Crux Classic Marblehead

How does one make a cigar that can reach out to every smoker? Not only is it a tough question, it is a very tough undertaking. No matter where you are making the cigar and no matter the tobacco being used, you have to make a blend that is showing some complexity and enjoyable flavors. At the same time, you can’t make it too complex and unique or too simple and bland. The body and strength aspect is a little bit easier, you need to make it around a medium body and strength level, but then again you can make it milder or fuller if you can pull it off. Some may agree with that statement and some may not, but I think we can all agree that the statement truly simplifies the whole process and we all know that it is much more difficult to make a cigar that can reach out to every smoker than it is to define how to do it. Crux Cigars had the goal of making a cigar that could reach out to smokers in this manner and that goal was brought to existence with the Crux Classic. Now, let’s see how the company did with that goal.   

One of the new blends released at the trade show this year, the Crux Classic is a line that features the unique marblehead or 109 finish that the company places on some of their cigars. It is a Nicaraguan puro made in Esteli, and it is finished with a Habano seed wrapper from the Jalapa Valley. For this review I was given the traditional Marblehead in the line and it is a 6″by 52 ring gauge smoke. The Classic has a solid Colorado Maduro wrapper, and it is a wrapper that shows the leaf outline very well. There are minor veins present throughout, but it is smooth and oily in texture, not having any major veins  noticeable to touch on the wrapper. The 109 finish is a nice finish, and the foot is giving off an aroma of rich earth, cocoa and soft cherry notes. The wrapper itself is giving off similar qualities and I am also getting some woody qualities there.
img_0072-2 The first third has a great beginning and it is showing a flavor profile that is to my liking. You can taste that Jalapa tobacco, and it is good! I am picking up a nice floral quality and it has some sweet Asian spice notes present as well that is accompanied by some subtle pepper notes. There is a wood and leather flavor present as well, and it is very filling and balanced, It is a smoke that so many could enjoy in my opinion, and that makes it great. The construction is solid as well in the first third and it is showing a fairly even burn line with a nice charcoal ash coloring. The ash is slightly flaky but it is holding on firmly and is paired with a cool draw and a nice bit of smoke. I would say the first third is showing a strength level around the medium level and the body is there as well. So far, I am digging this cigar and it has some “classic” Nicaraguan qualities. img_0073 The second third shows some of the same flavors that were in the first third, but I am also getting a raisin quality with the spice and pepper notes, and there is a stronger manure and rich earth flavor present with the tobacco notes. It is still fairly sweet, showing some floral qualities as well and it is a great flavor profile that is very enjoyable. I know I am enjoying it thoroughly, and I know a lot of smokers could find this enjoyable. The body and strength are at a medium to medium-full level in this third and it is a smoke that I could have in the afternoon or evening without any problems. The 109 finish does a lot for the blend and it makes for a smooth smoking experience that is flavor focused. The construction remains top notch in this third and it is showing an even burn line with that nice charcoal ash on the end. The ash is slightly flaky, but it is holding on well at the end. The draw is cool and producing a nice bit of smoke, and I look forward to the final third. img_00762b1-2 I am in the final third of the cigar now and it is showing some great transitioning in this third. I am picking up this strong mint chocolate flavor and it is paired with some floral and pepper notes. There is a touch of Asian spices present as well on the finish, and it finishes by showing some earth and tobacco notes. It is a great third and the flavors are top notch and the best I have seen yet. This is a finish that makes you want to light up another so you can get back to this sweet spot. The construction remains solid in the final third, similar to that of the first and second third and it has a fairly even burn line with that nice charcoal ash on the end that is flaky but holding on well. The draw is cool to the end on the slightly tapered head, and it is giving off a nice bit of smoke. I would classify the final third as a third that is showing a medium to medium-full strength and body level, and I am digging the finish. img_0077-2
I have smoked almost every offering that Crux has released this year and I can tell you that they have a very strong brand. They have a portfolio that reaches out to a variety of smokers and while not everything may be my cup of tea, that is good. They are a company that has a diverse portfolio and offers certain cigars for different occasions and palates. I believe the Crux Classic to be the line of theirs that reaches out to a wider variety of smokers than its others lines, and that is because of the flavors being delivered and the body and strength being delivered. This is a medium to medium-full cigar in my opinion and it is a flavor profile that is not overly complex, but a flavor profile that can reach out to a novice and connoisseur smoker. I think this line would do great in a large or small ring gauge offering, and depending on the wrapper experience you want, depends on the size you choose. As for me, the Crux Classic Marblehead toro is a smoke that is great for the afternoon or evening and it produces a flavor profile that is to my liking for any cigar and not just a Nicaraguan puro. I am giving it a solid 92 rating and look forward to my next.

Seth’s Humidor Rating: 92

*cigars for this assessment were provided to me by Crux Cigars