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Casa Fernandez

 The other day Clint Aaron of 262 Cigars and I were talking about cigars made in Miami, Florida, and we were both asking the question, “what is with the hype behind cigars made in Miami?” With so many great cigars being made outside of the USA, you wonder what the big deal is, but then you begin to list the qualities. Most cigars made in Miami are made be rollers that either came from Cuba, or their parents did. Most of the cigars are rolled in the Cuban fashion, and with that production for these cigars is a little more expensive. With production being more expensive, manufacturers are going to make a higher quality cigar to match the cost. We have seen this with some Tatuaje, Don Pepin, Padilla and Nestor Miranda smokes, and soon will see it with the new La Palina. One manufacturer that decided to join the group last year was Casa Fernandez with their “new” line Casa Fernandez Miami 

The Casa Fernandez Miami line is similar to most Casa Fernandez smokes in the fact that it is a Nicaraguan puro, and is rolled in the Cuban fashion. This line, along with some other lines by Casa Fernandez, are made in Miami, and the talks are that the company will begin to move production of a good number of their cigars to that factory. The factory still employs the high level rollers as they do at Tabacalera Tropical and Raices Cubanas, only in Miami, Florida. The Torpedo vitola measures 6 1/4″ with a 52 ring gauge, and is finished with a beautiful Corojo 2006 wrapper. All tobacco is from Aganorsa and is “AA” tobacco leaf from the three prominent regions in Nicaragua. The cigar has a slightly veiny wrapper while remaining oily and smooth to touch. The coloring is just this perfect Colorado and has this weathered feel to it. The Torpedo has a lovely aroma of spices, leather, wood, coffee and earth at the foot, and you can get that earthy and leather aroma from the wrapper.   

Corojo 2006 wrapper

As I light up the cigar I really begin to pick up those great Casa Fernandez flavors, and it is very Cubanesque. There is a nice flavor profile of wood, spices, leather, tobacco, barnyard and earth present. I am getting some coffee and nutty characteristics as well, but it is much more subtle right now. The cigar has a perfect burn line to it, and it is producing a solid charcoal ash that is very firm. Cigars by Casa Fernandez are always made so well, and you can clearly see that they use great rollers. I am finding the strength of the cigar to be around the medium full level, and it is my preferred preference with a cigar. So far the cigar is beginning like a true classic, and another great Casa Fernandez smoke.  When I enter the second third of the cigar I am still getting a lot of those core flavors from before, but there is an emergence of new flavors that are just as enjoyable. Those core flavors of oak, spices, leather and tobacco are dominant, but the coffee and nutty notes are becoming more dominant as well. I would actually say that the further you get into the second third the more equal they become. I am also picking up some cocoa notes in this third, and it is pairing with those earthy notes from before. As to be expected the cigar is still burning razor sharp, and I am getting a solid charcoal ash that is remaining from the first third. The cigar is still smoking at that medium full strength level, and this is a cigar you can go back to over and over again and never be disappointed.

Beautiful Cigar

I am in the final third now, and the flavors are really all over the place now. I am getting those cocoa, rich earth and barnyard qualities right off the back, but also getting some coffee, nutty and oak notes as well. There is a nice presence of leather as well in this third, and it is more flavorful now then it has been throughout. The cigar has a nice spicy finish to it, and with the spice there is a nice long flavor on the palate. The strength level of the cigar is remaining at that medium full all the way to the end, and the other consistent item is the burn line and ash. I was trying to hold on to the ash through the whole cigar, but I dropped it somewhere deep into the second third when being an idiot. It still possessed that charcoal coloring to the end, and on the last draw it was flavorful and cool.

While I prefer the Miami Reserva to the traditional Casa Fernandez Miami, this line and vitola are still incredibly solid and flavorful. There seems to be a division between the two, and some prefer the Reserva and others the plain old Miami, but I like them both at different times. I would gravitate towards this vitola earlier in the day, before lunch, and after lunch I would be enjoying the Miami Reservas. Either way, the cigar is constructed wonderfully and produces some great flavors throughout. I would not say the cigar is mild in any sense, but there is a lighter aspect to this cigar which appeals to some smokers overall. At the end of the day, the Torpedo gets a solid 91 rating, but I would grab the Petit Robusto or Toro version more likely.

Casa Fernandez Miami Torpedo

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