Cigar Review: Davidoff Puro d'Oro Sublimes

Puro d’Oro Sublimes

Packaged in the same manner as Davidoff Cigars from the 1940’s, the Davidoff Puro d’Oro is meant to capture the heritage of the Davidoff brand, and also provide a fabulous cigar with that. Tied with a silk ribbon around the cigars, inside a paper covered box, the Puro d’Oro is a classic cigar. This is the first cigar of the Puro d’Oro line that I have ever smoked, and I have heard nothing but praise and positive reactions from those who have smoked them. The Davidoff brand has always stood on the condition of excellence, and with every cigar I have smoked of theirs they have lived to their strict standards and guidelines. 

Recently I was gifted the Sublimes vitola in the Puro d’Oro line, and I am know getting around to reviewing it. The cigar, like all Davidoff cigars, is of the highest quality, and rolled with only the best tobacco. The company emphasizes on how all the tobaccos in this cigar has been aged for four year prior to rolling, and that it is rolled in the traditional Cuban fashion and by only the best of their rollers. The line is a Dominican puro, and features a special wrapper that is exclusive to Davidoff Cigars. The wrapper is from an area in the Dominican Republic called Yamasa and it is a beautiful wrapper. Measuring 4 1/2″ with a 38 ring gauge, the cigar is finished with a pigtail on a triple cap, and has a gold cigar band at the foot stating the name of the vitola, Sublimes. Holding the cigar in hand it is very firm with an oily wrapper. There are few veins present on the wrapper, and it is somewhat toothy and showing aromas of spice, wood, earth and leather at the foot and on the wrapper. 

Wrapper from Yamasa, Dominican Republic

Since the cigar is so small, I am going to be reviewing it in halves. Upon lighting the cigar I am greeted with some flavors that are reminiscent of Davidoff Cigars, and also some more complexities. There are lovely bits of wood, hay, lemongrass, rich earth and subtle spices, with almost this salted butter taste as well. It is a very complex cigar and very enjoyable as well. I would say the strength is about a medium, but the cigar really shows the great flavors and does not emphasize on the strength. It is burning wonderfully, leaving a nice thin ash that is gray in coloring. If you don’t have much time to smoke, as of right now I would pick these cigars up.

When I get into the second half of the cigar, I find it to be very similar to the first. With a cigar in this size you are not going to get all those complexities that you would with a bigger size, but that is okay, because you are more looking for a short and enjoyable smoke. The hay, wood, lemongrass and salted butter notes are really present throughout this half, and it has a nice finish of spices and rich earth. A very enjoyable cigar all the way to the end, it smoked perfectly and provided a cool draw as well. There was very little left of the nub when I put it down, and it was still smoking cool. The cigar burned even the whole way through, and the ash was always a solid gray in terms of color.            

I am giving this cigar an 89. I know I say that I only review cigars that are 90 plus, but this was a cigar that I felt deserved to be rated and reviewed, I can do what I want. (smiley face) I have not had any other sizes in the line, so I don’t know how they compare, but for a Petit Panatela, this is a very enjoyable and quick smoke. If time is a major factor in your life, and you still want a premium cigar, then this is a cigar for you. It shows so many great flavors that are reminiscent of any Davidoff and more, and it also captures those great aspects in such a small vitola. The cigar is a great Dominican puro rolled in the Cuban fashion, and rolled by only the best rollers in the factory. For being such small cigar they still only use long leaf fillers from great tobacco, and have it be hand rolled as well. You can’t ask for more with a cigar like this, and that is why I reviewed it for you all.   

Sublimes Band
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