Cigar Review: Fonseca No. 4 Edición Regional Benelux (2010)

Fonseca is a brand I cannot say I have ever enjoyed, nor looked for honestly. I can remember having one a long time ago, but though it was average at best. However, I had heard from friends that a Regional Edition was flying under the radar, the Benelux No. 4, so I figured I would give it a try and see if my initial experience with Fonseca was a misfire. The Fonseca No. 4 Edición Regional Benelux is a Hermosos No. 4, or a corona extra, that for Americans would fall into the robusto category of sizes. For me, I love Hermosos No. 4, as the slight change in ring gauge from a 50rg robusto appeals to my love of smaller sizes. The Fonseca brand itself, is a pre-revolution brand, that started in the late 1800’s, and is now a multi-local brand with only a few current sizes. The Fonseca No. 4 Edición Regional Benelux is limited to only 1600 cigars in boxes of 25, so production was small, and they can still be found.


Dry Draw: dried fruits galore

 First Third: Smooth, creamy, rich chocolate flavor: that is what came to mind immediately upon lighting up the Fonseca No. 4 Edición Regional Benelux. The retrohale had bean notes, with no spice at all. My mind was caught somewhere between the baked bean notes in the nose, and a dessert beverage on the draw. The finish was excellent, and the first third caught me by surprise with a barrage of medium bodied flavor coating my tongue. 


Second Third: Some spice began to arrive, as well as the body of the Fonseca No. 4 Edición Regional Benelux. The draw was extremely flavorful, with a long finish to compliment. Light Anaheim notes began to appear, but some richness left, while the creamy draw stuck around. Orange peel picked up about halfway, which was probably the dry draw coming out, and my tongue seemed to be coated with it like a glove. The beans notes lingered in the background as well.


Final Third:The Anaheim notes began to take over, signaling another shift for the final third. The Fonseca No. 4 Edición Regional Benelux delivered very distinct, rich flavors that hit the tongue with precision. I kind of got lost in the cigar, which does not happen often anymore. Light roast coffee grabbed the hand of the Anaheim and took charge for the finale. Orange peel never left the building, while the bean notes never came back. My note pad concluded with, “big ending.”

Construction: Perfect

Final Thoughts: Holy crap what have I been missing is my final thoughts. The Fonseca No. 4 Edición Regional Benelux made me want to visit the brand in its entirety really. This was the kind of cigar that makes me look for a box of it, and look for boxes of other releases from the brand. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it really, the experience was phenomenal, and the price is relatively inexpensive. For those interested, my buddy Frederic over at LCDH Knokke still has these in stock, and you can find him HERE.

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