Cigar Review: Espinosa Maduro Corona Gorda

img_4720 This past week for me was spent performing habitat for humanity work with the youth group from my church. For a whole week we removed ourselves from society to help those in need and have a great time as well. One of the sacrifices made during that week is that we as volunteers will not smoke during throughout the week. It may seem difficult, but it really is not, and provides me with the opportunity to really cleanse my palate. You can actually see the difference between cigar and cigarette smokers during that week, because cigar smokers like myself are not addicted to cigar. We enjoy the experiences they offer and the wonderful flavors they produce. It is not an addiction but a passion of pure enjoyment. So let us focus on a relatively new cigar that is making big waves.
The Espinosa Maduro Corona Gorda is a true corona gorda and measures 5 5/8″ with a 46 ring gauge. Like all of the cigars made by Erik Espinosa, the cigar is made at his La Zona Factory, and is made in the Cuban fashion. The cigar features a wonderful pigtail cap for the size and comes finished with a Mexican Maduro wrapper. Erik is one of the first manufacturers to really use the wrapper, and announce it, and I remember when the Murcielago first came out. The cigar features Nicaraguan tobacco in the binder and filler, and is the only size in the line that is not box pressed. The cigar is a great example of a lovely maduro that has a wrapper which is full of veins, firm, very smooth and showing slight bit of tooth. There is an aroma of sweet earth, pepper, wood and cocoa at the foot, and the cold draw shows some similarities.
img_4721 Lighting up the cigar I am immediately greeted with these wonderful earthy flavors that are rich and sweet, but not over the top. There is some balance to that with bits of toast and nuts, but it is a cigar that shows some rich earth and cocoa flavors. I am not getting many peppery notes or spices, but rather a subtle presence in the background. I would say the body and strength of the cigar in the first third is at a solid medium level, and it is a cigar that I could smoke anytime of day. I almost expected it to be stronger in both body and strength, but it was not that at all. The construction is fairly solid showing a nice burn line with a solid burn line that is a dark charcoal in coloring. So far this is a great first cigar to review after a week away from smoking. When I get into the second third of the cigar I find that the flavors get a little bit darker and stronger. There is a growing coffee bean flavor to the cigar, and with that is a slightly burnt toast characteristic. There are those nutty and cocoa notes to play off of the rich earthy flavors, and it is now more medium to medium full overall in terms of body. The strength is still at a medium level in my opinion, and it is still a cigar that I could smoke anytime of day, and even begin the day with. The construction is perfect in the second third, showing a razor sharp burn line, and it has a lovely dark charcoal ash that is holding on firmly. I am getting a perfect draw for the cigar and it has a nice amount of smoke produced with a cool draw that is important when you have a smaller ring gauge. img_4723 I am in the final third of the cigar now and I find that this third is a continuation from the second third. There is a lovely medium full body and strength to the cigar now, and it is closing in a manner that has shown growth from beginning to end. The strength is now at a medium full level, but it is still an easy smoke for me. The flavors are very balanced in this third and I am getting a nice bit of coffee paired with rich earth notes. The cocoa and nutty notes are present as well, and it has a finish that is fairly toasty, but not burnt toast as it was before. It is showing a great Mexican maduro flavor profile and is a classic example of the wrapper. The construction on the cigar is still terrific and it has that razor sharp burn line with a nice dark charcoal colored ash. The final draw to the cigar is smooth and flavorful, and I immediately grab another.

I really dug this cigar. I loved the flavor profile that it offered, also the strength, but what I loved most was that the cigar was offered in a corona gorda format. I am not one to smoke cigars with a larger ring gauge, so when the opportunity presents itself to smoke a smaller cigar I will not pass. This cigar has been out for roughly two months now and it has been very successful. I know a lot of guys dig the line and love that Erik used a Mexican Maduro wrapper. Erik and Eddie were some of the first to use the wrapper when they released Murcielago, and I think this cigar shows how good Erik is when using the wrapper. Overall I will not say I like it as much as the Habano version, but it is still very enjoyable. I am giving this cigar a solid 90 and will be smoking them again in the future.

Seth’s Humidor Rating: 90