Cigar Review: E.P. Carrillo Core Line Maduro – Club 52

E.P. Carrillo

So about a week ago I was helping a customer of Havana Phil’s out in the humidor, and I was guiding him in some directions to go. Well I ended up talking about E.P. Carrillo and how I think he is rocking the industry right now when I noticed that Phil got in the Core Line Maduro smokes. He had them on order, but they were finally in!  Well as you can imagine, I began to talk to the customer about the smoke because of my love for it, and he decided to pick some up. I should say that I did as well, and we both left the humidor excited, he to smoke some new cigars to him, and me to enjoy a familiar friend. I have reviewed the corona gorda vitola in the new line, Regalia Real, but I decided to grab the Club 52 to review. I love the Club 52 size, because it is reminiscent of the Cuban cañonazo vitola. That is the size in which the Cuban Siglo VI’s and Montecristo Grand Edmundo Limited Edition 2010 are made. …

I think it is one of the most perfect sizes for a cigar, along with the Corona Gorda. It’s not too long, and it is not too short. The ring gauge is not too thin, and not too thick. You can get a great since of the flavors from the cigar, more in the fuller spectrum, but it is not too thick so you still can’t get the great flavors from a wrapper. The cigar measures 5 7/8” with a 52 ring gauge, and is covered with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.  The filler blend is composed of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco, and it has a binder that is Ecuadorian Sumatra. I stated this in my previous review of the Regalia Real, but I really love that E.P. Carrillo changed the blend for this cigar, and though it bears the same name as the Core Line, it really is a different line.

Holding the cigar in hand it has a nice marbled brown color to it. It is mostly a chocolate brown color, but there are slight spots where it is very dark, almost black, and there are some areas with a reddish hint as well. I would classify it as a Colorado Maduro because of the coloring, but the others I have had are definitely in the Maduro region. The wrapper is very oily with some bumps here and there and there are some veins present throughout. Holding the wrapper and foot of the cigar to my nose I pick up notes of chocolate, coffee, oak, cherries, raisins and spice. The aroma is amazing on this cigar, and to encompass that much is incredible. I kept on enjoying the aroma of this cigar for some time, and did not want to light it because of that.

Connecticut Broadleaf Wrapper

As I light up the cigar, and let it get some way in, I begin to pick up notes of coffee, oak and leather. There is a lot of spice and rich earth notes present with that as well, and the cigar is around medium-full in strength. The cigar is very complex, but really a great maduro. I am having a great draw with the cigar, and the burn is absolutely fabulous, producing a very darkish gray ash. When I get into the second third of the cigar, the flavors begin to become clearer, and I am getting dark cherry and dark chocolate notes up front. The spice is of cinnamon and pepper, and the oak notes really remind me of those that you can get with a great red wine. The cigar is still medium-full in strength at this point, and still showing all the great qualities in the burn from the first third.

Well, I am coming to close on this cigar, and I am lighting up my second one. This has just been a classic cigar, one loaded with complex flavors and strength. I am picking up lovely bits of spice, espresso beans, dark chocolate, plums, cherries and oak in the final third of the cigar, and it is rocking. I had a slight burn issue in this third of the cigar, but I corrected easily with some cedar, and I was back on board. You couldn’t ask for a better way to end a cigar, and this is a cigar that will make you want to light up another after another. This cigar gets a 93 in my book!

If you are searching for a great maduro, look no further, you will find one with this cigar. If you are looking for a great medium-full bodied smoke, look no further, you will find one with this cigar. If you are looking for a flavorful cigar, look no further, you will find one with this cigar. Buy a box of these, buy two boxes.  These cigars are great, and at their price point, are great every day of the week. Rocky Patel has brought me back to Cameroon wrapper cigars with Vintage 2003 Cameroon, and E.P. Carrillo has brought me back to Connecticut Broadleaf with his Core Line Maduro. Truly an amazing cigar, and couldn’t come from a better company and family! Well, time to start my second Club 52 Maduro.   

Club 52

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