Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva Maduro Toro

In 2011 Casa Fernandez announced a new cigar that would be made in Miami. It would be their first cigar that would be made in Miami under the Casa Fernandez name, and to make things simple they called the cigar Casa Fernandez Miami. They also announced the release of a limited vitola in that line called Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva. The vitola was limited in production and was composed of more medio tiempo ligero tobacco. In 2012 they decided to expand the number of vitolas released for the Miami Reserva, and made it its own line. Along with that, they updated the packaging with new style bands and boxes. This year the company decided to add on to the Miami Reserva, and make a Miami Reserva Maduro. The company added on a maduro to their AGANORSA line last year, so why not add on to the Miami Reserva line this year.

The cigar is available in three vitola offerings, and for this review I chose the classic vitola to the Miami Reserva line, the Toro. The cigar measures 6″ with a 54 ring gauge and is beautiful in construction. It is made in Miami at Casa Fernandez Miami, and this is where all Casa Fernandez cigars are now being made. The cigar a very dark Mexican San Andres wrapper that is easily Maduro in coloring. There are veins present throughout, and the cigar is gritty and silky in texture at the same time. It is a firm cigar, and the foot of the cigar shows an aroma of rich earth, dark chocolate, pepper, spices, leather and oak. Like the original Miami Reserva, the cigar sports highest quality AGANORSA Grade AA tobacco in the binder and filler, all Nicaraguan binder and filler, 


Lighting up the first third I am greeted by the sweet and rich notes of the maduro wrapper. I am getting some solid dark chocolate notes and it is accompanied by some rich earth qualities. There are some sweet tobacco notes present with that, and there is a very soft but warm spice finish. It is a flavor profile that I was half expecting with the cigar. Overall I would say the body and strength of the cigar are at a medium level and really not what I was expecting given that this is a Miami Reserva smoke. Like the Aganorsa Maduro, the wrapper plays a huge factor on the cigar. The construction starts off a little wavy, but it gets better the further I get into the third. I have found that the burn line on Casa Fernandez sticks sometimes is a little wavy, and they do better when dry boxed for a little while. The ash is this very dark gray and partly even and flaky.  

When I get into the second third of the cigar I find the flavors to be fairly similar overall to that of the first third. I am getting those solid dark chocolate notes overall, and it is showing those lovely rich earth qualities as well. You can definitely taste the Nicaraguan tobacco and the qualities it is known for. The spice notes are a little bit stronger in this third and it is pairing with some lovely tobacco and oak notes. I would say that the body and strength of the cigar are still remaining at a medium level and this is a cigar I could smoke at really anytime. The construction for the cigar is solid overall  and the burn line is fairly even with a nice charcoal colored ash that is between flaky and firm. There has not been much change with the cigar, but it is enjoyable overall and relaxing. 


I am in the final third of the cigar now and I find the flavor profile to still be very similar to that of the first two thirds. It is not an overly complex cigar in terms of the depth and transitioning, but it is still fairly enjoyable. There are those dark chocolate and rich earth qualities to the cigar that are very present, and it has that tobacco and spice finish. There are some soft nutty and woody notes on the finish, but very soft. The construction throughout the final third is similar to the second third, and it is showing an even burn line with a solid charcoal ash that is slightly flaky and solid. The strength and body of the cigar are remaining at that medium level to the end, and it is a very smooth finish. The final draw to the cigar is cool and rich showing some tobacco and dark chocolate notes.   

This was an enjoyable cigar that was not overly complex but very entertaining. I felt that it showed those classic Mexican San Andres flavors, and those distinct flavors that you get with a cigar made by Tabacalera Tropical. It was actually a lot softer than I expected in terms of body and strength, and if anything slightly rich and sweet. I believe there is a big difference between this smoke and the original Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva Toro, and I would have to say that I prefer the natural version over the maduro. I heard a lot of good things going into the cigar, and I can see what people are talking about now. I found that overall it is really like a chocolate bar, and a dessert cigar. It definitely possessed that Casa Fernandez quality, and I find it to be their best maduro they have released to date. The other maduros they have released, not including the J.F.R., are the Casa Fernandez Arsenio Maduro and the Aganorsa Leaf Maduro they released last year. I think they produce solid maduros, but I prefer the natural version. Overall I give this cigar a solid 90 and I believe that it will perform wonderfully in the smaller format.

Seth’s Humidor Rating: 90  


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