Ideology Corona by 262 Cigars


2012 has been a good year for me and 262 Cigars. Well, I have always enjoyed their smokes thoroughly, but this year in particular I have sampled some amazing smokes of theirs. Along with them producing some great cigars, the cigars of theirs that have really caught my eye are the vitolas that typically most people are not drawn to smoke. The Paradigm Lancero has been smoking fabulous in my opinion, and in all honesty every one of them that I smoke gets better each time. With that being said I am know sitting down to smoke a cigar in the Ideology line, the Ideology Corona.

When Clint Aaron and 262 Cigars talk about the story and background in creation of the Ideology line, I don’t think he can state it any better than he does. Our ideology defines us as people as whole, and that covers more than just cigars, but with cigars our ideology reminds us of what it is to enjoy great cigars, and why we do it. I am not going to go rambling on about civil liberties infringement and taxes, but rather talk about cigars, just the cigar. I remember my first cigar and the memories of great times with friends while enjoying cigars. I am a young man, and I look forward to the future times I have with friends and families enjoying a great cigar, but for the most part I live in the moment.

The Ideology line as I have said in the past, really reminds of the Epernay line by Illusione Cigars. I say that because both lines are fairly light in terms of strength, but still very complex and flavorful. Made in Nicaragua at Nestor Plasencia’s Segovia Cigars factory, the Ideology Corona measures 5 ½” and has a 42 ring gauge. The wrapper, which is Nicaraguan Habano Rosado, is beautiful on the cigar, and shows a wonderful color of light brown with hints of red apparent. I would say it is more on the Natural side of things, but it does have some qualities of the Colorado coloring. Underneath the gorgeous wrapper is a Nicaraguan binder, and a mixture of Nicaraguan, Mexican, and Dominican tobacco in the filler. The cigar is firm and slightly oily in hand, and has an aroma of toast, leather, wood and some floral aspects.       

Ideology Corona

The cigar opens up wonderfully, and I am getting those great light flavors that I picked with the last Ideology I smoked. There is a difference so far between this Corona vitola and the Box Pressed Toro I smoked, but there are some similarities as well. The flavors I am getting right now are of leather, toast, cedar and caramel, and I am even picking up some apricot/peach and floral notes. It is a very flavorful cigar, but at the same time very subtle and complex. It is very enjoyable thus far, and the burn line is great. I am getting a razor sharp burn line, and an ash that is almost white in coloring and holding on to the end of the cigar very well. I would say the strength of the cigar is between mild and medium, and probably closer to the medium side of the spectrum. So far though this Corona is rocking, and I would say it is my favorite size in the line.

I am in the second third of the cigar now, and there has been a nice change in the flavor profile. I should say that I am still getting a great burn line with the cigar, and the ash is still holding on to it very well.  It still has a great coloring to it, and this cigar is made exceptionally well. The flavors in third don’t show some of those unique and sweet aspects, and I am getting less floral notes, and not picking up any peach or apricot notes. There is still a nice bit of toast, cedar, caramel and leather though, and I am also picking up some more spices in this second third. The strength of the cigar also increased in this third, and I would say that it is slightly above medium right now. The Corona is still burning cool past the halfway point, and as I said earlier this cigar is great.

Well, I am in the final third now, and I am singing praise about this cigar to everyone. The flavors have just been tremendous throughout, and the final third sort of shows a resurrection of those great flavors from the first and second, and ending strong. There has been a resurrection of those wonderful peach, apricot and floral notes in this third, and this is a cigar I love. I have been consistently picking up those flavors of caramel, leather, toast, and cedar throughout the cigar, and there is a little bit of spice on the finish to the cigar. It is still burning as great as it has, and even on the last draw of the nub from this cigar it was burning evenly and cool. The cigar finished, in terms of strength, similar to the first third remaining between mild and medium.  

This was a fantastic Corona that showed so many wonderful flavors and for the most part remained between mild and medium in body. Being a fan of smaller ring gauge cigars, and always seeking out a great Corona, this cigar is a winner. I have really been enjoying the thinner ring gauge cigars that Clint Aaron and 262 Cigars has offered, and for the most part this year I have been loving the Lancero, Corona Gorda, and Corona vitolas. I imagine this cigar is not as popular as the Toro, Belicoso or Churchill, but believe me when I tell you that you need to smoke this size! I give this Corona a 94, and cannot wait to smoke it again. So far this year 262 Cigars has done really well in my book, and I am really loving their current lines and looking forward to future ones.        

Nicaraguan Habano Rosado Wrapper