Gurkha Seduction

Gurkha Seduction

Most people know the Gurkha name in the cigar industry, but some don’t know how it came about. In the late 1980’s Kaizad Hansotia was on a business trip in Goa, India and he came across a small cigar company called Gurkha Cigars. He bought the company for only $143.00, and for years would give away the cigars he had made as corporate gifts. Eventually he would have the cigars be made for the United States market in 1995, and the rest is history. He has made truly boutique and limited cigars since then, and each one has been packaged beautifully. I think I have smoked my way through almost all the Gurkha lines, and there was a time that it was my quest to smoke them all. Well, like the  TV Series Lost, you miss one episode and you are completely “lost,” the same applies for Gurkha Cigars. Just recently I was lucky enough to come home from seeing my newly born niece and be gifted with some wonderful presents from Gurkha Cigars. Inside was one of their newest releases, the Gurkha Seduction.

Released in the late of 2010, the Seduction was not focused on at the 2010 IPCPR, but became a featured item at this years IPCPR, 2011. The cigar features a band that has the typical Gurkha Soldier on it, but with what looks like a rose behind him. The main colors are that of orange, crimson, bronze and gold, and they are all ornate designs over a color of old parchment paper. It’s a very attractive and extravagant band, and everyone who has seen the bands that I know has been impressed with them. The packaging is very lovely, as to be expected with any Gurkha Cigar, but the cigars here are amazing as well. The cigar features an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, that is beautiful, and has a Dominican Olor binder. The filler is entirely Colombian tobacco, and it is a Corojo seed. This is the first time I have seen an entirely Colombian filler, and more importantly it is one of the few cigars that features Colombian tobacco. I really enjoy cigars with Colombian tobacco, and they typically are very rich and you see that with cigars by Gurkha, Gran Habano, and Jesus Fuego.  

The cigar has a really lovely wrapper, and with the marbled coloring it can blend in perfectly with some wooden furniture in my home, and probably certain chocolate bars. I would say the wrapper is Colorado Maduro in coloring, and it is very smooth and silky to touch. There are a few veins present here and there, but nothing too major, and the cigar is very firm. The aroma of the cigar is enticing, and it shows a lot of rich earth, coffee, cocoa, leather, tobacco and spice notes. For this review I was gifted the robusto vitola which measures 5″ with a 55 ring gauge.

Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that is marbled in coloring

The cigar begins wonderfully, and the spices present really are seductive. They are very soft spices, but there is a definite flavor of Asian spice. Along with the spice notes I get some cedar notes, and there is a little bit of rich earth/cocoa flavors present. The finish is very soft, and I am getting some coffee and leather notes, and the cigar as a whole leaves a slightly sweet finish. The burn line in this third was very nice, slightly wavy, and the ash was a dark gray color. The ash remained on the cigar very well, but when you break it off it is very soft and crumbles easily, pretty cool.  The strength is at a solid medium in this third, and I could smoke this anytime of day. In the second third of the cigar the rich earth and cocoa notes from the first third really take control, and the cigar is very rich. I am still getting those Asian spices with it, and there are those cedar notes as well, but it is mostly rich. The finish of coffee and leather is still there, but there is also this additional caramel flavor that is very enjoyable. Overall the second third was very similar to that of the first third in strength and flavor, but with the great flavors I am getting I like the road this cigar is traveling on. The burn line was slightly wavy in this third, but it was producing a wonderful amount of smoke that was aromatic and great for rings.   When I get into the final the third, the cigar continues to show all the great flavors that I have been getting throughout. It is not overly complex in the sense that I am getting something new all the time, but it is very complex in the fact that I am getting tons of the same rich and complex flavors from beginning to end. The Asian spice notes pair wonderfully with the rich earth and cocoa notes, and the coffee and leather notes end wonderfully with a hint of caramel. It is still medium in body as it has been throughout and very enjoyable. The ash was very lovely in this third, and the burn line has corrected itself and been perfect to this point. As I smoke the cigar down to the nub it remains cool and flavorful, and I put it down when I am beginning to burn my fingers.  

This was an amazing cigar, and very enjoyable. It provided consistent flavors throughout, and was very complex. It was a medium body cigar from beginning to end in terms of strength, but flavor wise this smoke was off the charts. This is a cigar that almost anyone could smoke, but someone who has been smoking for some time and has a sophisticated palate will most likely be the one who truly enjoys this complex cigar. I think it is one of Gurkha’s more flavorful and rich lines, and I love the tobacco break down in the cigar. I know I have loved these, and others I have talked to feel the same way. This cigar gets a 93 in my book. Great job Gurkha Cigars and thank you for everything! 

Gurkha Seduction and Gurkha Ashtray

* Cigars and ashtray gifted to me by Gurkha Cigars.