CroMagnon Mode 5

As today is Friday, we are going to keep the introduction to a minimum. Today I continue on my road of reviewing another great blend from Nica Sueño, and I look at the RoMa Craft Tobac CroMagnon Mode 5. I have reviewed the Aquitaine Mode 5 and loved it, review here, but let’s see how the original Mode 5 smokes. cromagnon2bmode2b52b2
Released in early 2013, the Mode 5 was originally an event exclusive cigar that has now become regular production. It is the sixth regular production release for the CroMagnon line, and it is a short perfecto that measures 5″ with a 50 ring gauge at the middle. It comes with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and underneath that is a Cameroon binder, and Nicaraguan tobacco in the filler blend. The CroMagnon Mode 5 has a nice maduro coloring to it and it is a thick leaf. There are some veins present throughout and it is showing some faint oils with a nice tooth present. It is a lovely figurado and it is firm in hand. It has an aroma of rich earth, tobacco, spices and cocoa on the foot, and the wrapper is showing some tobacco and leather qualities. The draw is smooth and perfect for me, and I am looking forward to lighting up the stick.
The Mode 5 begins by showing some strong Connecticut Broadleaf notes, and I am getting some oak, rich earth, strong spices and tobacco notes. I am getting some pepper notes with that, and it has some cedar as well. There are some dryer aspects present as well, and it is a strong Connecticut Broadleaf flavor that is not overly sweet. It is a balanced cigar in terms of flavors being delivered, but it is definitely on the stronger side of things. The construction is top notch with the stick though and it is showing an even burn line with a lovely light gray ash on the end. The ash is holding on firmly and it is giving off a nice bit of smoke with every cool draw. I would classify the cigar as being around medium-full in strength right now, and the body is right there as well. It is hard to top the Venus, that is simply the best example of the line for me, but the Mode 5 is damn good and a lovely experience as well.
cromagnon2bmode2b52b5 When I get into the second third of the cigar I find that the spice and pepper notes have faded some and I am left with some nice oak notes that are showing some faint red wine qualities. It has a nice earthy and cocoa flavor profile present as well, and it it showing some cedar notes on the finish. There are tobacco qualities present as well, and it is smooth and enjoyable. It is giving off that Broadleaf flavor, but in a way that I really enjoy. The construction is still top notch as well and it is showing an even burn line with a smooth draw. The draw is giving off a nice bit of smoke, and on the end of the cigar is a firm charcoal ash that is holding on well. I would classify the cigar as being medium-full in body in this third and the strength as well. It might be closer to medium towards the end of the third, but it is still in that medium-full range. cromagnon2bmode2b52b4
I am in the final third of the cigar now and it is showing a continuation of the flavors from the second third, but I am also see a resurrection of the spice notes that were present in the first third. There is a prominent oak, earth and cocoa flavor profile present, and the finish is showing some cedar, leather and tobacco notes. It is very balanced and filling, and a nice Connecticut Broadleaf offering. In terms of construction, the Mode 5 continues to deliver a razor sharp burn line with a lovely charcoal ash on the end of the cigar, and it is producing a lovely ash that is holding on firmly to the end of the cigar. The draw is cool and flavorful, and producing a nice draw that is giving off a good amount of smoke to the end. I would classify the cigar as being medium-full in strength and body as it comes to a close, and this is a smoke I would definitely light up in the morning and evening.
The CroMagnon line is my least favorite of the lines that RoMa Craft has on the market. Call me crazy, I know many others love it, but it is not my cup of tea. It has nothing to do with it being a poor blend, it more has to do with the fact that I am very hard on Connecticut Broadleaf smokes. There are few out there that I really enjoy, and there only a handful of people who make those sticks. With that being said, the company has a terrific Broadleaf in Venus, and a solid one in the Mode 5. The cigar shows amazing construction from beginning to end, and at no point was I stressing out over how the cigar would smoke. I found that at most it was a medium-full cigar in terms of strength and body, and there were times where it came off as being more medium overall. The flavors were very enjoyable, and while it did not have an abundance of transitioning or a high bit of complexity, it had a nice depth overall and I really enjoyed the stick. I am giving it a solid 89 and look forward to smoking more in this size.

Seth’s Humidor Rating: 89