Cigar Review: Cohiba Maduro 5 Mágicos

Catfish is possibly going to kill me for reviewing the Cohiba Maduro 5, but I believe it is important to review because if the maduro for Habanos. They don’t make a lot of maduros, just making a maduro regional this year, so the maduros they have are very limited in nature. The correctly placed it under the Cohiba umbrella, thus elevating the Habano to a whole new level and increasing cost as well. I am not the biggest maduro guy out there, I think a more natural or Colorado wrapper are better, but when done correctly there can be a terrific flavor profile delivered. The Cohiba Maduro 5 is fairly new to the market, if you look at the Habanos portfolio overall, and it was introduced in 2007. There are only three vitola offerings in the line, and today I look at the middle size, the Cohiba Maduro 5Mágicos.

Covered in a maduro wrapper that has been aged for five years, with a filler and binder blend that is composed of three year old tobacco, the Maduro 5 line was introduced in 2007. The offerings area available in either ten or 25 count boxes, and are offered in petit corona, petit robusto and rovusto extra offerings. They are made at El Laguito Factory and for the Mágicos is petit robusto measurings 115 mm (4.5″) with a 52 ring gauge. The Mágicos features a nice maduro wrapper and it is a natural maduro color on the Habano. It is not over the top, or too light, but perfect. There is a great triple cap present with that and the petit robusto is rolled well. The foot of the Habano is giving off a soft aroma and it is showing some anise, earth and tobacco notes. There some bread notes with that, and it is a unique aroma, especially for a Habanos. The wrapper itself is showing some enjoyable aromas also, and it is giving off notes of cocoa, leather and earth. It is all relatively soft and balanced.
The Habano opens up by showing some definite spices notes, lots of pepper up front. It is two years old and I can tell you that it needs more time to mellow out and find it’s path. There are some cocoa and dry earth notes present as well, and it is producing some strong cedar and wood notes on the finish. It is relatively dry overall, and not the type of maduro that you see for the American market. It is not as sweet and much more natural. The construction however is top notch and it is showing a lovely burn line with a solid charcoal ash on the end. The draw is cool and smooth, and a nice bit of smoke is produced with each draw. I would say it is smoking at a medium full level in terms of body and the strength is coming off as being more full overall. So far, a nice start to the Habano and I am interested in seeing where it goes.
I am in the second third of the Habano now and I am finding that it is showing some additional coffee bean notes to the smoke and it has some cinnamon notes with that. There are some spices, lots of pepper present still, and it is showing some bread notes. Overall, I would say that there is some improvement with the flavor profile and it is growing as a Habano overall. I am actually enjoying this Maduro 5 and in a couple years I will enjoy it even more. The construction is still solid with the smoke and it is showing that even burn line with that charcoal ash on the end. The draw is cool still and there is a nice bit of smoke being produced. I would classify this smoke as medium full in terms of body and the strength is there as well. It is becoming a little more balanced and the growth has been very positive.
When I get into the final third of the Habano I find that the stronger notes from the first third begin to come back into play and the pepper and spice notes are definitely present. I am getting some stronger cocoa powder notes and it has some coffee beans and tobacco flavors with that. The bread qualities are softer in this third and it is an enjoyable finish to the smoke. The construction remains top notch, as it has from the beginning, and it smoked cool to the end with an even burn line. The ash has this dark charcoal coloring to it and it holds on well to the end. Overall, the Habano is performing well, and besides the fact that it needs some more age, it is smoking well. The body is still at the medium full level that it has been at throughout and the strength is right there as well. I like how it finishes and it makes me want another.
I think most knowledgeable smokers will tell you that the Cohiba Maduro 5 line is not the greatest out there. I always say that there is a reason Habanos does not dabble with maduro wrappers and the reason for that is that they can not produce a high quality maduro. I believe that if they had different seeds and were using them for maduros they would be in a different board, but because of their limited nature they are not able to produce a high quality maduro. I will say that they have a very natural maduro though and it is not jacked up on steroids that some maduros on the American market. Overall, the Habano is fairly one dimensional and while it can be enjoyable, it is not overly great. The construction is solid and it smokes well from beginning to end. The line itself has some great vitola offerings, and the packaging is very nice, but the actual Habano is not as great. I give the Habano a rating of 85-87 when you and with age it really does not get any better, 87-89.

Young Rating: 85-87

With Age Rating: 87-89


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