Cigar Review: Casa Fernandez Arsenio

Arsenio Box of 10

Holy crap! I haven’t seen a deal like this since when you put a dollar in the machine at the car wash and you get back 8 quarters. For under $50 a box you get 10 cigars plus happiness, joy, love, and other great emotions. The Arsenio is named after the master blender and cigar maker at Casa Fernandez, Arsenio Ramos. Arsenio Ramos had been a blender in Cuba for decades, and moved to Nicaragua and began working with Casa Fernandez.

Pigtail and Triple Cap

The cigar comes in one size, a robusto that is 5 1/4″ cigar with a 54 ring gauge. The cigar has a very unique tiny pigtail on top of its triple cap, and is beautifully rolled. The wrapper is rustic brown in color and has an aroma of espresso and spice. Looking over the cigar, there is very little veins on it, and looking through the box they all look great.

Casa Fernandez Arsenio

The cigar has a wonderful flavors of espresso and pepper, but still smooth at the same time. In some ways the flavors is reminiscent of a Graycliff Double Espresso. The smoke is wonderful with no problems with the burn, and the ash stayed strong throughout. This cigar is amazing and I wonder why it is sold at the price it is, it is amazing. I feel like someone from Casa Fernandez will read this and increase prices, but I hope not. Honestly, this cigar is incredible and blew me away. If your retailer is smart enough to sell these, buy them, if not find one who does. I give this cigar a 93.

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