is really hard to describe this cigar with that, but there are some subtle differences if my memory is correct. Overall I am a fan of the Camacho Corojo line and have been for awhile. I feel that it shows great qualities of Honduran Corojo, and I am glad that they are continuing down the Corojo road even if Christian is gone. The construction throughout the cigar was solid and it produced a nice light gray ash that held on firmly throughout. As I said in my earlier Week in Review, reach out to this cigar again and see where it is for you right now. I am giving this cigar a solid 89.

Seth’s Humidor Rating: 89

* cigars for this assessment were provided to me by an authorized Camacho representative.

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