Flor del Valle Las Brumas (Warped Cigars)

Last week I reviewed the La Colmena Amado No 36, and while I typically do not try and review two cigars from a company this close together, I had to as this is probably one of the better cigars I have smoked this month. When Warped Cigars announced that they would be working with the Casa Fernandez team for their third line, Flor Del Valle, I was super excited. Casa Fernandez is doing wonderful things right now, they have been for a while to be honest, so teaming up with a young individual like Kyle Gellis of Warped Cigars was bound to be a success. The line is quite different than their other projects, and in some ways is their most traditional line. I reviewed the Gran Valle at the beginning of February, giving it a 90, but today I look at the recent line extension to the line, Las Brumas, and see how this smaller offering smokes.
Las Brumas is the third vitola in the Flor Del Valle line, and is a vitola extension that was released late in February/earlier this month. Las Brumas is translated as The Mists. The cigar hails from Nicaragua, and is made at Casa Fernandez’s factory there, TABSA. It is a Nicaraguan puro, and is composed of Criollo ’98 and Corojo ’99 tobacco. Las Brumas is a Rothschild in nature, and it measures 4.5″ with a 48 ring gauge. The cigar comes with a smooth wrapper that has some vein that are pressed lovely, hiding them from the surface, and it has a nice marbled Colorado coloring to it as well. There are no major oils present to touch, and it has a find sandy quality present as well.The aroma on the wrapper is a sweet aroma, and it is giving off some nice sweet cedar, floral, and tobacco qualities, while the foot is showing some more earthy, tobacco, and raisin notes.
flor2bdel2bvalle2blas2bbrumas2b5 The cigar opens up by showing some terrific floral and herbal qualities, and I am picking up slight hints of rosemary. There is a nice spice level present as well, and it is showing some cinnamon and nutmeg qualities. I am noticing some whole wheat bread qualities as well, and it has a finish that is giving off some nutty and earthy qualities. The blend is fantastic, and everything is working with one another. I would classify the strength as being medium overall, nothing major, and the strength is right above that, just shy of medium-full. There is a cool draw to the cigar, and it is producing a nice amount of smoke in the palate and a great bit on the retro and exhale. The ash is holding on firmly to the end as well, and it is a sightly firm ash with a nice charcoal coloring. The burn line is razor sharp and I am really loving this smoke. flor2bdel2bvalle2blas2bbrumas2b4 When I get into the second third of the cigar I find that the spice notes increase some and I am getting some more pepper flavors. It is still showing that floral and herbal quality as well, and with the pepper notes it is producing a very flavorful smoke. There are some bread qualities present as well, and it has nice toasty walnut finish with some sweet cedar flavors. The construction remains top notch in the blend and it is sowing an even burn line with a nice charcoal ash that is firm on the end. The draw remains cool throughout the second third, and the smoke production is at the perfect amount as it is not lingering but present. I would classify this third as being medium overall, and that goes for the body and strength. The body has come down some, but it is working out perfectly and creating a great smoking experience. flor2bdel2bvalle2blas2bbrumas2b2 I am in the final third of the cigar now and the finish is showing some nice transitioning from the second third. I am getting some nice soft spice notes, and it is showing bits of cinnamon, pepper, and definite nutmeg notes. There are some earthy and sweet cedar qualities present as well, and it has touches leather and tobacco flavors with that. It has a great finish that is cool and smooth, and it does not overpower the palate, which is a good thing. The construction is perfect in the final third of the cigar and it is showing an even burn line with a nice charcoal ash on the end. The ash is holding on firmly and with each draw is a nice amount of smoke in the air and on the palate. I think the final third is my favorite of the thirds, and the flavors are matched with that great medium body and strength level which I can totally get behind. flor2bdel2bvalle2blas2bbrumas2b3
Las Brumas is in my mind, the best vitola in the Flor del Valle line. The size shows the greatness of the wrapper and filler tobacco, and it is a blend that is complex, showing transitioning and depth from beginning to end. It’s a perfect size for a smoker like myself, and I think the Rothschild/petit robusto vitola is one of the best on the market. The flavors delivered were wonderful, and some of the best I have seen with AGANORSA tobacco, and with a blend like this it shows that Casa Fernandez takes care of everyone who works with them. The construction was spectacular throughout, and with the strength and body smoking at the level in which it did, I find myself able to smoke these in the morning, afternoon, or evening. The price is terrific on these as well, so this is easily a box purchase. I think they will age tremendously, but they are smoking like champs young. I am giving the cigar a 92 rating.

Seth’s Humidor Rating: 92