Cigar Review: Juan López Petit Coronas (2013)

photo2b22b1-1 Orale Juan Lopez! Arguably the most underrated regular production smokes on the market, Seth and I are huge fans of the Juan Lopez Marca. For some reason the Juan Lopez Petite Coronas always seemed to be on the backburner for me, as so many other petite coronas and minutes dominated my humidors. I finally made it a point to seek one out via trade, specifically for review. I am not positive of the date code, but I know the cigar came from a 2013 box. The Juan Lopez brand only has three releases, all size I enjoy in Robusto, Coronas Gorda, and the Petite Coronas. In recent years, the Regional Editions have been extremely intriguing, and I must say I am always looking to score any Regional Juan Lopez I can find. Dry Draw: Dried fruit and nuts First Third: Tea and honey, a wonderful beginning, with floral accents through the nose. A perfect introduction for the fans of floral milder cigars, the Juan Lopez Petite Coronas agreed with my palate in minutes. The finish was mild, some nuts hiding in the back ground, but very smooth overall. The floral notes became rather intense, tickling the mind with distinct interest. A rich texture to the draw picked up, as well as hints of fresh baked bread. Second Third: The cookie monster has arrived. Ever have a cigar make you crave cookies, because this one did. Baking spices, toast flavors, nuts, hints of cream and sugar made for a most excellent midpoint. The floral notes were still tickling the nostrils, but the main switch of the cigar was a nutty, creamy, sweet, cookie bomb. The Cookie Monster would be proud of Mr. Lopez’ blend. My final note of this third read, “YUM.” photo2b1-1-2 Final Third: Me and Cookie monster are chilling by now, but Don Pepin tossed a bit of pepper our way, as white pepper hit the nose, but nothing like a DPG. The finish was as full as could be for a milder Habanos, medium in nature, but the flavor was there. Vanilla cream hiding in the texture, with a pickup of ligero burn down the middle of the tongue as the nub came closer. The Juan Lopez Petite Coronas ended on a dominate vanilla flavor, marking another significant profile change.
photo2b12b1 Construction: Better than NC’s

Final Thoughts: I will chalk this up as another review where if you need my thoughts, go read it again. I have a sickness. Let me go look for a new cooler in peace. Enjoy brothers and sisters! Time to go surfing and hunting, my buddy Juan Lopez has knocked me out again.

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