Fuente Fuente Opus X Figurado (Cigar Family Charitable Foundation Dinner 2011)

Cigar Family Charitable Foundation

When you are able to buy two great cigars, and have 100% of that sale go to charity, you know the charity is the real thing. The Fuente and Newman Family have been showing their greatness and humanity since 2001 with the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation, and with the help of so many people they are able to continue this wonderful act. The Cigar Family Charitable Foundation is really a great organization that does so much for children in the surrounding community of the Fuente’s and Newman’s facilities in the Dominican Republic, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of attending an event, or being a retailer and hosting the event you really should. Check out the website and do your part in playing a positive factor in these children’s lives. (Cigar Family Charitable Foundation website)

Last Monday I had the fortune of attending a Toast Across America Dinner hosted by Havana Phil’s Cigar Company and Mark’s, and what an evening it was. We all enjoyed a wonderful meal at Mark’s in Greensboro, NC, wonderful cigars, and were able to raise a good amount or the children of the organization in the Dominican Republic. While we smoked some great Fuente and Newman Cigars that evening, the gift of the evening was the 2011 Cigar Family Charitable Foundation Coffin Sampler. The 2011 coffin included two special edition figurados, that are not available any other way, and they were a Fuente Fuente Opus X and a Diamond Crown Julius Caesar, the Newman’s newest cigar line.

Opus X Figurado

The first cigar that I will smoke is the Fuente Fuente Opus X Figurado. The Fuente Fuente Opus X line is probably the most sought after cigar in the world, and has become a legend since its initial release date in 1995. Quantity is limited on this gem, and it is released only a few times a year. The Fuente Fuente Opus X is the first Dominican puro, and is made at the Chateau de la Fuente. For sometime it was said that you could never grow a high quality wrapper in the Dominican, and that Dominican puros would not be practiced, but Carlito Fuente challenged everyone when this was said and look what he has accomplished. The tobaccos for this cigar are grown in the volcanic and rich soils surrounding the Chateau de la Fuente, and it derives its name Opus from the beautiful rosado wrapper that the cigar has. The Project for this cigar was called Project X. Holding the cigar in hand it is absolutely gorgeous. The beautiful figurado has that Rosado color to it (reddish brown), and the cigar is oily and silky showing small veins throughout. I don’t know the exact measurements of the cigar, but I would say it is around 6″ and has a ring gauge at the foot which is around 58 decreasing to the head. It is constructed beautifully with a great cap and a beautiful nipple on the foot. Figurado’s really are great cigars to smoke because you get a tight draw at first, and then you are greeted with tons of flavors from the filler tobacco when you are done with the nipple. While smoking the cigar down to a smaller ring gauge you begin to taste more and more of the wrapper, and it is a great way to get lots of unique flavors in each third. The Opus X has a great aroma, and it is showing wonderful spice notes, some chocolate, nice hints of leather, cedar and oak, and some hints of marshmallows on the finish. As I light up the cigar I let it get past the nipple and a little way into the cigar before analyzing the smoke. Because of the ring gauge right now I am going to be picking up a lot of flavors from the filler tobacco, but as I get further and further into the cigar I will begin to pick up more notes from the wrapper. The cigar is showing a good amount of spice to begin with, and it is accompanied by hints of leather, stone fruit, wood and cocoa. The cigar is definitely medium-full in strength and very complex. I am getting a wonderful amount of thick smoke, and it is giving me great chance to blow smoke rings. So far the burn is a little wavy but it is nothing to bad. When I get into the second third of the cigar I am beginning to pick up more flavors from the wrapper and the cigar is becoming more spicy as well. There is a lot of leather and spice up front, and the cigar shows some coffee, wood and stone fruit notes on the finish. I am not picking up as much cocoa in this third, but it is still there. I would say the cigar is now full bodied but very balanced and flavorful so it is not overpowering in any way. The burn has tightened up in this third, and it is near perfect now. The smoke is still thick and giving off a great aroma. I have always enjoyed Opus X’s, and I have never been one to smoke them constantly, but rather in limited numbers and this cigar is definitely reminding me of how great they are. I am in the final third of the cigar now, the ring gauge is now  between a corona gorda and a toro, and it is beautiful  The cigar is showing tons of spice, leather, cocoa and wood up front, and there are still hints of stone fruit and coffee throughout, but they are finishing flavors and very subtle. The cigar is very complex and flavorful, and remaining full bodied. It is still burning cool all the way to the end of the cigar, and I am really sorry that I don’t have more of these smokes in my humidor. The burn was still great to the end, and I put it down with a little bit left of the nub. I continue to sit in my chair after smoking still tasting the wonderful flavors in my mouth and wanting another one right away, great cigar!

Fuente Fuente Opus X

Even if this was not a great cigar, I would love it because what it stands for, but this cigar was great. I am giving it a 93. The cigar showed excellent flavors, a nice burn, and a beautiful vitola. I don’t expect anything less than greatness with an Opus X, and I have always found that they deliver that. Fuente Fuente Opus X cigars are always going to be in high demand, and they are great to buy, but I ask that all of you out there purchase these 2011 Charity Coffins first, attend a Toast Across America Event, or host an event for this cause. This is such a great cause, and something that can never receive enough support along the way. The more that give, the more that can be helped. We should all applaud the Newman’s and Fuente’s for making great cigars, but we should applaud them more for their compassion, kindness and generosity. Thank you Fuente and Newman Family for being great human-beings and doing the right thing. I am glad that I can help along the way with such a great cause!    

Toast Across America