La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva Maximo

Mi Amor Reserva

Rated as the #2 cigar in the world in February by Cigar Aficionado, La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor quickly grabbed more attention from cigar smokers. At that time the cigar was very successful, and I always heard positive responses from cigar smokers across the nation when discussing it. The line was the third installment in the La Aroma de Cuba brand, and was the second installment with a Maduro wrapper. An interesting fact on the brand La Aroma de Cuba is that it actually was the personal favorite of  Sir Winston Churchill when he was alive, and while it was still made in Cuba. With all of that information, some helpful, the question to ask is how do you follow up with such success? Well, that is simple, release a sub-line in the Mi Amor line.
The Mi Amor Reserva was featured at the 2012 IPCPR, and will be a regular production smoke. Like all caigrs in the La Aroma de Cuba brand, it is made in Esteli, Nicaragua at the My Father Cigars Factory. The line will be a four vitola line, and will be box pressed. The cigar is draped with a gorgeous dark chocolate color wrapper, and it is like the Mi Amor wrapper in the sense that it is from Mexico. This wrapper is Cuban seed, and is Mexican Cuban-seed Oscuro. Underneath that wrapper is a collaboration of Nicaraguan tobacco in the fillers and binders. The cigar has a great triple cap to it, and is very firm in hand. There are some veins present in the cigar, and it is fairly dry, not oily to touch. I would classify this cigar as a Maduro-Oscuro wrapper, and it has a wonderful aroma of sweet spices, cocoa, earthy flavors, tobacco and some minty notes.  For this review I am smoking the robusto vitola, robusto extra is more appropriate, and it measures 5.5″ with a 54 ring gauge with the name Maximo.

Mexican Cuban-seed Oscuro

Lighting up the cigar I was greeted by those great Nicaraguan flavor profiles, and that Mexican flavor profile as well. There was a nice earthiness present, and it was accompanied with some cocoa and minty notes. There were some subtle spices present with the smoke, but they were more in the background of it all. There was a unique flavor profile that was familiar to pick up, but it wasn’t till I got into the second third that I knew what it really was. Along with some great flavors, the cigar was performing wonderfully. I was getting a great draw throughout, and it was producing a nice amount of smoke with that. The cigar was burning even throughout, and with that it was producing a nice solid ash to the cigar. I would say the strength level was just over the medium body level, and it was a smoke that I could smoke anytime of day and not have any concerns.

First Third

In the second third I finally begin to pick up those flavors which I was wondering about before, and it is maple syrup notes. This isn’t the maple syrup you get in a plastic bottle at the grocery store though. This is the maple syrup that you taste when you make your own real maple syrup like people do in northern New York, New Hampshire, Canada and Vermont. There are still lots of cocoa and rich earthy notes, and it is also paired with those mint flavors from before. The spice level has really increased in this third, and I am liking the entire balance of it all. Throughout the second third I found the performance and strength level to be nearly identical to that of the first third. I was getting that perfect burn line with the cigar, and with it a lovely charcoal ash coloring. The draw was just fantastic, and it bombarded my palate with flavors. It was smoking cool throughout the second third as well and I was still holding on to the ash from when I lit the cigar up. It was remaining at that medium body level, slightly above, throughout the second third, and even with the spice increase was nothing major.  When I get into the final third the spice level has really increased again, and it has been a nice rise from the first third. Those maple syrup notes are still present and enjoyable, and the mint flavors have decreased some. The cocoa and rich earth notes have remained fairly constant from beginning to end, and they have been really the balancing flavor profile throughout. In the final third of the cigar the performance was identical to what it had been throughout. I was getting a perfect burn line with the cigar, and that charcoal ash was holding on to the cigar firmly. It had been flaky throughout, but the ash was still holding on well. I was getting a great draw in the final third, and it was remaining cool all the way to the nub. Construction was top notch with this cigar, and that is always a great perk with a smoke. The strength level of the cigar remained at that level slightly above medium in the final third, and on the finish it was cool and flavorful.

Still smoking well in the Final Third

I like this cigar, and I found it much more enjoyable than the Mi Amor line. I know the Mi Amor line was very successful in ratings, but I was never a huge fan of it. I can definitely say that this cigar is more my type of cigar, and I found it to be a little bit more milder than its predecessor. The cigar definitely had a lovely flavor profile, and I liked how the spices gradually increased from the first third to final third. I will be interested in seeing how the two compare on the market, and if there are smokers who prefer one cigar over the other. Overall, I believe this to be my favorite of the La Aroma de Cuba brand, and I look forward to trying the cigar in the smallest vitola, the Beso. Overall I give this smoke a solid 91, and besides the lovely flavors, it was constructed wonderfully.

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