Canimao Robusto Extra


In Miami, Florida you will find many cigar factories producing cigars. Some of these cigars are released on the mass market and some of them not. One cigar line that has kept its boutique qualities but been recognized by many cigar publishing companies is that of Canimao. Until I was contacted by them in regards to their cigars I was not fully aware of their product but had heard the name and read it  before. I was always interested to try their cigars, as they were made in Miami and I expected good things, but never had found a local store that had them. The company is led by Mel Gonzalez, and I can tell you that after smoking many samples I have been nothing but impressed.    

The name Canimao comes from an old legend in which a great warrior by the name of Canimao fell in loved with a beautiful woman names Cibayara. When he discovered she was sick he went to a great healer who told him that he could save her life and produce and heir if Canimao would be willing to give himself to the Bat God. Canimao did so and the two married and soon Cibayara was pregnant. One morning Canimao left his hut without saying goodbye and took his canoe out on the Jibacauya River. Here he stuck his blade into his chest and fell into the river. From that day onward Cibayara and her and Canimao’s son took offerings to the river in honor of Canimao, and the river took his name. That river lies in northern Cuba.   


The Robusto Extra is a large cigar, and a more of a toro than anything. It measures 6 1/8″ and has a ring gauge of 52. The cigar is draped with an aged Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper and has an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder. The filler blend is that of aged Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers, and it is firm to touch. The cigar has a very leathery texture and is fairly smooth. It has some noticeable veins throughout, and really has the texture of a true habanos. There is a lovely pigtail finish to the cigar and the band really pops off the wrapper. It has that band which is similar to the Cuaba line under the Habanos portfolio except in completely different colors. The wrapper coloring is that of Colorado Maduro to Maduro, depending on the sticks I had for the sample, but all had an aroma of hay, spices, cocoa, wood and rich soil.  


The cigar has a lovely and smooth beginning. There is a nice amount of smoke with each draw, and the flavors are very enjoyable. I am getting some definite hay and wood notes on the forefront, and I am also picking up some tobacco and spice notes. There is a nice bit of pepper showing with the cigar also, and it has that old school flavor profile to it. The cigar smokes wonderfully with a cool and easy draw, and it produces a near perfect burn line with a great solid charcoal ash. I would say the first third is showing a medium full strength level to begin with and it is a dry smoke. I would not start the day off with this cigar, but I would smoke it in the afternoons or early evenings. Overall a nice start and look forward to the second third.

Brazilian Arapiraca

When I get into the second third the flavors increase more, and so does the strength. There is a nice addition of coffee to the cigar, and there is a creamy flavor with that. It is showing those hay and wood notes also, and it has that peppery and tobacco finish. The strength has gone from medium full to full in body, but it is very balanced so that the strength grows on you subtle like and takes you off guard. At this point I would say it has become more of a late afternoon./evening cigar, but still great for a smoker like myself. The ash is still showing that lovely charcoal coloring, and it is producing a solid burn line that is still near razor sharp. I am loving the direction that this cigar is taking me, and it is a beast in hand.

Great ash

In the final third is where this cigar shows its excellence. It has such a smooth finish, and it is showing some caramel notes with coffee beans and some creamy aspects as well. There are still those summery hay and wood notes popping up as well and it has a leathery finish. It is really reminding me of a true Cuban now, and I am loving the smoke. The cigar is providing that razor sharp burn still in this third and with that a lovely charcoal ash. It smoked cool all the way to the nub, and I found in this third that strength level decreased back to that medium full level that was in the first third. Overall this cigar provided a lovely core flavor profile and had nice fluctuations in strength with great construction.

Down to the wire

Some cigars just feel huge in hand, and this cigar is one of them. I know it is your standard toro offering, but this cigar seemed like a Double Corona to me. I think that comes from the flavors and strength of the cigar as well, heck even the construction and appearance. It really reminded me of some strong Cuban smokes, especially Cubans that have those dark wrappers. I love that these are made in Miami, and the construction is great. They really put a lot of time into these cigars and I enjoy them thoroughly. These are definitely stronger cigars, so I would not recommend them to novice smokers, but the flavors are there and very enjoyable. I give this cigar a solid 91 and look forward to enjoying more on those late evenings, particularly summer evenings. It is not the most complex of cigars on the market, but it provides a lovely flavor profile which makes it a great cigar to really enjoy. It’s a smoke that you don’t have to really sit there trying to get everything out of it; but instead you can sit back and smoke a flavorful treat and enjoy the time go by.

Robusto Extra

*Cigars for this assessment provided to me by Canimao for review.

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