Edgar Hoill OSOK Callejero

img_5273 One of the newest additions to the long list of cigar manufacturers is Edgar Hoill. Most people had no idea who he was when he entered into the industry, but most people smoked a cigar made with his collaboration. That cigar was One Shot One Kill, and was a cigar made under the names of Matt Booth and Room 101 in early 2012. Interestingly enough Edgar Hoill entered into the industry working with Christian Eiroa and Fabricas Unidas, and not with Room 101 and the Davidoff/Camacho family. I have heard there are no hard feelings, but encouraging ones, and so today we look at the second release from Mr. Hoill. Continuing with the traditions from Room 101 O.S.O.K. Hoill released the cigars with figurado offerings.  Much different than the original O.S.O.K., this cigar is a Nicaraguan puro. It features a similar packaging model with the boxes and cigars, and the cigars themselves feature the paper tube around them. The tubing for this release however features a head of a warrior wearing a jaguar mask rather than a skull which was on the original. The sizes are all unique as well, and for this review I chose the Callejero which is a figurado that has a ring gauge of 48 at the widest and a length of 5.5″. The cigar features a wrapper that is not overly attractive or impressive, but a wrapper that has a coloring of Colorado Maduro. It is a firm perfecto with a great cap and the most impressive aspect visually is the the band. There are some veins present in the wrapper and it is silky overall to touch. The aroma at the head and foot is that of damp wood, tobacco and spices, and the wrapper shows some leathery notes.

The first third shows some powerful flavors, but the cigar is very smooth still. I am picking up some dry toast and lots of black pepper qualities right on the forefront. There are some leather and dry tobacco notes as well, and it has a finish that shows some very dry cocoa powder qualities. To me it is a cigar that shows the qualities of strong Nicaraguan tobacco and the flavors that go along with it. In terms of body the cigar is at a full level, and I would say the strength is more medium full. I definitely would not light one of these up in the morning, but in the afternoon and onwards I would with no problem. The construction on the figurado is stellar and I am getting a razor sharp burn line with a nice white colored ash. While different than the original O.S.O.K., it is nice to see a cigar return that is similar. 


I am in the second third of the cigar now and I am finding that the pepper flavors from the first third have toned down some. I am still getting that raw power from the toast, wood and leather notes, but the spicy qualities are definitely softer. It’s a small transition in terms of flavors, overall nothing too dramatic, but still a nice change. There are some subtle espresso notes, but very soft. The diminishing ring gauge is showing the wrapper and it is smoking cool. I would say the strength of the cigar is remaining at the medium full level which it has been, and the body is the same. It is definitely a cigar that comes off strong, and is, but it is also very smooth. In terms of construction the cigar is top notch and it is producing a razor sharp burn line with that lovely white colored ash on the end. 


The final third of the cigar shows a return of those spicy and peppery notes from the first third, and it also shows an increase in strength. I am still getting those core leather and wood flavors with the cigar, but the tobacco notes have become much more noticeable. It is accompanied by some cocoa and espresso bean qualities as well, and it is finishing wonderfully. The construction of the cigar has remained perfect from beginning to end, and it is producing that great razor sharp burn line. The ash has kept that white ash coloring as well and it holds on firmly to the last draw. I would say the strength reached a full level in this third and the body is at a full level as well. The final draw to the cigar is cool and smooth, but at the same time powerful from the flavors and tobacco used. 


While this not the Room 101 O.S.O.K., and it is not made by the same company, it is nice to see the return of O.S.O.K. While this was a completely different blend, and actually features no Honduran tobacco, it still possessed those qualities of being a strong cigar that doe not loose flavors with that. It is not a cigar I would enjoy frequently, but it is a cigar that I would have when I am looking for a  stronger cigar with a darker, natural and basic flavor profile. In terms of construction the cigar was fantastic and it produced a razor sharp burn line with a lovely ash. I think a lot of smokers who loved O.S.O.K. will enjoy this cigar, and will find it as a nice alternative to a great limited release. This is my first time smoking a cigar by Edgar Hoill and I am interested to see the road that he takes us down. I wonder if he is going to have small projects like this to complete the Fabricas Unidas portfolio or expand his portfolio and diversify internally. Either way this is a nice figurado that smoked wonderfully. I am giving this cigar a solid 88. 

Seth’s Humidor Rating: 88