Fuente Fuente Opus X Perfecxion No. 5

img_1075 I honestly believe that the statement Arturo Fuente claims about the Opus X to be true. “The cigar is the pinnacle of cigar perfection, and the standard by which all cigars are measured. I can’t think of many cigar companies that have not sought out to create a cigar that would be known as the Opus X Killer. The cigar was the first of its kind in being a Dominican puro, and they set new grounds by creating a cigar with a Dominican wrapper, and a Habano wrapper at that. I believe that they are so powerful when first released that they need to rest for a little while, and after that they need to be dry boxed for a couple days before being smoked. One of my favorite smokes in the line is probably the least popular of them all, and it is really a size that you do not think of when you smoke an Opus X. Typically when I grab a cigar in this line I want a smoking experience that can be enjoyed for some time, but this is not the case.
The Perfecxion No. 5 is a great and unique size, because it gives you the opportunity to smoke an Opus X, but it also is a smoke that you can have during a short time period. I would not say you can rush through this cigar, and you should not, but it is a cigar to have when an hour is all you have. The cigar is practically a petit corona, and it measures 4 7/8″ with a 40 ring gauge. Like all the Opus X cigars, it is made in the Dominican Republic at Chateau de la Fuente, and is a Dominican puro. The cigar is very firm in hand, and has a wonderful smooth texture. It is a Colorado Maduro in coloring, and has this marbled brownish clay coloring. At the foot of the cigar I am getting notes of tobacco, rich earth, fruit and red pepper; and the wrapper itself is showing some wood and leather notes. Everything about this cigar so far is beautiful and exemplary. 
img_1074 The cigar stats off amazingly, and it is a powerhouse in every way. The flavors are pronounced, rich and so enjoyable. I am getting this wonderful tangy currant flavor to begin with, and it is showing some strong tobacco and unsweetened dark chocolate flavors with that. There are some heavy spices playing along with all those other flavors, and I am getting some red pepper notes with that. There is a gamey meat flavor profile to the finish of the cigar as well, and it is beautiful. The ash is this wonderful light gray color, and there is a burn line to the cigar that is nearly perfect. I am getting tons of smoke with each draw and the strength of the cigar is at the medium full level. When I enter the second half of the cigar I am finding it to mellow out some, but it is still so rich and amazing. The currant and tobacco notes have become less tangy you may say, and it is giving off this red wine feel. The unsweetened dark chocolate notes are still present to the cigar, and it is balancing out the red pepper spice notes with that. It is showing a leathery and meaty finish to the cigar also, and it is leaving my palate truly satisfied. The burn has been phenomenal throughout the whole smoke, and it has produced this lovely near white ash from beginning to end. I am saying that the strength level is right at a solid medium full level, but to some they would say it is more full in body. The finish is cool and flavorful, and I smoke it down to the little nub.   img_1076 The Opus X is a line that excels with age, and this particular vitola showed true case for that statement. I have always enjoyed this vitola in the line, but the last two I smoked really rocked. I have been smoking cigars that have been enjoyable lately, but none of them have reached that 90 point level, and this cigar really blew the charts in my ratings. It was packed with tons of flavors, a great strength level, and even after these years of aging gave me the run around. I know this size is not popular among smokers these days, but it is a great way to smoke this awesome line when time is not on your side. I know I have a couple more tucked away, but I would buy a box of these to have around in the future if I could. I give this smoke a solid 96; it was simply awesome.