Cigar Review: Cuaba Divinos


Cuaba…  When I hear the name Cuaba, nothing comes to mind really. I guess I think about cute little figurados that I always see in shops and my curiosity is piqued. Normally I pass them up with no interest, but recently I decided to visit this brand in depth and see what Cuaba is all about. Cuaba is a niche brand for Habanos SA, so they hold a minor market share, and specialize in figurados with six sizes in the brand.  Looking back, I remember having one of the larger ones and enjoying it once, otherwise I have no experience with the brand. The Divinos is a petit perfecto, also known as a petit bouquet, coming in at 4×43. I had heard from some that these are strong blends, mild from others if they are aged.   Needless to say, I love small cigars, so I was excited to fire this mini perfecto up and see if it can make the rotation.

Dry Draw: nutmeg, brown sugar

First Half: The draw was tight, even though I clipped the foot significantly before I lit.  I always do this because I hate lighting figurados, and it took a few draws to open up. The retrohale began with a nice burn, white pepper, with some hay on the draw that had acidic like qualities. Lemongrass opened up, featuring the citrus qualities of the draw, as well as nutmeg, and some mild green peppers. A wonderful vanilla undercurrent began as i neared the middle point, adding solid depth to the unique profile. The finish was not terribly long or impressive, but good enough to continue. The complexity reminded me of cream sodas.


Second Half: As the Divinos began to come down in size, the strength moved in an opposite manner. The Divinos was baby Tyson, strong, in your face, and knockout power. The vanilla was overtaken by strong lemongrass flavors, that combined with pungent black pepper notes in the nose. The finish had improved a bit, and heavy spice was left in the mouth. The profile was rather unbalanced for the final third, as the power of the Divinos became apparent. 


Construction: The draw pissed me off at first, which is to be expected

Final Thoughts: I really enjoyed the Divinos, and given the price, would have no issue adding these into my rotation. I enjoyed the strength, and think age would balance the final half out really. The Divinos is a perfect after dinner smoke, when time is of the essence, and a bold experience warranted to the smoker. What intrigued me the most was the combination of unique citrus flavors and the mild green spices that gave me cream soda notes, maybe Belgian Wheat notes at times as well. The espresso was not a good pair, and I would much rather have a Hoegaarden. I would say this is a love or hate blend, and well worth a split to keep ten around for occasion.

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