Cigar Review: Diamond Crown JULIUS CAESAR Figurado (Cigar Family Charitable Foundation Dinner 2011)


If you pay enough attention to the nonsense I write about, then you would know that I already reviewed the Fuente Fuente Opus X cigar from the Toast Across America coffin, and I am know here to review the other special edition cigar. This is the first time that I will have ever smoked a JULIUS CAESAR by J.C. Newman, and I have heard nothing but praise about this cigar. It has received great ratings from Cigar Aficionado, and more importantly, those who have smoked one at a Diamond Crown Cigar Lounge have loved it. The cigar itself is the newest release to the J.C. Newman brand, and is meant to honor the founder of the company Julius Caesar Newman. Besides the name of the cigar, the infamous bust of the Caesar has the face of J.C. Newman on the cigar band. The JULIUS CAESAR was launched late in 2010, and to this day is still only available at Diamond Crown Cigar Lounges. The cigar is composed of rare and aged tobacco, and is rolled by the Fuente Family in the Dominican Republic at Tabacalera A. Fuente. The cigar features an Ecuadorian Havana-seed wrapper, and is composed of a robust blend of Central American tobacco. I am not sure where this tobacco is from, Cigar Aficionado says it is Dominican, but the Dominican Republic is not a part of Central America. What I do know is that the tobacco for this cigar is aged at least five years before being rolled. As with the other cigar from the Toast Across America tour, no one receives a profit on this cigar or recoups expenses, everything goes to the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation. Check out my review of the Fuente Fuente Opus X Figurado here, and get more information on the Charity as well. Click here.    The figurado is beautiful to look at, and makes you really not want to smoke. The cigar measures close to 6″, and I would say the ring gauge is around a 58. The wrapper has a nice light khaki color to it, and is more on the Natural side than Colorado side. There are nice oils to the touch, and very few veins present on the cigar. When I hold the foot of the cigar and the wrapper to my nose I am greeted with a lot of hay, coffee and cedar notes, and it is very pleasant. I do love this figurado size, and it is close to a petit salomon in vitola size. The great thing about this size is that you have the chance to experience a lot of the filler tobacco, and as you come to a close you get more wrapper flavors. Really a great way to see the flavor profile of certain areas of the cigar.  


As I light up the cigar I let it get a little past the nipple before assessing the smoke. Once I begin to get some filler tobacco with the wrapper, it is showing a lot of cream notes right away, and it is very smooth. I am picking up some wood, leather and coffee flavors further in the third as well, and it is now very rich. I would say the cigar is smoking at a solid medium, but it feels like it is more milder than that. The burn line on this cigar is perfect, and it is leaving a nice light gray ash on the end that is very firm. I am loving this cigar so far, and if the core line is similar to this I can see why it is getting so much praise.   When I get into the second third, the flavors are still amazing. I am still getting a lot of coffee and cream flavors, but there is an emergence of rich earth notes as well. The cigar is showing a lot of leather and wood notes on the finish, but they are paired with those core flavors from the beginning as well. The strength is still a solid medium, and I am having a perfect burn line with the cigar as well. The ash is still beautiful on the smoke, and I am still holding on to the ash from the first third. This cigar is absolutely amazing. I am getting a nice cool draw with each puff, and it is giving off tons of smoke that is perfect for smoke rings. It is great to see the flavors changing because of the ring gauge, and the more I smoke it the more wrapper I will get. I am in the final third of the cigar now, and it is absolutely amazing. The cream notes are wonderful with the coffee beans, and it is like a cafe latte. The wood and leather notes are adding a nice bit of dryness to the smoke, and those notes are pairing with the rich earth and spice notes perfectly. I am still getting a great burn line on the cigar, and the ash is still perfect and beautiful. The cigar is still a definite medium in this third, and this is a great cigar to end or begin the day with. I find that the smoke is very aromatic on this cigar, and I am getting smoke rings one after another. I smoke the cigar all the way down to the nub, and when I put it down it is still smoking very cool and flavorful. I loved this cigar and the flavors I got from it were amazing.   I loved this cigar, and it is definitely worth buying a box of. I thought the cigar showed amazing flavors throughout the whole smoke, and as a cigar it showed all the great qualities you could ask for. I will be interested in seeing other vitolas of this cigar, and how they are, but I imagine they are just as great. I thought this cigar was blended wonderfully and it is the crowing achievement of J.C. Newman Cigars. I give this cigar a 97, and I really could not find anything wrong with it. I look forward to smoking this cigar in the future, and if you have the opportunity pick these cigars up either in a Diamond Crown Lounge or through this charity you definitely should. I will be interested to know where the tobacco in the filler is from, but in the meantime I will merely enjoy these cigars for what they are, great cigars.

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