Cigar Review: Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva

Casa Fernandez – Miami Reserva

To some Casa Fernandez is still unknown, but to others it is a name that that symbolizes all the great qualities in a cigar and the cigar industry. For those who don’t know Casa Fernandez, it is the brand name for Tabacalera Tropical. Whether you have smoked a cigar that bears the name Casa Fernandez, you have smoked a cigar that the company of Tabacalera Tropical is in some ways responsible for. Whether the cigar be by Alec Bradley, Illusione, La Palina, Padilla or Viaje, they were involved with that cigar from the beginning. Tabacalera Tropical is one of the largest tobacco growers in the industry, and one of the finest producers of cigars as well. Tabacalera Tropical has several factories, one being the infamous Raices Cubanas in Honduras. I got into Casa Fernandez Cigars after hearing so much about them from these other companies, and thought that if they are making great cigars for them, they are definitely making great cigars for themselves. From their regular Casa Fernandez line to their Aresnio and Aganorsa line, they are making quality cigars with all the great aspects in a cigar. One of their newest lines, that was released this year at the IPCPR is the Miami Reserva.

The line is a Nicaraguan puro, and utilizes Authentic Cuban seeds that are “AA” tobacco leaf from Aganorsa. The cigar is composed with Medio Tiempo Maduro, Ligero, and Viso from Aganorsa tobacco farms in Esteli, Condega Valley, and the Jalapa Valley. Medio Tiempo is the highest part of the tobacco plant, and the one of only other times it has been specifically mentioned like this is with the Cohiba Behike, which was a smash hit by Habanos S.A. last year. Medio Tiempo, being the highest part of the plant gets the most sun and nutrients than any other leaf. Paul Palmer, the President of Tabacalera Tropical  has been quoted in saying that medio tiempo is grown only on 80 plants out of every 15,000 or so, with that being said, you can see why this is a limited smoke. The Miami Reserva is a limited and special cigar that is rolled in the United States in the great city of Miami at their new factory! Production of the regular Casa Fernandez line has been moved there as well, but the Arsenio and Aganora Leaf lines will still be made in Honduras. The cigar is a slightly larger than normal toro that measures 6″ with a 54 ring gauge.

Looking at the cigar, it has all the characteristics of an elegant and classical cigar. The cigar has a beautiful light brown color to the wrapper which reminds me of Cuban wrappers, and there are some minor veins present with it as well. The wrapper is slightly toothy, but it also has a silky feel with an imperceptible amount of oils. With a simple wrapper, the two bands adorn it well with the regular line being simple, and the additional Reserva band being elegant and posh. Holding the foot to my nose I am greeted by tons of rich spices, and they are accompanied by hints of earth, sweetness and hay.

Miami Reserva

The first third of the cigar begins with a blast of spices, mostly pepper, and is very full bodied. There are other notes of leather and wood, but it is predominantly that of spices and tobacco. About halfway into the first third the spices have dropped down some, but don’t get me wrong, it is still very full bodied and spicy. Throughout the rest of the first third the flavors remain the same and the cigar is burning very well. The smoke coming from the cigar is very thick and the ash is holding strong on the cigar. As I get into the second third I am still picking up plenty of spices, but there is also an emergence of hay and rich earth. I would say there is a small bit of sweetness on the finish of the cigar that reminds me of baking chocolate which is a nice balance to the strength, and the cigar is now less full bodied. This is a cigar that needs to be smoked after a big meal, and I would not smoke this in the morning. The cigar had a minor burn issue in this third, but it was easily corrected and back to its good burn line. I found the second third was a nice change to the first third, and I was grateful that it began to slow down some on the strength because otherwise this cigar might have been a little too much for me. In the final third now, and the cigar is really showing a lot more flavor. I am picking up some honey and dark baking chocolate notes up front with a wonderful finish of spice and leather. The strength has picked up some again, and is now seriously full bodied again. The spice is not as much peppery at this point, but more exotic and sweet. I smoked the cigar down to the nub, well close to the nub, and put it down when it was still rocking in the strength department. With no other burn issues, the cigar showed great qualities in the smoking department and the smoke was still very thick. This was a great cigar, and very full bodied. I am interested in seeing how this cigar would smoke if is left in a higher and lower humidity environment, and how it will smoke in years to come.  I think in time the cigar will become more mild and bring out a lot more flavors, but even still, it still great! I am giving this cigar a 92, and I am glad I got my hands on some of these limited smokes. I think this is a great new release to Casa Fernandez, and I love that it is made in Miami. I think this cigar is really going to be popular among full bodied smokers, and will be a successful line. There cigars are always affordable, and because of that reach out to all sorts of smokers. I do recommend that you smoke this after dinner, and not in the morning but it is really all up to the smokers. I think this is one of the spiciest and full bodied cigars I have had in awhile, and I will be saving this cigar for those lovely evenings after a big and heavy dinner. A must try cigar!

Miami Reserva   
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