Fuente Fuente Opus X The Lost City (Double Robusto)

Fuente Fuente Opus X The Lost City – Double Robusto

If you thought the Fuente Fuente Opus X was limited, then you have not tried or heard about the Opus X The Lost City. I believe that the Opus X is probably the most well known name in the cigar industry, and more often than not when a cigar shopper walks into a retail store they ask if the store has any Opus X’s. I have always enjoyed the cigars, but I never got into the hype of them that some have. Yes I always have a couple in my humidor, but I do not smoke them that often. They aren’t special occasion cigars for me, but they more fall into the category of “I haven’t smoked an Opus X in a while, let’s light one up.” The Opus X story is an incredible story to begin with, and it has been a cigar that has shaped the concept of tobacco growing and Dominican puros. With that being said, the Opus X Lost City takes us down a similar journey, but one that is more incredible in some ways, and if anything a spectacular addition.

It all began in 2004 when Andy Garcia was filming the movie The Lost City. The movie is about a family living in Cuba in the late 50’s  who undergoes the dramatic regime changes from the Batista Government to the revolution under Fidel Castro. During the film, there is a scene that depicts a tobacco farm, and Andy Garcia wanted it to be filled with tobacco that was growing. The only problem is that you don’t grow tobacco in the summertime, and that is when they were filming. Typically tobacco is grown at the beginning of the year and harvested in the spring so that it can have a consistent growing period, and not undergo the fluctuating weather changes of the summer. For this scene he was filming it at Chateau de la Fuente in the Dominican Republic and because of his friendship with the Fuente Family, Carlito Fuente offered to grow some tobacco for the film in the summertime. Carlito eventually harvested the tobacco, and after aging it for five years he determined that it was superb and capable of making a cigar with it. Since then he has grown tobacco in the summertime and used that tobacco for this cigar in the Fuente Fuente Opus X The Lost City. The cigar is much more limited then the regular Opus X, and is very different because of the climate in which the tobacco is grown. The tobacco for the cigar is the same tobacco as the Opus X, but because of the seasonal differences you see a slight change in the flavor profile of the cigar. These cigars are released once a year, and for November of 2011, Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia launched only 4,500 boxes. Of those boxes 1,300 of them were for the Double Robusto vitola. The Double Robusto measures 5.7″ and has a ring gauge of 52. As I said earlier the cigar is a Dominican puro, and is finished with the infamous Fuente Dominican Habano wrapper. The cigar is beautiful to look at with the infamous Opus X band, and the additional Lost City  band. The wrapper has a lovely brownish red color to it, and is a perfect example a Colorado coloring wrapper. Holding the foot of the cigar to my nose I am gifted with wonderful aromas of leather, wood, coffee, spice and a hint of honey.

We all know that band!
Opus X The Lost City

Immediately after lighting up the cigar I am greeted with extraordinary flavors. I am picking up lovely notes of spice right away, and there are also notes of leather. There is a hint of cedar further into the third, but the most powerful notes are that of cream and coffee. The cigar is incredibly complex and balanced, but more importantly super smooth. I would say this cigar smokes at a solid medium, maybe medium-full, but it is so wonderful I could smoke it in the morning as well. The burn line on this cigar is absolutely perfect, and it leaves a beautiful solid gray ash that is very firm. When I get into the second third of the cigar I am still experiencing all of those heavenly qualities. There is an emergence of toasty notes and nuts in this third, and when it gets paired with the coffee and cream notes it is heavenly. There are still those spice, cedar and leather notes in this cigar, and I would say it is more fuller in body now. The strength from this cigar is definitely coming from the wrapper, and that has to do with the time in which it was grown. The wrapper leaf on this cigar definitely got more sunlight, and also more powerful sunlight.  It is a very complex cigar and the burn line on the cigar is still immaculate. I am in the final third now, and the only thing I can is wow. This cigar really is delivering on every front, and I know it is going to do well when I add up these points. The cream and coffee notes in this third are paired wonderfully and evenly with the toast and cedar notes, and it is smoking around medium in body. There is a finish of sweet spice, leather and nuts, and I want to smoke another one right away. The burn line is still perfect all the way to the end, and the smoke it is producing has been perfect for smoke rings. When I put the cigar down there is very little left of the nub, and it has been a cool and pleasant smoke to the end. What a great cigar, truly amazing. One interesting thing about this cigar, compared with the regular Opus X is that this cigar is a little bit softer. I would say this cigar is more medium, medium-full, while the regular line is definitely full in strength. Both cigars are very flavorful and complex, but in terms of flavor profile I would prefer this cigar. It is very complex and rich throughout, and it is a very special cigar. I would give this cigar 98 points, and I could find very little wrong with it. One great fact about this cigar is that the profits of it go the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation. Yes it is an expensive cigar, but it is very unique in the since of when it is grown and its limited production. I have found this to be a great special occasion cigar, and when I smoke it not only am I celebrating something great, but I am also doing a great thing by contributing to  a great cause. Definitely try this cigar, and whether it be you or someone else who purchases it, this is a treat you should have.

Beautiful summer grown wrapper