Cigar Review: Illusione ~4/2g~

Illusione ~4/2g~

I don’t think the Illusione brand or the double corona size needs an introduction for me, but I continue to grab Illusione smokes and double coronas because they are great. The double corona size is just amazing, and since it is summer time the size calls out to me. As for the Illusione brand, nothing much to say except that they are great smokes. Now on to the cigar. The 4/2g is a great double corona and how he got the name is pretty sweet. The 4 in the title represents the year in which Dion Giolito opened up his cigar shop, 2004. The 2g refers to his experience he has had with Cuban Ramon Allones Gigantes. The cigar remains very mild/medium in body up until the final third and then it gets really full bodied. The cigar measures 7 1/2″ with a 49 ring gauge and has a beautiful triple cap and a wonderful dark chocolate wrapper. There are two versions of the 4/2g, one is the Slam and one is not. The Slam is a bench-pressed cigar while the other is your standard round version. The first third of the cigar begins very mild-medium in body with wonderful flavors of wood, cream, cocoa and cedar. The cigar is really smooth and easy and burning incredibly well. The burn on the cigar is perfect and producing wonderful amounts of smoke. As I enter the second third the cigar is still fairly smooth and I began to pick up notes of coconut cream pie, chocolate and some wood. Entering the final third of the cigar it really begins to pick up with a hint of dark spices, dark chocolate and seasoned wood. I would say that the cigar was medium all the way through the first six inches and then it was full in body. The cigar was still burning beautifully and had a gorgeous ash. I would give this cigar a 91 and really look forward to enjoying these throughout the summer. This double corona sells for a great price and really has great flavors. It is not overly powerful but I don’t feel that having a lot of power is very important. This is a cigar that can be enjoyed by all cigar smokers and with a long smoke such as a double corona you don’t want to be overwhelmed and killed early on. What will make you want toi smoke the final third or two thirds? Try these out, you will love them.


Available at retailers I recommend, I picked up my smokes from Havana Phil’s.

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