Cumpay Robusto (Maya Selva Cigars)

cumpay2brobusto2bmaya2bselva2b4 Maya Selva Cigars is a company that is really blowing me away with their lines lately. Gabriel Alvarez contacted me about them when he was first joining the company, and when I began tasting their products I quickly saw why he joined them. They are a company that has got some true gems in their portfolio, and in Europe they do quite well. Till he joined them I never smoked their stuff or really heard about them, but now that they are entering the United States market I am glad to be smoking them and informing my America readers of their sticks as they work their way into stores. They have a portfolio that covers a lot of areas, and I can say with ease that the brands they have now will reach out well to the modern smoker. It is quite funny actually, a lot of these brands have been on the market for years now, but the smokers nowadays are beginning to favor these styles of smokes so the timing is perfect. They are a company that focuses on Honduras, both for production and tobacco, but today I look at their Nicaraguan puro Cumpay, and see how it smokes. 

Cumpay is the Nicaraguan puro from Maya Selva and is a blend that is very different from the rest of the lines, not using Honduran tobacco. The wrapper on the cigar is Habano seed from Jalapa, and it features two binders that are from Esteli and Chinandega. The filler is a blend of tobacco from Ometepe and Jalapa, and the regions used are known for flavorful tobacco. For this review I went with the robusto offering and it measures 4 3/4″ with a 50 ring gauge. The cigar features a silky wrapper that is light brown in coloring, and it has very small veins that are hardly visible throughout. It is rolled very well and it is firm to touch with a nice cap placement to finish. There is an aroma of soft spices, leather, cedar and tobacco on the foot, and the wrapper is showing some aromas of spices, hay and tobacco.
cumpay2brobusto2bmaya2bselva2b1 The first third begins by showing some nice spice and dry notes. There are some pepper qualities present, mostly white pepper, but it also has this leather, tobacco and dry wood flavor present. There is this soft sweetness present, along with some earthy and soft nutty qualities, but overall it is on the dryer side of things showing some nice wood and spice notes. I really like the flavor profile, the resting in my humidor has done a lot for the cigar, and it is not your typical Nicaraguan puro. The construction is solid in the first third and while the burn line is not razor sharp right now, it is a little uneven, it is consistent in how it is burning and producing a nice light charcoal ash on the end. The draw is, producing a nice bit of smoke, and you can tell these are well made. I would classify the strength of the cigar as being medium full and the body is right there as well. cumpay2brobusto2bmaya2bselva2b3 I am in the second third of the cigar now and it continues to show some dryer flavors and some nice Nicaraguan qualities as well. There is some definite spice and pepper notes present with the cigar, and the tobacco and leather notes that are with it are very enjoyable. There are some new coffee bean and dark cocoa notes present as well, and it produces a complex flavor profile that is Nicaraguan but also not at the same time. The body and strength continue to smoke at that medium full level, same as before, and it is a perfect level in my opinion. This is a cigar I could smoke at anytime and it has a strength and body level that I reach out to a majority of the time. The construction remains top notch in this third and it shows that even burn line with that light gray ash on the end with a nice bit of smoke and a cool draw. When I get into the final third of the cigar I find that is shows a lot of growth as a cigar and it has the spice and pepper notes leading the way. There are some soft cinnamon notes present as well, and it is then followed by some roasted coffee flavors. There is a finish of tobacco and leather, and it has some wood there as well offering a smooth and dryer finish. It is a flavor profile I really like, and it is a clean finish in my opinion. The construction continues to be terrific into the final third of the cigar and it is showing that razor sharp burn line with a light charcoal ash on the end. The ash holds on firmly and I am getting a smooth draw that is very cool. There is a nice bit of smoke production and I finish it at the nub. I would say that it finishes at a medium full level for strength and body, and it is a level that makes me want to light up another. cumpay2brobusto2bmaya2bselva2b2
Cumpay is a Nicaraguan cigar that has been on the market for many years now, but what makes the cigar very interesting is that it is not your typical Nicaraguan puro. To me, it is more of a new wave Nicaraguan puro that is capturing a flavor profile that is not known as being Nicaraguan. We have seen this flavor profile with the Davidoff Nicaragua, Montecristo Espada and RyJ by Romeo y Julieta, but all of these releases have been within the past couple years and not on the market for many years now. I am not sure if that makes this release by Maya Selva the release that was ahead of it’s time, but it definitely shows that the Nicaragua puros that were and are being made for Europe are different than the ones being made for the United States. If you look at any one of the lines being made by Maya Selva, they definitely have a quality that is aimed for the international market, and that is possibly why I love them so much. Cumpay is a balanced Nicaraguan puro that shows unique flavors that are enjoyable and complex. There is some transitioning throughout, but one thing that is consistent from beginning to end is the construction. I loved this robusto and would smoke these back to back all day. They will age wonderfully and I think in couple years they will be signficantly better. I am giving this a 92 rating.

Seth’s Humidor Rating: 92

*cigars for this assessment were provided to me by Maya Selva Cigars