Cigar Review: Casa Miranda Chapter One Robusto

Casa Miranda Chapter One

Nestor Miranda has been in the industry for quite some time, and leading Miami Cigar & Company, he has been involved with numerous amounts of cigar brands and lines. While he was releasing cigar lines under with Miami Cigar & Company, it wasn’t until 2009 that he began releasing cigars bearing his name. Pairing with Don Pepin Garcia, Nestor Miranda was releasing a great amount collection of cigars that showed wonderful Pepin characteristics, and unique characteristics of his own. In 2011 Miami Cigar & Company announced the release of two new lines bearing the Miranda name, and that was the Nestor Miranda Grand Reserva and the Casa Miranda. I have reviewed the Nestor Miranda Grand Reserva, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but today I am focusing on the Casa Miranda Chapter One.

Unlike the other Nestor Miranda lines, this cigar, Casa Miranda Chapter One, is not made in Esteli, Nicaragua by Don Pepin Garcia, but made in Miami, Florida at El Tiran de Bronze. The factory was established in 1995, and since then it has possessed rollers that are “Level 9” rollers, all of whom have worked in work renowned cigar factories in Cuba. The factory uses the traditional Cuban method in making cigars, which means that they are rolled in the “entubar” method, and finishes with a triple cap. At the end of each day the cigars are inspected by another master roller/blender, boxed and dates. Because of the strict level of quality control with these cigars production is very limited, but of the highest quality.

The cigar has a very old appearance to it, and features a cigar band that shows similarities to French poster artwork from the early 20th Century. The wrapper is very rustic, showing veins present throughout, while remaining toothy and light tan in coloring. I would say it falls into the Natural Claro spectrum of coloring. The cigar features an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, and has a binder and fillers from Nicaragua. The triple cap is placed perfectly, and the cigar is firm. The band features a beautiful castle/villa in the background, and when holding the wrapper and foot of the cigar to my nose I get aromas of wood, leather, manure and barnyard.

Ecuadorian Habano Wrapper

As I light up the first third, there is a slow start to the cigar, but eventually I begin to get some pronounced pepper flavors, and the cigar is rolling. There are some wood notes present, and some dry earth, but it is predominantly that of pepper and hay. There are some tea notes as well on the finish, but I would say the biggest factor so far is pepper. The cigar burned very well in the first third, and I was left with an ash that was light gray in coloring with a razor sharp burn line. It has really been a nice first third to the cigar thus far, and I would say the strength is around medium full in body. It has a dry finish, but very pleasant and the tea notes stay with me.

When I get into the second third of the cigar I continue to get those flavors from the first third, but I am also getting a rise in new flavors. There has been an emergence of coffee notes in this third, and I am also getting some unsweetened cocoa powder with that. I am definitely getting some pepper notes in this third, but it is not as strong as in the first third, and there are some definite tea, hay and wood notes as well. There has been more a presence of general spices in this third, not as much pepper, in this third and it has a great finish. I would say the strength is still a solid medium full, but the burn line was not as great in this third as it was in the last, and it was slightly wavy.

I am in the final third of the cigar now, and it is finishing very similar to how the cigar was in the second third. There is a lot of wood, tea and hay notes present up front, and a finish of spice and cocoa powder in the end. It definitely gets better as a cigar towards the end, and it finishes with tons of flavors. There is a nice bit of spice in the end, with a return of pepper notes, and I was very pleased with the finish this cigar had. I would say the cigar remained at a solid medium full in terms of strength, and in the final third the burn got somewhat better, not perfect, but better than the first third.  When I put the cigar nub down to rest it is still burning cool and still producing a nice amount of smoke.     

I really enjoyed this cigar, and found it to be very flavorful. I thought it possessed some very pleasant flavors that I enjoy but do not often see in cigars, and really remain at a strength level that I enjoy. The cigar performed well in terms of construction, and with each smoke I saw those consistent characteristics. I think the releases from Miami Cigars & Company in 2011 bearing the name Miranda were the best to date, and I have enjoyed them all thoroughly since then. I will be interested to see future releases from Nestor Miranda with El Titan de Bronze, and if they remain as flavorful and well as this, I think it will be a great relationship for the two. This really brought a lovely boutique characteristic to Nestor Miranda Cigars, and I give this cigar 91 points. Completely different from the Nestor Miranda Grand Reserva this cigar will deliver ample spice, dry leather, tea and wood notes that will satisfy your palate long after the smoke. A cigar that captures those great qualities of an old school Cuban and the newer Nicaraguan flavors.              

Chapter One Robusto
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