Davidoff Maduro T (Toro)

Davidoff is known for many things, and while what they are known for varies depending on the individual, I guarantee that no one says they are known for the Davidoff Maduro. There are few smokers I know who have truly treasured the Maduro offering from the company, and this is a blend that has been on the market for seven years now. I know many Davidoff smokers who have smoked through almost the entire portfolio, but when I ask about Davidoff Maduro, they tell me they have never had it. I don’t get it, and I have stopped trying to understand it, but to this day I continue to rave about this line. After the Millennium Blend, it is my favorite line from the company, and it is very different than anything else Davidoff has done. What makes the release even more interesting is that the wrapper used is Nicaraguan, and the company went in a totally different direction than they have with past releases. Enough of the introductions though, let’s look at the Davidoff Maduro T.

The Maduro T comes with a Nicaraguan Sun-grown Cuban seed wrapper that has undergone the maduro process, and is aged tobacco like all of the tobacco that Davidoff uses. The binder is Dominican San Vincente, and then has Dominican fillers. The Maduro T measures 6″ with a 48 ring gauge, and as I have said before, this is the size tor I look for. Incredibly firm in hand, the Maduro T has a lovely wrapper that has some soft oils present with a nice very fine grit texture as well. I notice few veins overall in the wrapper leaf, and the veins present as pressed into the cigar perfectly. The coloring overall is that of a Colorado Maduro, and you could say it is a Maduro with some dark Colorado aspects present here and there. It has a strong aroma on the wrapper, and it is an aroma that shows nice tobacco, spice, oak, and leather qualities. The foot is showing notes of raisins, sweet hay, sweet spices, and fruit, and I am eager to light this cigar up.

davidoff2bmaduro2bt2btoro2b6 The first third opens up by showing some bold flavors, and they are flavors that I like to see in a maduro. They are not overly sweet, but more natural while still having a rich quality. There is a nice damp earth flavor profile with the cigar and it is accompanied by some leather, toast, and wood notes. I am picking up some spices alongside that, and it has a nice hint of coffee beans with a finish of hay and lemongrass. It is a terrific flavor profile, and it is paired by this perfect medium-full body and medium to medium-full strength level. It is a terrific afternoon or evening cigar, and I always envision having this with an espresso after lunch. The construction remains top notch throughout the first third, and it is producing this solid charcoal colored ash. The burn line is fairly even, but showing some areas every once in a while that correct themselves. Overall, the cigar has a smooth draw and is producing a nice bit of smoke on top of that. davidoff2bmaduro2bt2btoro2b3
I am in the second third now and the cigar is smoking wonderfully. It is showing full flavors, and it has nice earthy, tobacco, and oaky quality. There is a nice spice level present as well, and it is showing some pepper and coffee qualities on top of that. There is a nice bit of leather, nuts, and toast present as well, and it has had nice bit of transitioning and growth in complexity as it has progressed. This is a cigar with a lot of depth, and it is a Davidoff blend that does not get the attention that it truly deserves. The construction remains top notch in this third and it is showing a solid burn line with a nice dark charcoal ash on the end. The draw is cool, producing a lot of smoke, and as I mentioned earlier, it is a great afternoon and evening cigar. The strength and body are at a level between medium-full and full, and this is my cup of tea.
davidoff2bmaduro2bt2btoro2b4 The final third shows a nice bit of transitioning from the second third, and it is in this third that the cigar begins to show the characteristics that a lot of people expect and look for in a maduro. They are great qualities, really dessert like, and it is a profile that a lot of people aim for and fail at achieving. There is a nice chocolate cake profile present, and with that is a nice damp wood, rich tobacco, and sweet spice flavor profile. It is filling, but at the same time lighter than the previous two thirds. I would classify this third as being full flavored, but the body and strength are right at that medium level, making for a nice finish on the cigar. I like that it was toned down overall, and I think it made the finish better than it would have been if it was stronger. The construction is similar in the final third to the first and second third, and it is showing a slightly uneven burn line, though not a problem, with a nice dark charcoal ash on the end. The draw is cool and smooth to the end, and this is a terrific smoking experience. davidoff2bmaduro2bt2btoro2b5
I love the Davidoff Maduro, and I think it is one of the most overlooked maduros on the market. Yes, it has higher price tag than some $8 and $9 cigars, but there is a high quality factor that comes with that. Heck, there are some boutique companies in Nicaragua that are putting maduro cigars outwith a price tag above $12 and they should be ashamed of themselves. The Davidoff Maduro is a complex blend, and it is a blend that shows the greatness of this Nicaraguan Sun Grown wrapper, but also the Dominican fillers and binder. They really complement each other perfectly, and with the 48 ring gauge it smokes like a great cigar should. I feel that this maduro is a little bit more natural with the flavors it is delivering, and that is one of the reasons why I love it the way I do. You don’t look at Davidoff as being a maduro company, and they are not, but the maduro they do have is incredible. 93 points!

Seth’s Humidor Rating: 93