El Oso Mama (Warped Cigars)

A company that needs no introduction, Warped Cigars is a true boutique company that is gaining ground across this great nation. They are in selected retail stores across the country, and the stores that are carrying them are some of the more prestigious and well known stores. I have found a lot of success with the lines and vitolas by Warped Cigars, and the company has been teaming with some of the best people in the industry, in terms of tobacco and rolling, to release some incredible blends. Today I come back to one of two regular production Miami lines, El Oso, but go with a cigar that is not as well known as some others. The line is composed of three vitolas, but what makes the line unique is that one of those three vitolas is a different blend than the other two. That unique cigar is the El Oso Mama, and today we are going to check out that cigar.
Not listed on the company’s website, but just as available as the other El Oso blends, El Oso Mama is a lancero that measures 7″ with a 38 ring gauge. Like the other two vitolas in the line, it is manufactured at El Titan de Bronze, and is made in limited numbers. What makes this blend unique to the other two vitolas in the El Oso line, is that this particular cigar is finished with a Mexican San Andres wrapper. Underneath that is an Ecuadorian binder and a filler blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco. The wrapper has a light maduro coloring, and it has an antique vibe to it. There are small veins present throughout the cigar, and the lancero is firm throughout with a lovely triple cap. I am getting aromas of nuts, toast, and lemon peel on the wrapper, and the foot is showing some similar notes with some earthy qualities.
el2boso2bmama2bwarped2bcigars2b3 The first third opens up by showing some noticeable spice notes, and it has a nice bit of black pepper present. There is a sweetness present with that, and it has a floral and herbal vibe going on. I am picking up some earthy qualities as well, and it has a distinct lemon peel flavor present as well, adding a nice complexity. The finish is showing some earthy qualities, and the pepper flavors are making another return. The construction is absolutely terrific on this lancero and it is producing a smooth draw that is very cool, and there is a nice bit of smoke with that. The burn line is razor sharp, and on the end is a small charcoal colored ash that is firm on the end. I would classify the strength of the cigar as being medium to medium-full, and it has a medium-full body level. So far, an awesome lancero and I love the wrapper being used on this vitola. el2boso2bmama2bwarped2bcigars2b6 I am in the second third of the lancero now and it is continuing to show some amazing flavors. I find that they are fairly similar to that of the first third, but they are so great and complex, that transitioning is not a key point. I am picking up strong lemon peel flavors, and it is pairing well with some coffee, herbal, and floral qualities. There is a nice toasty, nutty and woody flavor profile present as well, and this is great. The spice and pepper notes have faded, and it has made a smoother second third. The construction remains top notch in this third and the draw is still cool and producing a nice bit of smoke. The burn line is razor sharp on the end and it has a nice charcoal ash that is holding on firmly. I would classify the cigar as being medium-full in strength and body, and I look forward to seeing where the cigar is in the final third. el2boso2bmama2bwarped2bcigars2b5 The final third shows some transitioning from the first third, and it is in this third that I begin to get a lot more coffee notes, and they are paired with some nice lemon pepper qualities. It still has that herbal, floral, and nutty quality with the cigar, and the finish is toasty and earthy. It has a nice finish that is very smooth in terms of flavors, and there is a good bit of complexity present. The construction is top notch throughout the final third of the cigar and I smoke the lancero down to the nub. It has a cool draw from the beginning to the end, and with that is a nice bit of smoke being delivered on each puff. The burn line has been razor sharp from the beginning, and a firm charcoal ash remains on the end of the cigar. I would say the final third is more medium than anything else, and that goes for body and strength. el2boso2bmama2bwarped2bcigars2b4
The Mama is very different than the Cub and Papa, so you can’t really say that this is the best of the three vitolas, but I personally prefer this blend offering to the other two. There is a great flavor profile that is delivered with this San Andres wrapper, an in this small ring gauge, it is an easy and great smoking experience. I don’t know how this blend would be in a different size, maybe not as good, but in this lancero format it excels. From beginning to end, the cigar delivers amazing flavors, excellent construction, and a solid body and strength level; all great qualities. The blend was complex with a lot of depth, and it is a cigar I could begin my day with or end my day with. El Oso kinda fell by the wayside when I compared it with La Colmena, but after smoking this offering, it can truly compete against that line. Coming in ten count boxes, this is a box worthy cigar, sand it is a cigar I will definitely be coming back to down the road. I am giving the El Oso Mama a solid 92 rating.

Seth’s Humidor Rating: 92