Casa Fernandez Lancero

Casa Fernandez

The lancero is a size that is overlooked by so many in the cigar world today. A majority of cigar smokers are looking for cigars with a ring gauge of 56 or higher, and when that falls into play cigars with a ring gauge smaller than 50 can forget about even being carried by retailers. I know lots of retailers who do not carry cigars in the lancero, corona and petit corona vitola primarily because they will sit in the humidors. This is truly a shame for several reasons. First of all, just because a cigar is bigger does not mean it is better. Get off this “American” kick and stop thinking that just because it is big it is great. Smaller ring gauge cigars can truly capture the flavors of the cigars wrapper, and with excellent blending can make the flavors much more concentrated, and in my opinion a better cigar. Now the arguments that comes into fold is that the cigar needs to have a great wrapper to be made in a smaller vitola, and it needs to be blended very well, and I wouldn’t disagree with that. The fact is though that is there so much great tobacco out there right now, and so many great manufacturers that finding a great cigar that is small is not hard. Let me prove my point.

Casa Fernandez, you may know them by the name AGANORSA S.A., Tabacalera Tropical, or by one of their factories Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas in Honduras. However you know them, they are growers of most likely the finest tobacco in Nicaragua, and the majority of it as well. The debate is set as to whether they are larger than The Plasencia Family, but either way they are huge. The grow tobacco and run the factories for some of the most reputable and popular names in the industry; Illusione, Alec Bradley, Viaje, Ernesto Padilla, La Palina and more. They grow all Cuban seed tobacco, and all the cigars are made in the traditional Cuban style. While you have most likely smoked one of the brands I have listed above, you might not have smoked their own brand; the Casa Fernandez brand.

With three super premium brands, and three premium brands, Casa Fernandez is one of those great low key brands on the market. All of their cigars are right up my alley, and that has to do with the tobacco that they use. The Casa Fernandez line is their original line, and is composed of all grade “A” AGANORSA S.A. tobacco. It features a Corojo 2006 wrapper that has been sun grown, and is composed of Nicaraguan fillers and binder. The cigars are made in Honduras at Raices Cubanas, and are rolled in the Cuban method and finished with a triple cap. The Casa Fernandez Lancero is finished with a nice pigtail, and is 7 ½” in length with a 40 ring gauge. The wrapper has a solid chocolate brown color to it, and it is easily Colorado in coloring. There are some very minor veins present throughout, but nothing major at all. The wrapper is slightly oily and silky, and has an aroma of cocoa, barnyard, coffee and leather.

Corojo 2006 Wrapper

Upon lighting the cigar, I am greeted with tons of spice notes. There is some pepper present, but it really more that of Asian Spice notes. There are some coffee flavors as well when I get further into the first third, and also some cocoa notes. There are some earthy, leather and woody flavors as well with the cigar and each draw has a very nice finish. The lancero is burning wonderfully, and I am getting a burn line that is razor sharp and leaving a long and thin dark gray ash. I would say the cigar is medium full at this point, and very enjoyable. You really get a lot of those great flavors from the Corojo wrapper with this thin ring gauge, and I am looking forward to the second third.

I am in the second third right now and though the cigar is remaining at a solid medium full in body the flavors have become much more pronounced. The cocoa notes from the first third have become that of dark chocolate, and the coffee notes have become more espresso like. There is this nice mocha flavor going on with the cigar right now, and it is accompanied by bits of hickory, oak and spices. The finish is still that of leather and rich earth, and this is a great cigar. I am getting a perfect burn line with the lancero, and though I have ashed the cigar already, it is producing a nice sturdy thin ash that is dark gray in coloring. As I said earlier the cigar is still medium full in body, but very enjoyable and truly a great lancero.

Well, the final third is upon me, and this cigar is still showing so many great aspects. The lancero is burning cool and producing a wonderful amount of aromatic smoke, and I am getting a great ash line that is razor sharp. The cigar is finishing still at that medium full level, but it is very balanced. I am getting a nice bit of chocolate notes in this final third, and along with some espresso beans there is a nice sweet wood flavor. I am still getting those Asian Spice notes as well in the cigar, and it finishes of rich leather and damp earth. I smoke the lancero down to the small nub, and even on the last draw it is cool and I am burning my fingers.   

This was an incredible cigar, and a great lancero. I feel like I have been having great fortune with lanceros this year and with lanceros like this I see why. The cigar showed so many great flavors, while remaining rich and strong as a cigar. You couldn’t ask for anything better in terms of construction, and as far as a lancero and a thin ring gauge cigar would be concerned, it smoked cool and enjoyable. I smoked this cigar down to its tiny nub, and immediately lit up another. This is a cigar that is incredible now, and I believe will be great with age as well. If you are a fan of the smaller ring gauge cigars you really need to try this baby out. I have always been a fan of Casa Fernandez cigars, and this cigar is no exception. I give this lancero 94 point, absolutely amazing.             

Casa Fernandez Lancero
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