Cigar Review: La Aurora 100 Años W. Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary

100 Años W. Curtis Draper

When your store has been open for 125 years you know you are doing something right. While several manufacturers are celebrating their 10th, 15th, and 15th Anniversary, W. Curtis Draper is celebrating their 125th. You are looking at a tobacco shop that has seen the rise of Industrialization, Women’s Suffrage, Spanish American War, World War I, The Roaring Twenties, The Depression, World War II, The Cold War, Civil Rights, Kennedy Assassination, Vietnam War, Watergate, 1973 Oil Crisis, Miracle on Ice, Regan Revolution, First Iraq War, Impeachment of Clinton, Conflicts in Somalia and Bosnia, September 11th Attacks, The War on Terror and more. That is one heck of a list, some I had to look up.  Anyways, with others releasing cigars in honor of their 15th Anniversary, W. Curtis Draper strikes back with releases honoring their 125th. Their first release was the popular Tatuaje Cabaiguan WCD 120 Redux, and following that we have he second release, which is the La Aurora 100 Años W. Curtis Draper 125th Anniversary.   

We all know that in 2003 La Aurora was celebrating its 100th birthday as a factory/company, and in honor of the years they released a certain cigar,  the La Aurora 100 Años, but do we all know the history of W. Curtis Daper? Well, I will share the information from their website rather than retype it, and let you know a little more about this great shop…

The Bands

“W. Curtis Draper Tobacconist, has been a Washington DC, institution for over 124 years. Draper’s, the third oldest tobacconist in the U.S., was founded in 1887 by William Curtis Draper. Mr. Draper remained owner of the shop until 1946, when he sold it to an employee, Mr. William Martin. Mr. Martin was an accountant by profession, but had been helping around the shop for a number of years. Bill Martin was owner until 1990, when he passed away, leaving the business to his wife and an employee of over 20 years, John “Duke” Cox. In 1999 John Anderson, an employee of Drapers, and Duke bought the remaining shares and become the owners. 2004 Matt Krimm joined the Drapers family as an employee and subsquently in 2005 he and John Anderson became owners upon Duke’s retirement. In 125 years Draper’s has only known five ownership groups, a small number in this era.” 

source – W. Curtis Draper History: W. Curtis Draper Fine Tobacconist

Beautiful and Simple Packaging

With all of that info, let us get on to their second release of their 125th Anniversary. Packaged in a classic wooden box, the cigar bears the infamous La Aurora lion. Limited to 200 boxes, the box is packaged with ten cigars, and are a robusto vitola. I have been told that the cigar measures 5″ with a 50 ring gauge, but it seems smaller than that to me, and I would say it is more a 48 ring gauge with a 4.75″ in length. The cigar is a Dominican puro, like past releases bearing the name 100 Años, and I have been told that it is the same blend as the original release, but has been aging post-rolled. The cigar features that wonderful Dominican Corojo wrapper, and it has that red clay and tan/khaki coloring to it, and I would say it is a solid Colorado wrapper in coloring. There are some small veins present throughout, and it is firm and toothy to touch. The aroma of the cigar is that of spices, hay, wood and earthy, with some subtle nutty and meaty aromas present.      

Dominican Corojo Wrapper

The cigar begins wonderfully, and I can taste that aged and wonderful Dominican tobacco. I am a big fan of Dominican puros, and the reason for that is because of this line, the 100 Años. The cigar begins by showing lovely notes of coffee, wood and spices, and there is this earthy, hay and leather finish to it. The flavors are really reminiscent of summer, and I am definitely going to enjoy this cigar in the summer heat and humidity. The strength level throughout the first third so far has been at that medium full level, and with that the ash is showing this color of light charcoal. The burn line has been somewhat wavy in this third, but nothing too major and overall very enjoyable.

When I get into the second third of the cigar I am finding the strength level increasing, and with that the flavors are becoming more pronounced. The spice and coffee flavor flavors have really made a forward presence in this third, and I have also been picking up some nutty characteristics. There is still that wood, hay and barnyard flavor profile present, and that wonderful leathery finish. It’s really capturing those flavors known in the 100 Años line, and also the strength. I would say the strength level in this third is around the full body level, and along with that the burn line has really corrected itself and I am getting a solid burn line with that lovely charcoal gray ash.

5 by 5

In the final third of the cigar, the cigar is really showing all those great flavors that have been present throughout, and I am looking at this cigar and not wanting it to finish. Those coffee, leather, hay, spices and earth flavors are so wonderful, and the dry leather finish is perfect. You really can’t ask for more in a cigar like this, and it is a line that I wish all of the cigars by  La Aurora were like. The strength softens some in this third, bringing it back down to that medium full level, and it is very smooth. The burn line is perfect all the way throughout this third, like the second third, and it is leaving that light charcoal gray ash like it has. I smoke the cigar down to the nub, and even on the finish it is cool and flavorful.


I really enjoyed this cigar, and I really loved the vitola itself. The size really offered a nice smoking experience and was a perfect size for a comfortable smoking time frame, but not too long. The size itself is a size that I would prefer to smoke on a daily basis, and if I could smoke a cigar like this on a daily basis that would be just as great. The flavor profile of the cigar really captured that 100 Años flavor profile, and I think these will get even better in years to come. I know the tobacco has already been aged, but I think aging the whole cigar will offer the tobacco a chance to marry together and create an even more tremendous flavor profile. This is a cigar that is definitely fitting for the celebration of your 125th Anniversary, and I give this cigar a 94. Quite amazing, if they still have these in stock buy them!

100 Años W. Curtis Draper
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