Edmundo Dantes El Conde 109 2007 (Edición Regional Mexico)

Edmundo Dantes El Conde 109

I would first like to say that I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, Festivus, or just a relaxing day. I know I had a great day with family, and now I find myself sitting down with this great cigar and a wonderful Cabernet. The Edmundo Dantes brand is a well known brand throughout the Cuban cigar world, and those that have had the pleasure of smoking them know of their greatness. While most nations have had regional editions made for them, they are typically a special vitola of a well known brand of Habanos S.A., and not an individual brand. Fortunately for the nation of Mexico, they have a great friendship with Habanos S.A. because of a certain individual, Max Gutmann.

If you have never heard the name, Max Gutmann is Mexico’s Cigar King, and was the founders of the first La Casa del Habanos in Mexico in the mid 1990’s. He is Mexico’s official Cuban cigar agent, and controls all of the Habanos going into that nation. He is a very knowledgeable individual, and also very passionate about cigar. In fact James Suckling had a great interview with him some years ago, and you should check it out. Click here. Along with being the most important man in Mexico in terms of cigars, he also is responsible for bringing about the Edmundo Dantes El Conde 109 brand. The Edmundo Dantes brand was originally released in 2007, and was released as a regional edition cigar that was to be a large vitola like the Partagas Lusitania which Gutmann was a fan of. He felt that smokers no longer had the time to enjoy a long and great cigar, and he wanted to bring that back; almost make them spend some quality time with a great cigar.

The brand is named after the famous charter, Edmund Dantes, from The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Made in the H. Upmann Factory, the  Edmundo Dantes El Conde 109 was limited to 600 boxes total, and each numbered box contained 25 cigars. Initially the contact was set up so that if the cigar was a hit they had the option to produce another 600 boxes the following year, and so they did in 2008. The cigar is a unique size, and takes the shape of a Churchill Torpedo you may say. Measuring 7.2″ with a 50 ring gauge the cigar is truly unique to Cuban cigars because of the conical tapered head.  

Max Gutmann holding the Edmundo Dantes El Conde 109

The cigar is beautiful in hand, and is a very unique size. The slightly tapered head, conical, has a wonderful triple cap to it, and the wrapper throughout is gorgeous. It shows colors of red sand, and has some khaki coloring present in that as well. I would say the cigar falls between Natural and Colorado. The wrapper is toothy, and the are some veins present throughout. It is slightly soft to touch, but nothing to drastic, and has wonderful aromas of leather, hay, wood and caramel. The cold draw on the cigar is perfect, and with that draw I am getting soft coffee flavors with caramel, hay and grass. I toast the foot and begin to get wonderful aromas, and so begins the first third.     

Edmundo Dantes El Conde 109

As I smoke my way through the firs third, the cigar is fabulous. There are wonderful cedar flavors present, and I am getting a café au lait and almond flavor profile. There is a hint of hay and floral flavors present, and it captures those wonderful flavors of aged tobacco and caramel. The cigar is burning wonderfully, and it is leaving an ash that is light charcoal in coloring and holding on to the cigar very well. In terms of strength the cigar is not overly strong, or really strong at all. I would say it falls at a solid medium but it is so complex in terms of flavor and very elegant that this cigar keeps you entertained all the time. This is a great cigar so far, and a cigar that lives up to the hype of its release! When I get into the second the flavor profiles change a little and I am getting a hint of lemon zest present with a nice espresso flavor. There are still those wonderful light flavors of almonds, hay, cedar and floral present, but it is more of a mild finish to the initial espresso and lemon flavors that I am getting. There is a long finish of leather with this third, and the cigar has hit its sweet spot. The burn was slightly wavy in this third, but it corrects itself in a short matter of time making it not an issue. The cigar is smoking at a solid medium still in this third, and it is producing a great amount of smoke and a strong ash.
As I find myself halfway through the final third I begin to get upset because this cigar is coming to a close. This cigar thus far has been absolutely great, and it is a cigar that you don’t want to end. The cigar shows all those great flavors from the firs two thirds in this third, and they are all very balanced and flavorful. The coffee and lemon notes are balanced by almond and floral notes, and the leather and tobacco finish is smooth and wonderful. The final third smokes around medium in terms of strength, and when I smoke it down to the nub it is still cool and flavorful. I get great smoke rings in the end, and I am left with a wonderful aftertaste that makes me want another.  

This cigar was almost perfect, and that is why it gets 98 points. The cigar delivered so many wonderful flavors from beginning to end, and also remained a solid medium bodied smoke as well. There are very few cigars that are solid medium anymore, typically either full or mild, but this cigar was right in the middle. This is one of the best Cubans I have ever smoked, and I think it is one of the best cigars Habanos has released. If you by some miracle have the chance to smoke this cigar I suggest you do because it is absolutely divine. It’s a shame that these cigars were not made into regular production items for Max Gutmann and his La Casa del Habanos in Mexico, because they would move very well. I would fly down to Mexico to buy these beauties! I know right now that this cigar is definitely in the running for Top 25 Cigars of 2012, and I will remember this cigar for many years to come.

Beautiful Wrapper