Cigar Review: Four Kicks Corona Gorda by Crowned Heads

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I know I recently reviewed the Robusto vitola in the Four Kicks line, click here for the review, but I am back again to review another great size in a fabulous line. I am really loving the smokes by Crowned Heads right now, and though they have one line, it is a great line! I am very happy to see that they are doing well as a company and getting great press, but I am happier that they are making a great cigar. The Four Kicks line is their first, of what I hope is many to come, great lines and it is phenomenal. Initially limited to release between 30,000 and 35,000 cigars the line has been moving well from what I have heard, and I imagine they will be putting out more of these smokes. I have heard nothing but great things about the cigars so far from fellow bloggers and your everyday cigar smokers, and I have said nothing but great things as well. I believe Crowned Heads has done everything right so far as a cigar maker and without further adieu I will begin with my assessment of the Corona Gorda vitola. Made by E.P. Carrillo in the Dominican Republic at his new and fabulous factory, the cigar is made in the great Cuban fashion as well. Ernesto Perez-Carrillo is a living legend in the industry, and working with him on this project was nothing but brilliant. The cigar features a gorgeous Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, and has Nicaraguan fillers and binders. The Corona Gorda is beautiful to look at and measures 5.6″ and has a 56 ring gauge. When I see a cigar in this vitola it is hard to want to smoke another size, and that is the case with this cigar. Looking at these sticks in my box they are all gorgeous, and I always struggle on which one to pick out to smoke. Holding the cigar in hand it is very firm and rolled wonderfully. The triple cap is placed perfectly, and the cigar has some great coloring, and I would say the cigar falls into the Natural side of things. There are some veins present in the cigar, and the coloring would be best described as marbled khaki in parts. I am getting aromas of leather, wood, coffee, and stone fruit, and I am eager to start this treat.

Great Wrapper

The cigar starts out wonderfully, and from the beginning I am getting some great coffee notes. There is a lovely amount of spice present in the cigar, and it is showing some cinnamon and nutmeg characteristics. I am getting some leather flavors as well with the cigar, and I am noticing some great coffee, earth, and jammy flavors. The cigar is very balanced and it is very flavorful. The strength is around medium for me, and it has that perfect level in my opinion for smoking any time of the day. The burn line is great with the cigar, and it is leaving an ash that is charcoal gray in coloring. I am really loving this first third, and looking forward to what is to come.   I am in the second third of the cigar now, and this cigar is still wonderful. This is a cigar that provides so many great flavors while performing so well as a cigar that I can not get enough of them. The flavors in this second third have intensified from the first third, and I am getting lots of coffee, rich earth, jammy flavors, leather and wood notes. There are still those lovely spice notes present in this third, and the sweet spot right now is the sweet spots of sweet spots. The strength of the cigar is still around medium, and absolutely wonderful. I always strive to find cigars that are medium in body and very flavorful, and this cigar is that. It is still burning perfectly in this third, and I am loving the strong ash on this cigar. In the final third now, and this cigar is still unbelievable. It has been burning perfectly the whole time, and been providing a cool and flavorful draw. Along with remaining consistent in great construction the cigar all stays consistently in providing a medium bodied smoke as well. I know I just said it, but I love medium bodied smokes that are incredibly flavorful, I actually prefer them over full bodied cigars that are flavorful. The cigar is still showing those great leather, earth and wood flavors, and it has a great finish of coffee, jam flavors, and nutmeg and cinnamon. I smoke the cigar down to the nub, and even at the end the draw is cool and pleasant, a great cigar!

I have been smoking my way though these cigars, and I can not get enough of them. Each one of them is packed with awesome flavors and smokes incredibly well. Every time I light up another one I can not help but marvel over how well they smoke and how great the ash is. These cigars are just beautiful and a treat. Whether you prefer a Robusto, Sublime, Torpedo or Corona Gorda, each and every one of these cigars is going to deliver nothing but greatness. I for one love the Corona Gorda vitola, and that is why I am giving this cigar 94 points. If you have the chance to buy these cigars by the box you should, because they are keepers. I will say that after this cigar and line I look forward to the next project by Crowned Heads, and wish them best of luck on their next journey!

Four Kicks Corona Gorda


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