CroMagnon Aquitaine The Knuckle Dragger by Roma Craft Tobac


If you are reading this review you are probably one of those passionate cigar smokers that is beyond enjoying cigars. Lets face it; if you are talking or reading about cigars on the internet you are a cigar nerd. We are the Dungeons and Dragons guys of the industry. (Please do not be offended, I am putting myself down too.) Now even though I just put us down we are also some of the few cigar smokers that knows about what is going on in the industry and knows about these small cigar companies that are producing incredible cigars. These companies are not at the level of some of these larger manufacturers and catching that spotlight, but still producing some incredible cigars. It is in these companies that we find gems hiding, and while we want them to be discovered and loved by all, we also want to hoard them for ourselves.  

Beginning in 2012 was a small company founded by two men, and that company was called Roma Craft Tobac. The two men  came together to create a cigar company that would employ experienced craftsman and use high quality tobacco to create a truly incredible cigar. Those two men were Michasel Rosales and Skip Martin. The established their factory, Fabrica de Tobacco NicaSueno, in Esteli, Nicaragua, and since then have produced cigars that are the talk of town in the online community. With a logo that makes me think of Constantine’s labarum the company has been blowing up on instagram lately with cigar smokers lighting them up often and showing their great construction. They have three lines currently in production and until recently I have never smoked the Aquitaine, which is an addition to the CroMagnon line. I am a little behind, but today I begin with the review and will be talking about a great size, The Knuckle Dragger. 

Petit Robusto

The Knuckle Dragger is a petit robusto in vitola offering, and measures 4″ with a 52 ring gauge. The blend is the same as the CroMagnon line, and is composed of filler tobaccos from Nicaragua. The blend has tobacco from the regions of Esteli and Condega, and even has some tobacco from Pueblo Nuevo in there. The binder is also the same binder as before, Cameroon, and I love Cameroon binders for some reason. Above that is an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that is specifically ligero. They have noted on their site that it is tobacco from the eight and ninth priming, and is oily and thick. The cigar has a gorgeous wrapper that is rustic brown in coloring, definite Colorado, and has an aroma of wood, hay, spices and even some earthy notes. It is firm to touch with some few veins here and there and the cold draw is great.    

Ecuadorian Habano Ligero

The cigar begins like all great Ecuadorian Habano wrapper cigars do, and it is shows a nice bit of leather, some wood notes, bits of leather and a nice touch of hay. There were some definite spice and pepper notes showing up with that, and I even picked up some nice meaty notes which were very tasty on the finish. I did get some natural sweet characteristics with the cigar, and you could pick up those Cameroon flavors. I felt that the flavors were great summer cigar flavors, and that is my kind of cigar. The strength of the cigar was right at that medium full level, maybe a little big higher, and once again what I look for in a cigar. In terms of construction look at the photo below; I mean construction was awesome! The smoked was cool throughout the first half and it produced a nice bit of smoke.


In the second half of the cigar I found the flavors to be remaining enjoyable, and there was a nice addition of coffee beans in this half. The hay and leather notes were still there on the forefront, and it showed some nice sweet wood notes with that. I was still picking up those great pepper and spice notes to the cigar also, and bits of meat qualities too. It had a finish that shows some great coffee notes and on the last draw it was very flavorful. The construction of the cigar was still top notch, and it smoked wonderfully all the way to the nub. The ash held on very firmly before I tapped it down into the ashtray like Alabama just did to Notre Dame. The cigar smoked at that solid medium full level all the way to the end of the cigar and on the last draw the cigar was very cool and left me wanting another.

This is the end … My only friend the end. 

This was an awesome smoke, and was superior in every way. Construction should not even have to be mentioned when you look at the photos from this smoking experience. Disregard my old school DVD/VHS Player in the background! The cigar burned with a razor sharp burn line from the beginning all the way to the end, and it produced this gorgeous ash that was very light in coloring and holding on to the cigar firmly. The strength was just at that medium full level for me, maybe a little bit fuller, and the flavors were awesome. This is a great smoke for those times when time is not on your side. I would probably find myself smoking this a lot in the summertime because of the dry and summery flavors. This is a cigar you light up when it is 100 plus outside and the humidity is in the 90th percentage as welll; just bad ass. I give this smoke a solid 94 and will be smoking a lot more of these.

The Knuckle Dragger

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