Fuente Fuente OpusX Angel's Share Reserva d'Chateau

When I think of Arturo Fuente Cigars, the first thing that comes to mind is the OpusX brand. That should not be a surprise, but the second thing that comes to mind is how much they help those in need. I have seen no other cigar company help children and families to the degree that they have. If there other companies do it, they are quiet about it, but the Fuente Family is a family that tells everyone they are helping people, and they help people that because they are so thankful for everything they have. They say it themselves, they are so blessed that they know it is their responsibility to help those in need. They deserve a round of applause for that, and that is why today I am smoking the Fuente Fuente OpusX Angel’s Share. This is a special release cigar by the family that is an OpusX blend from lower primings, and it is a cigar that has the proceeds go to organizations like the Cigar Family Charitable Foundation, St. Jude and The Dan Marino Foundation. There is something special about smoking a cigar, but there is something more special about knowing you are helping people in need.

For this review, I went with the Churchill vitola, and grabbed the Reserva d’Chateau. The Churchill measures 7″ with a 48 ring gauge and is box pressed. It features a Dominican Chateau de la Fuente Sun Grown, same as the regular OpusX, but this is from a lower priming. Underneath that is an all Dominican blend, and all the tobacco is aged. With beautiful bands, a solid triple cap and gorgeous colored wrapper, the cigar is simply stunning. It has a beautiful press to it and silky and slightly oily texture to touch. I would say the coloring is right between Natural and a light Colorado, and it is a firm cigar in hand and firm to touch. At the foot of the cigar I am getting an aroma of raisins, sweet milk chocolate, tobacco, ripe banana notes and a hint of soft manure. The wrapper is showing some earthy, leathery and tobacco notes as well, and the aroma is terrific.

The cigar begins by showing some great creamy flavors and it is accompanied by this soft lemon and coconut flavor with that. There are some noticeable spices present as well and it is accompanied by some cedar, hay, leather and coffee bean notes. There are some soft grassy flavors on the finish as well and this is an elegant cigar. It has a softer beginning to it, that other Opus Xs don’t have, but that comes from this lower priming wrapper. The construction is good on the cigar, it is producing a burn line that is not perfect, but it burns razor sharp with that slight unevenness. The draw is cool and producing a nice bit of smoke, and the ash is holding on firmly while showing a nice charcoal color. I would say that that the body of the cigar is at a medium level right now and the strength level is there as well.

When I get into the second third of the cigar I begin to see some transitioning and the cigar begins to show more stronger Opus X flavors. The creaminess really calms down in the second half of the cigar and it is showing some more tobacco, leather and coffee bean notes. I am getting some spicy qualities here and there, and it has a nice finish that has some soft cocoa notes present. It is definitely a complex smoke and a great blend by the Fuente Family. The construction is great in the second third of the cigar and I find the burn line has perfected itself and is showing an even burn line now with that charcoal ash on the end holding on firmly. The draw is still cool and while I typically like Churchills in the round format, it is smoking well with this press. The body and strength are above medium in this third and I would say it is between medium and medium full overall.

I am in the final third of the cigar now and it is really ending by showing some solid Opus X flavors. I am picking up some solid leather and tobacco notes, and it has some coffee and cocoa notes present as well. It is really ending like an Opus, but it still has this lighter quality present with some nutty and creamy aspects as well. I like how the cigar ends, very different from where it began, and while it is still elegant it is fuller. The strength of the cigar is right at a medium full level and the body is there as well. It is not as strong as a regular Opus X, but it is almost there while showing some lighter qualities. The construction is great on the stick in this third as well and it has that even burn line with a nice charcoal ash that is holding on firmly at the end. The draw is cool on the finish and it is showing those nice flavors at the end.

This is an incredible cigar and in some ways, I prefer these to regular OpusXs. I think that comes from the softer beginning and the fact that these are better young than regular OpusXs. With age these will become even better and there is a reason that the brand is a well loved brand. I am a fan of Dominican tobacco and Dominican puros when done correctly, and this cigar is done correctly. The construction was nice on the cigar from beginning to end and with that is an amazing flavor profile that is hard to match. The family knows how to blend a Dominican puro and deliver this unique and wonderful quality that is almost a trademark for Arturo Fuente Cigars. This is a cigar you buy, smoke some and age the rest. Come back in a year and it will be better. Come back in five year and this cigar will be simply magnificent. I am giving this cigar a solid 94 rating and look forward to visiting it again down the road.

Seth’s Humidor Rating: 94