Cigar Review: Ideology


Ever since I smoked the Paradigm by 262 Cigars, I have been eager to light up the Ideology. I try not to review cigars by the same manufacturer back to back too often, but there are times when you need to break the rules. The Ideology is the second line to come out of 262 Cigars, and what an exciting one it is as well. Like the Paradigm, the Ideology is made by Nestor Plasencia, but the Ideology is made in his Nicaraguan factory in Esteli, instead of in Danli, Honduras. The cigar begins with a Nicaraguan Habano Rosado leaf that reminds me of the Epernay line of Illusione Cigars. Underneath the wrapper is a Nicaraguan binder, and a tri-country filler of Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Mexican tobacco. I like the filler blend for this cigar because Dominican tobacco is known for its light but flavorful qualities, Nicaraguan tobacco is typically known for being very rich and flavorful, and Mexico is known for its great San Andres wrapper tobacco that is really flavorful, and sweet. With those three countries and potential filler tobacco, you can really get tons of flavors while keeping the cigar light and balanced.

Holding the cigar in my hand, the box pressed toro, measuring 6” with a 54 ring gauge, is beautiful. It is perfectly box pressed, and has a nice light brown color to the wrapper. It is very silky to touch, and has nice oils present as well. Holding the foot of the cigar to my nose I pick up notes of honey, wood, light spices and caramel. As I light up the first third of the cigar, and let it burn its way in, I begin to notice wonderful flavors of honey, wood, bread and peaches. The peach note is very subtle, but present. There is a light spice with the cigar, and I can definitely pick out some nutmeg. The cigar is very light and easy to smoke, but very flavorful. The cigar is definitely mild and burning very true, and would be a great morning cigar for me.


Nice box-pressed cigar


In the second third of the cigar the strength increases some, but it is still a little below medium in body. Along with the strength increasing, the flavors have increased some too, and I am now picking up stronger spices with wood and leather notes. There is still a hint of caramel, but the honey, bread, and peach notes have faded. I am still having a great burn with the cigar, and the ash on the cigar is looking beautiful, it is light gray and holding on to the cigar magnificently. When I get into the final third of the cigar, the lovely notes from the first third have returned. I am once again picking up those enchanting notes of honey and caramel, and the spice is paired wonderfully with the wood and bread notes. It is still a little below medium in body, and burning great. When I get a little past an inch left, I put it down because it is getting a little hot. I am still getting nice flavors, but it is warming up some. I am sure if I really took a lot of time between draws they would be cool, but I have enjoyed it so much so far, I will let it rest.

This was a really pleasant cigar, and a very flavorful mild smoke. When I smoked this, I found it in some ways to be fairly similar to the Epernay line by Illusione Cigars, and that is saying a lot. It was very mild, but very flavorful as well. I know that this would be a great cigar every cigar smoker out there, and I think it will be very popular among mild smokers. Personally, I prefer something a little bit stronger, but if it is the first cigar of the day or late in the morning, this is a cigar I would definitely light up. I am going to give this cigar a 91, and will be smoking these on those early Saturday mornings. I think Mr. Aaron with 262 Cigars has two great cigar lines, and I am eagerly awaiting any upcoming lines.


Ideology band

*One of the cigars was gifted to me by 262 Cigars