Cigar Review: E.P. Carrillo Short Run 2011 Bombones

Short Run 2011 Bombones

When I see what E.P. Carrillo is doing in the industry right now, I am left feeling excited. I have discussed his releases with many fellow cigar smokers, and I have always related it to how Habanos S.A. releases products. They both have cigars which are limited editions for that year, and also have a “Short Run” smoke that is limited as well to that year. I look at those “Short Runs,” and compare them with the Regional Edition program that Habanos S.A. uses. It is a very exciting program, because every year, you as a consumer are going to be getting a lot of new products. Whether he releases a new line that will be in constant production, or merely releases a Short Run and Limited Edition smoke for that year, you are going to be smoking some great cigars. I think that E.P. Carrillo is doing all the right now, and 2011 was a great year for him. Looking back on 2011, there were many great releases that he had, and one that I just came back to is the E.P. Carrillo Short Run 2011 Bombones.

Limited to 1,500 boxes, the Bombones is the robusto vitola in the three sizes released this year. The cigar measures 4 7/8” with a 50 ring gauge, and is rolled in the Cuban fashion. The triple cap is placed perfectly on the cigar, and like all the cigars coming out of Tabacalera La Alianza, the company’s factory in the Dominican Republic, it is rolled perfectly. The 2011 Short Run cigar begins with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and underneath that is a Nicaraguan binder. The filler composition is a mixture of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco, and I imagine it all comes from only the finest regions. The coloring of the wrapper is a dark tan, and I would say it falls into the Natural side of the cigar wrapper coloring. It is a smooth cigar, with veins present here and there and also oily. I am getting wonderful aromas of wood, leather, nuts and spices, and it is fairly similar to past 2011 Short Run’s I have smoked.

Ecuadorian Habano Wrapper

Upon lighting the cigar I immediately get some great flavors. There is this nice presence of spice present from the get go, and also some leather and wood notes as well. As I get further into the first third those flavors are still present, but I am also picking up some earthy, nutty, coffee and some sweet notes as well. It is a very complex cigar with a lot of things happening at once, but very enjoyable. E.P. Carrillo makes so many great cigars that are always flavorful and complex, yet very balanced and extremely enjoyable. The strength of the cigar is between medium and full for me, and a perfect cigar any time of the day. I would typically smoke a cigar like this later in the morning, and would enjoy it after a lighter cigar earlier in the day. The cigar is burning incredibly well, and I am getting an ash line that is light gray in coloring and razor sharp.   

When I get into the second third of the cigar I begin to get a lot more nutty notes, and it is of cashews and toast almonds. The spice notes have toned down quite a bit in this third, and as a whole the cigar has a well. There are some great leather notes, coffee beans and cedar notes, with the finish of cinnamon and red pepper.  The cigar almost had a Pepin start to it, and it showing those Pepin qualities as well right now by toning down some. It is still above medium in strength, close to medium full, and very flavorful. The burn line has been nothing but razor sharp in this cigar, and the draw has been amazing. The ash has been a little soft in this third, but still showing those light gray colors that I was getting before. Still continuing down a great road, I love this robusto and it is providing amazing flavors.    

I am in the final third now, and as to be expected the cigar is finishing beautifully. I am getting so many great flavors throughout the third, and the strength is great for the finish. I would say the strength has returned in this third, and it is finishing back at the medium-full level that I was getting in the first third of the cigar. The flavors in this third are that of sweet wood, coffee beans, leather and rich earth. I love the flavors this cigar offers because it is not very dry, but also not very rich. This is a cigar that really shoots down the middle in almost every way, and makes it enjoyable to so many types of smokers. The burn line has been perfect throughout this whole third, and every cigar burns true right to the end, leaving a beautiful light gray ash. The draw was cool all the way to the end, and there is very little left of the cigar when I am done smoking it.    

I really enjoyed this robusto, and if I had to smoke either this Bombones or the Canonazos vitola, I would merely make my decision on the time I had. I feel that this whole line provides so many great flavors, while reaming medium-full in body, that it really comes down to the time you have to smoke, and your preferred cigar size. Each and every cigar that I smoked of the Bombones was rolled and blended perfectly and that showed in how well they smoked and how great they tasted. I would struggle to see someone not love these cigars, and I am glad I have some tucked away to enjoy in later months and years. If you are able to still buy these cigars, you really need to get a box of them. I know Havana Phil’s still has some left of the Bombones and Immensos, but they will move quickly. I give this cigar a 93, and look forward to enjoying these cigars down the road; I haven’t smoked an E.P. Carrillo Cigar since the end of December, and this cigar reminded me of what I was missing. Great job Ernesto and family!      

E.P. Carrillo Short Run 2011
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